Black Ice (4/4)

Night was upon them. Miranda's eyes flickered open her body aching unable to move under the heavy weight that held her down. She brought a hand up rubbing her eyes lightly in an attempt to force the weariness away. She must have drifted off, the book, having fallen from her fingers, now lying in her lap; her other arm wrapped around a peaceful figure slumbering against her side.

She could barely make out Andrea; the shadows having consumed her, the room lit by the moonlight shimmering in through the window. The young woman was curled up buried beneath the duvet her body pressed against Miranda's burrowing into her warmth. Her warm breath fluttered over Miranda's skin, hair tickling against the older woman's neck, innocent but deadly, like a pin prick over her senses, needling them almost immediately.

Miranda slowly eased her hand away, swallowing as it brushed over Andrea's breasts the younger woman shifting in her sleep as the warm pillow sprang into life. Miranda was uncertain how to react her body battling between to minds. She watched as Andrea's eyes fluttered open glassy and glinting in the low light untainted by fear or sadness and she felt no desire to put it there. The young woman jolted in her arms, her features now more apparent, eye's drifting up to Miranda's uncertainty dancing within them.

Miranda smiled gently, keeping all ice from her voice, 'Tired?'

Andrea's eyes flicked down, before her head nodded slightly. She pressed her weight away from Miranda, the older woman immediately missing her warmth. She liked the weight of Andrea on her, not oppressive and heavy like her ex-husbands, just enough to feel secure, safe and warm within another's arms. Miranda never felt safe with anyone, even herself and yet she'd happily wallowed in the calmness that hovered between them before consciousness truly kicked in.

Andrea gradually eased up, unsteadily rising to her feet, blinded by the night, hands unfortunately falling upon Miranda's leg in as Andrea worked her way past. The contact made Miranda jump, body tensing, untrusting of her own actions. She was facing up to her feelings but the strength of them even from just subtle contact made her curse her sudden lack of control.

She heard the young woman somewhere to her right rattling around. Suddenly a light flared brightly, a yellow flame dancing a short way in the distance, lighting Andrea and casting a glowing circle around her. Andrea set the candle down, lighting a few others, the flickering light now staving of the darkness that had previously consumed them.

Miranda watched Andrea shiver in the cold air, having abandoned her cocoon. The warmth had clearly fled almost immediately.

'Um,' Andrea looked awkward, uncertain of what to say, lightly shifting on the balls of her feet, eyes dancing anywhere other than Miranda.

'Time for sleep I think,' Miranda attempted to fight of the awkwardness that Andrea emanated, unsure as to what had set her off. The older woman rose, fighting a groan at the aches and pains that consumed her, shooting through her bones, her body almost seeming to grate together.

She grabbed the duvet into her arms slowly walking into Andrea's bedroom. After dropping the cover she turned surprised to find herself alone. The air was icy and it would be idiocy for them to sleep apart. So with the nerves of a teenager she wandered back to the door, quickly peering into the lounge to find Andrea eyeing up her couch sadly, shoulders slumped and defeated.

'The bed's big enough for the both of us.'

With those few words she darted back inside, ignorant of Andrea's reaction, eyes wide, a furious blush emanating over her cheeks as a little squeak of fear the burst from her lips.


She couldn't believe it. She stood their stunned, heart clamping down at even the thought of sharing a bed with Miranda. The couch had been torture enough, snuggled into the side of the older woman feigning calmness while inside she was a bundle of jitters unable to ignore every subtle touch. But eventually she'd been lulled away, the rise and fall of Miranda's chest rocking her to sleep. She'd felt safe, curled up and warm. It wasn't how she should be feeling. Miranda wasn't a safe woman in any shape or form, unpredictable and dangerous, and yet Andy couldn't deny the sudden comfort she'd felt having her near, no longer so alone.

She'd never been so comfortable with someone so fast, the awkwardness easing away relatively quickly as the cold forced them together. When Andy had woken she'd felt the first flutters, the little throbs stimulated by her dreams. Her body had tingled all over as she'd turned, somehow sensing Miranda's eyes drifting all over her. She'd felt exposed even when hidden within the shadows, as though the older woman could sent every emotion emanating from her, every dirty thought and feeling starring the devil herself.

