Lenore: hi Sissy

Raga: Oh no your back

Me: And thats bad Stuffy (holding club)

Raga: no thats not bad (whimpers)

Me: Anyway drum roll please

Lenore: The monkey first is Raven Brin Wood

First off...May I sit with Taxidermy? *winks at Taxidermy*

Me: Sure (Raven sits with a blushing Taxidermy)


Lenore, I thought you had died of some sickness? And then as you were being
embalmed, you woke up and tried to escape, and somehow ended up making the
embalmer disfigured, and then he tried to finish the job...

Me: Yeah thats what happen it was pneumonia and she wasn't fully embalmed and now he's a cyborg who wants to finish the job

Raga: Are you serious

Me: As serious as Pocky (gives lenore a garbage bag of Pocky)

Lenore: CANDY (noms pocky)

Puff-Puff Midget, I feel like you could be with Lenore, seeing as you are a
plushie now. Although, considering your run of luck, maybe it wouldn't be
such a great idea.

Raga: Finally some one A (see club) Wrong so wrong

Me: (smirks)

Anyway, how do you deal with all of Lenore's crazy (crazy awesome that is)

Raga: Lots of pills

Me: How does that work what with being a plush toy

Raga: Don't ask it will scar you for life

Me: Noted

Muffin Monster! I am trying to organize a movie night and would like to know
which movies kick the most booty?

Muffin: I suggest Zha Zha zaturnnah

Me: my fave heroine nice choice Muffin

Taxidermy...Would you be mine? We could raise Malakai together. Come on, he
needs a mommy.

Me: Yeah Tax (snickers)

Tax: I um (flustered)

Pooty...Would you like to be my roommate? I need someone to help keep the
ghosts at bay in my dorm room.

Pooty: Sorry I promised plum I protect Lenore and I am

Me: unless you don't mind us staying at your dorm anyway Lenore NEXT MONKEY

Lenore: Devoveo

Yo yo it's Devoveo! Call me Dev.

You see Ragamuffin the only pair I can see is you and Lenore. Sorry if you not
please, even if you ACT just because of Plum... Well let's just say I'm a
creepy ten year old girl, okay? I KNOW IF YOUR LIEING

Me: fine Stuffy I'll spare you for now

Raga: I DON'T LOVE HER THAT WAY (sadly I have talk to Roman and he has confirmed Lenore and Stuffy are not like that)

Now Lenore, what do you think of Raggamuffin?

Lenore: He's fun

Me: yeah he's fun to tor I mean play with

Raga: You'll get yours one day Plum

Raggamuffin, can I call you Raga?

Ragamuffin: Sure its better than stuffy

DARE TIME! Lenore, Raga. I dare you guys to hug and give each other a kiss on
the cheek. Sorry Ragga I'm just a horrible selfish person with self esteem


Raga: YOU SUCK (hugs and kisses Lenore on the cheek and vise versa)

Another one is to watch a Raggamuffin and Lenore movie with cool music! Sorry!

Me: go on guys (puts on princess and the frog)

97 minutes later everyone is bawling


Devoveo Vita

Lenore: Our last monkey is lenore-x-ragamuffin-4eva

I haz a few moar questions =v=



1) Gosh why u no go die in a hole already?= c = I mean,cmon,NOBODY likes you .

Me: because then we couldn't be tortured by the evil moose behind my wall -.-*


Gosh: PLUM MY LOVE (wraps arms around me)

Me: I NEED AN ADULT I NEED AN ADULT (shoots gosh in the head) Moving on

2) Taxidermy wtf is Malakai?

Me: I think he's a bapecow like what you can buy on gaia from ruby's rack

Taxidermy thats exactly what he is

3)Pooty what do you look like without the bucket on your head?

Pooty: Brace yourself folks (removes actual helmet and causes the women folk to fain and the men folk scream as he is hot)

Me: I have seen heaven (nose is bleeding)

and finally

4)Raga why u such a cotton-brained weirdo?

Ragamuffin: HEY

Me: Well its true Stuffy herher

ovo that is all BAI BAI!

and be careful so Roxy doesn't kill you ^^

Me: Who the hell is Roxy? Oh well send in your things if you get it in before x-mas and I get more than three reviews actual accounts or non registered I'll do a christmas special on the 24