And now she had to sleep by her side, only a few inches away and yet Andy was unable to touch and she wanted to, desperately so. She couldn't ignore her heart, the way it jumped over such simple things. The little stutters having never been present before. Miranda had hunted out something deeper and now drawn from its recess it wasn't going back anytime soon, so she had no choice but to face the facts. She wanted the woman before her, in all her stone cold glory, lying under her, naked and flushed, willing and wanton, spread out open for Andy to touch.

This was a nightmare in the making. She couldn't face up to it and yet she had no choice, the only other option was to freeze. Her body jerked involuntarily as a shiver quivered down her spine, the cold baring no hand in it, her body on edge from her thoughts alone. But with a deep breath she blew out the candles, holding a single one to guide her to her torture.

She walked into the bedroom eyes focused forward, darting into the bathroom to change, not wishing Miranda to see any inch of her unable to bare such intense attention, a look alone firing between her thighs.

Once ready for bed she darted back in burrowing under the covers without a glance at the woman perched in her bed. It was surreal, Miranda attempting to sleep by her side, lying in her bed, wearing less than Andy had ever witnessed. She squeezed her eyes shut forcing out the image of Miranda in one of her tiny t-shirts, short and teasing, brushing the tops of her thighs. How easy it would be just to force it up the final inch, hands sliding over silken skin, legs parting begging for Andy's hand to slip between them.

She jumped as Miranda's foot brushed against her own, body snapping to attention legs curling up to her chest her body now in a tight ball in an attempt to avoid any contact, even just a second was enough to encourage the images now plaguing her mind.

She tried to sooth herself, willing her breathing to calm employing the same method as the previous night, the numbers running smoothly through her mind keeping everything out.


Miranda was awoken by a sudden noise seeming to rumble round the room. Her eyes snapped open, the dark baring nothing but indiscernible shadows. She didn't know how long she'd been asleep for. She had taken hours to drift off, every attempt disturbed by her thoughts and feelings and Andrea's constant fidgeting. She'd had, had to make the offer unable to justify keeping Andrea out in the cold but it didn't help her discomfort, the young woman's body barely brushing against her own accidentally with each sudden shift.

Miranda had remained still barely daring to move an inch, eyes closed, praying for sleep to release her from her torture and it had complied but not for long. Now she laid here, ears straining for what had awoken her. Suddenly the moan rang out again, now apparent for what it was echoing from the sleeping figure beside her. Miranda turned unable to believe her ears but very aware of what she was hearing. Andrea rolled over, the covers rustling as she groaned, seemingly frustrated, sexually so. Miranda's mouth went dry, uncertain whether to wake her up or not. If woken Andrea would ask questions ones which Miranda wouldn't want to answer, causing embarrassment to both. But if she let her sleep she was invading on a private moment, one which was like punishment to her ears, feeding her imagination knowing what Andrea now sounded like during a sexual situation, the company in her dreams clearly teasing her to the limit. Andrea's hips jerked up, arm coming to hitch behind her head before she suddenly rolled over again, Miranda barely holding back a cry as the young woman's arms wrapped tightly round her waist, head buried between her breasts snuggling into her warmth.

Shit. Miranda didn't swear often. She found it undignified and common but there was no other word for it. Andrea's hands slid over her body, unconsciously grazing over her skin setting every nerve end alight. Miranda didn't dare breathe; body already on edge from the sounds alone and now Andrea was caressing her most likely like the lover in her dreams. Miranda couldn't deny a stab of jealously, the feeling accompanied by a flood of embarrassment at being jealous of a figment of Andrea's imagination. The older woman attempted to shift, knowing she needed to ease out of Andrea's grip the touch torturous and teasing but her actions only served to force Andrea's hand lower, creeping dangerously close to where Miranda longed them to be. But not like this. Andrea had to be conscious and willing, not that, that would ever happen but Miranda wouldn't settle for anything less.

She gasped as Andrea's fingers flexed, her hand squeezing Miranda's breast, nipple now taught rubbing against her hand a trigger of pleasure, sparks flying right between her thighs. Her breath was staggered as she tried fight for control, scarcely able to retain any sense of mind. This was wrong, so wrong and yet she couldn't ignore the way she throbbed, the ache building between her legs no doubt getting wetter by the second. What she'd give to take the ache away, just to slip her hand lower, glide through her folds and work away all the tension. Her hand clenched into a fist in resistance, she couldn't, Miranda priestly didn't do such things. But then, Miranda Priestly had been doing a lot of things lately that she'd never done before.

Andrea moaned against her skin, cheek lifting coming to rest against her collar bone face buried into Miranda's neck her warm breath blowing against her skin. The young woman gave a deep sigh as though the tension had eased from her body. Had the dream just changed or had she been stated, if Miranda slid her hand between Andrea's thighs would she find her wet and swollen, ready to be touched, or had she already cum, arms wrapped around Miranda as her imaginary lover fucked her into oblivion?

Miranda stared at the ceiling, mind now overly active, drowning in the images that flooded her mind. Andrea slept on, unaware of the turmoil she'd caused, innocently lost within a world of dreams. But for Miranda, sleep remained illusive until dawn peeked through the curtains, her mind finally too tired to think anymore, giving in and letting go, body still aching as she floated off into a restless sleep.


She awoke early, body still tense, muscles tight as Andrea slept on only a few inches away. She gradually stumbled out of bed. The aches were slowly vanishing; her bruises fading at the days went by. Her eyes took in the sunlight as it streamed in through the open curtains, burning into her eyes. Snow still covered the ground the little street still the image of a post card; something so innocent and yet troublesome. She turned, eyeing up the young woman in the bed, she could say the same for Andrea; her own emotions breaching the point beyond ridiculousness.

She sighed attempting to forget about it for a moment, the winter demanding her attention. The air was icy, so Miranda grabbed a jumper, tugging it on, the clothing doing hardly anything to hold in the heat but it helped if only a little.

She stumbled into the lounge, eyes still heavy with sleep, her night making her clumsy body craving coffee to start the day.

But she never made it.

Her hip collided with the side table, its contents scattering over the floor as a muffled cry rang out, hands flying to her hip. The sudden sting reverberated through her body. She gritted her teeth, rubbing her hip quickly to ease the pain away. Her ears strained for any sound the indicate Andrea had woken but there was nothing; so she stooped down, picking up the book that had tumbled to the floor. She flipped it open taking in the scribbled words in writing recognisable to her own eyes. She scanned the words quickly before her mind stuttered, reversing back only to read over them once again slowly taking in each individual insult and the anger reverberating through every word. They'd been written by the young woman she was starting to have feelings for, the first time she'd ever felt anything honest and bearing any relation to love and here the object of affection was writing about her, hating her.

She swallowed, slumping down on to the couch as a shaky breath eased out. Andrea's inner most thoughts were laid out before her eyes; the ice queen, dragon, devil; all the insults that had ever been printed and some original ones of her own. Miranda had seen some of them a dozen times and not a single one had hurt until now, each one another dagger carving a fresh wound into her soul. Tears stung, her determination to hold them back fruitless as they coursed their way over her cheeks, blurring her sight as they flowed over, the sadness welling up from the deep recess of her heart as though she was actually shattering from the inside out.

She had to get out. She'd fallen for someone and for once she could do nothing about it. Her emotions were beyond her control and any ounce of hope had fled from her, snuffed out like a candle. The diary fell from her fingers as she jumped up, scrabbling for her bag, hurrying around the room baring no mind as to the noises she made, her only focus on fleeing. She had no where to go and yet she didn't care. Andrea made her weak, ripping open her vulnerability and pouring in poison. Miranda would walk away, hold her head high and Andrea would never know. She'd just crawl away, stitch her wounds back together with an unsteady hand and ignore the scars the lingered, pink and raw, for once damaging a fresh canvas. Her heart was something that had never broken before and the pain was greater than anything she'd ever felt. Nothing could amount to this, she felt sick inside, stomach twisting as she dropped the book into her hand bag before rushing to the front door flinging it open.

'What's going on?'

She jolted, whirling round, staring into sleepy, brown, innocent eyes gazing at her, brow furrowed with curiosity. Andrea's hair was mussed up, the light from her bedroom shimmering making the brown curls seem innocent but Andrea was anything but. Without a word Miranda turned fleeing down the steps and into the winter air running from the feelings attempting to consume her as her name echoed out into the empty street.


'Miranda? MIRANDA?' Andy watched as the older woman darted out, white as a ghost, cheeks stained as though tears had carved their way over her face. Andy darted forward before twisting around, head jerking, sleep banished immediately as she searched for any indication to Miranda's behaviour. What had made the older woman rush out like that? The image of sadness and defeat staring at her with broken eyes before fleeing.

Her eyes located the answer almost immediately, 'Shit'. Andy dove down snatching her diary up off the ground eyes darting over her writing heart sinking through the floor. Her entry written in a moment of fury, angry at the woman at the world, and she'd taken it out on Miranda. She'd written it months ago and didn't honestly think a single word, lashing out within a world she thought no one would witness. She'd been as vile as possible, thinking up every insult imagining and directing it at the devil herself. How could she have been so stupid as to leave such a thing lying around? She never imagined Miranda would see any of the entries especially this one. Her later ones would have gotten a different reaction entirely; her desire written down only yesterday, her inner turmoil scribbled down for the woman herself to see.

How stupid could she be?

This was why Miranda had run. Andy could barely believe it but the image of pain emanating from Miranda's expression as she'd looked at Andy said a thousand words. She chucked the book down, tugging on a pair of track suit bottoms, not bothering with anything else. Slipping on her trainers she darted out into the snow, following Miranda's fresh footprints. She couldn't leave it like this, Miranda thinking she hated her, she had to explain. Following her heart hadn't failed her yet, and with every footstep she drew closer to the woman who in a few days had claimed her heart for her own.

Her feet pounded on the ground eyes focused on the silver headed figure storming off in the distance. She was closing in on her the cold forgotten in her determination breath fogging up the air before her eyes as she jogged on. She didn't know why she was chasing; her body on a revolution, ignoring every rational thought. This was Miranda Priestly, the devil incarnate and yet the thought of having her walk away, to return to being nothing but a name within Runway was more than Andy could bear. She'd seen a glimpse of the woman she wanted to know and she wasn't going to give up without a fight. The older woman was barely a few meters away.


Miranda whipped round, eyes wide stunned at Andy's pursuit, her tracks halting in surprise. Andy intended to stop but the winter had other ideas. The ice beneath her feet turned the sidewalk into a skating rink, her body skidding forward with a cry as her body crashed into Miranda's sending them ploughing into a pile of snow to the side.

Andy groaned, the sudden impact knocking the wind from her system. Her mind slowly grinded back into gear, realising in an instant she had Miranda pinned beneath her, Andy's weight holding her down baring all escape. It wasn't an ideal situation but it worked for her. Miranda wouldn't walk away without hearing what she had to say and this method would work better than most, if Miranda's glare didn't kill her.

She swallowed, knowing she should say something but coming up blank. All the things she had to say only a moment ago had fled the moment Miranda was in her arms.

'Calling my name would have sufficed.'

Andy frowned, before she realised what Miranda was referring to. 'You seemed pretty determined to run away.' She kept her voice neutral, not wishing to anger the older woman, the hurt reflected in her eyes. For once Miranda was vulnerable and Andy had no wish to inflict any harm, the wounds her words had scored already apparent; Miranda's eyes red and swollen.

'I was not running.'

'You were doing a pretty good impression of it.'

Miranda pursed her lips, unable to argue against the accusation. She'd been running away and they both knew it. Miranda could deny it but it was pointless, she wouldn't waste the breath.

Andy sighed, 'You shouldn't have read it.'

Miranda frowned, eyes flashing in fury, 'you should not have left it lying around.' She paused, eyes roving over Andy in distain, all pain vanishing from her face replaced with disgust, sneering as she looked into Andy's eyes. 'Regardless I now know your true feelings.'

Andy stared into Miranda's eyes, the one thing that gave her away. And sure enough there was something there; only for a few seconds, a slight flicker, but it was enough to answer Andy's question. She'd hurt Miranda that was clear, but why? How did she suddenly have the power to inflict emotional pain on a woman who was insulted by the press and the company in which she worked?

'Miranda you go out of your way to make people hate you. Why are you so angry when the result of your behaviour, one which you are overly aware of, is thrown in your face?'

Miranda stared back at her unblinking, her voice quiet and levelled, revealing no emotion. 'I thought you were different Andrea. That you had the intelligence to realise that I am the way I am because I demand perfection, my behaviour ensures I get it. I run a business. I do not wish to instil hate but it is an unfortunate side effect, one in which I have accepted. I would not change my behaviour for anything and no one should see it as anymore or less than what it is. I do it because it's my job.'

'And yet you're like this outside a work situation.'

Miranda laughed humourlessly, 'Until now Andrea you've never seen an outside of work situation. You were work; you were my assistant, nothing more nothing less.'

'And now?'

Miranda remained silent, their breaths mixing in the air. Winter was creeping in. Miranda had to be cold, the snow soaking into her jacket but for once she wasn't complaining. Andy shifted, trying to ease a pain beginning in her back. Her weight accidentally pressed down, knee hitting Miranda between the older woman's thighs, ripping a gasp from Miranda's lips. Andy felt shock reverberate through her. Andy had taken her feelings into account but not the woman now lying beneath her. She'd been questioning Miranda's reaction to her words ever since she'd fled her home and Andy had a slight bubble of hope that she'd just found the answer. Maybe her feelings weren't just one way.

'Mirand-' Andy went to speak, her lips moving before her mind had time to catch up, needing to know, but Miranda cut her off, the older woman's eyes closing in defeat all defiance leaking from her frame returning to the broken image Andy had witnesses only a moment ago.

'Andrea for once I'm asking you please go home.' Her voice was empty, the words lost in the open air as Miranda's head turned to the side.

'Miranda look at me.'

The older woman sighed, still facing away 'I don't take kindly to orders.'

Andy was quick to reply going on instinct, 'Well then, maybe you'll take kindly to actions,' Andy's hand slipped beneath Miranda's chin tugging her round. The older woman barely had time to register Andy's grasp, mouth opening in an attempt to argue before her words were silenced. Andy had gathered all her courage and lowered her lips to Miranda's; pouring everything into it. Her heart was hammering, stomach churning just waiting for the slap to ricochet through her body, the sudden sting of rejection. But it never came. The shock shivered through her as Miranda yielded, giving in under Andy's kiss lips parting. Miranda's tongue snaked out, licking along Andy's lip, before lightly nipping asking for entrance, the sudden sting making Andy gasp, Miranda's tongue darting in gliding against her own, heads twisting as Miranda battled to take control of the kiss but Andy wouldn't have it.

She kissed Miranda until her lips were swollen. Feeling dizzy from the lack of air she reluctantly pulled away to gaze down into eyes that most likely reflected her own, deep dark pools shimmering in the winter sunshine. Miranda's hair was mussed up, curling at the ends from the melted snow, little flakes of ice sparkling in the silver stands. Andy had never seen her so beautiful, her warmth burning into her body. She shivered, the cold now becoming very apparent as an icy wind rippled over her. Miranda eyed her, a smile flickering onto her lips.

'Let's get you home and get you warm.'

Andy's eyebrow flicked up, 'And how do you propose to do that?'

Miranda lent in, lightly brushing her lips over Andy's. 'Oh I have an idea.'


Andy had barely walked through the door when Miranda was on her, body pressed flush against her own as she was pinned against the wall, lips hungrily gliding over her own, drawing a moan; all the desperation and desire from the past couple of days leaking out. She'd wanted this, for longer than she'd admit, Miranda's passion mirroring her own, silver hair tangled in her hands as the stumbled into the bedroom Miranda's jacket tossed to the ground long forgotten.

Andy tumbled back, body bouncing on the bed as the nerves kicked in. She didn't know what she was doing having never been with a woman before but her thoughts were stopped short as Miranda tugged her bottoms off, tossing them over her shoulder before working on her t-shirt pulling it over Andy's head ignoring her protest. Miranda was taking control as always and Andy wouldn't have it. Now stripped down to her panties Andy jerked forward her hands wrapping round Miranda's wrists ignoring the squeak of surprise as she flipped the older woman round, flinging her leg over Miranda's hips holding her down. Miranda struggled, before stilling, arms pinned up by her head cheeks flushed glaring up at Andy.

'Has anyone ever told you you're evil?'


The laughter that bubbled from Andrea's lips sent a ripple of joy through Miranda, like liquid sunshine it washed over her warming every inch till she tingled.

'I want to take my time.'

Miranda watched Andrea lower her head the older woman's lips parting as Andrea kissed her collar bone, trailing her lips lightly over every inch of exposed skin tongue flicking out in light little licks as though worshipping Miranda's body. Miranda had never had anyone treat her this way, men taking what they wanted with no regards for her needs, not wishing to take the time to explore her body, not that she'd want them to. Before her soul desire had been to get it over immediately and get to sleep so she was fully awake for another working day. It was a duty and one in which she hated. But now she burned with desire, the feel of Andrea holding her down fanning the flame that had been building, adding petrol to the fire until it was an inferno licking between her thighs as Andrea's hands slid down, never abandoning her body as it gilded down to the buttons of her shirt, twisting one open before placing a kiss on the exposed skin before shifting lower, her hips grinding down as she moved. The perfect pressure causing Miranda's hips buck up gaining a smug smirk from Andrea before she returned to her torture, undressing Miranda slowly, leaving no inch untouched.


Andy pushed the shirt aside, exposing Miranda's breasts encased in black lace. It was one of Andy's but it looked sexier on Miranda than it ever had on her. The contrast against her creamy skin the sight of seduction. Andy's mouth watered, hand coming up to cup the right one, for the first time touching Miranda's breasts with intent, feeling the weight in her palm sending a sudden bolt of heat firing through her, having never touched another woman in such away. She loved it. Her thumb brushed over the pink nipple barely outlined, watching as it strained against the material. Miranda groaned the noise goading Andy on, the young woman lowering her head teeth nipping at the edge dragging the lace away as her tongue snaked out circling the areola, flicking the tightened bud before drawing it between her lips.

Miranda's hands snapped down, chest arching up forcing her breast deeper between Andy's lips, her hands sinking into Andy's hair holding her in place, groaning at the sudden sensation. A slither of excitement reverberated through Andy giving her courage. Miranda's noises meant she was doing something right but she wanted more, she wanted to make this woman scream, come apart in her hands and she would without a doubt. She twisted her head, sucking slightly harder, her tongue stroking Miranda's nipple within her mouth, warm and wet sliding against her lips. She shifted causing a moan of frustration as Andy's hands slipped behind Miranda's back twisting the clip and tugging the bra away. Miranda's hands were insistent and Andy wasted no time diving down latching onto the other nipple giving it the same attention until it was tightened, shimmering in the low light from the wetness of her mouth.

Andy wanted more. She quickly twisted her fingers in Miranda's trouser button, rapidly tearing it apart, hands furiously forcing them over the older woman's hips along with Miranda's panties, no time for patience; the moment taking over everything, her desire ruling her body as Miranda's hips lifted. The pants rumpled over her calves before being flung off littering the bedroom floor along with everything else. Andy's lips kissed their way down, tongue circling Miranda's navel before descending lower. She was tense and feeling cautious just waiting for Miranda to push her away and deny her the one thing she so desperately wanted. Her taste buds quivered, already alight with the flavour of Miranda's body but craving something more.

She slipped lower, a moan escaping as Miranda's thigh glided between her legs, pressing into her pussy hitting the little trigger forcing her hips to buck forward in a sudden jolt of pleasure. Andy's breathing was coming hard and fast, Miranda's hands falling to the side fingers tangling in the covers as she arched up again, eyes tight shut, body flushed and expectant, begging for Andy's touch.

Andy moved off of Miranda's legs, hands circling Miranda's ankles slipping her shoulders beneath her knees, ignoring the squeak as she spread her open, hands encircling Miranda's hips tugging her down the bed bringing her swollen core closer to her lips, pink and glistening. Andy paused for a moment, fighting back the flutter of nerves before flicking her tongue out, the tip hitting Miranda's clit lightly, the subtle touch enough to send a spasm of pleasure hammering through the older woman's body, muscles tensing as the cover crinkled in her hands, pulled tight as she cried out. Her neck arched as Andy continued, tongue circling oversensitive nerves, her touch teasing, warm breath blowing against Miranda's clit not wanting to end it too soon. Miranda had other ideas. Her hand sunk into Andy's hair tugging tightly, the pain a silent indicator that her patience was running out. Andy moved fast, hands pinning Miranda's hips to the bed as she pressed the pad of her tongue to her pussy before thrusting inside. Miranda's cry stung her ears as she fucked her, Miranda desperately trying to buck, force her pussy harder against Andy's mouth needing more, her body losing complete control, rhythm fractured as she approached her orgasm. Suddenly Miranda's back snapped, fingers tensing in Andy's hair as she came, a warm gush against Andy's tongue as her muscles rippled in pleasure. The older woman crashed against the bed, body shimmering with sweat, thoroughly fucked, eyes dazed, sent dizzy as she'd cum. She gasped for breath, hand coming up against her forehead raking through her hair as though in shock.

Andy smiled satisfied she'd rendered Miranda speechless for once in her life. She crawled up the bed from between Miranda's thighs, hovering cautiously over the older woman staring into her eyes trying to asses her reaction before kissing her, only intending it to be light and non invasive, the taste of Miranda still coating her tongue. The older woman had other ideas, tongue forcing its way in taking her own taste willingly , hands gliding over Andy's stomach before suddenly diving beneath the waste band of her panties causing Andy to gasp in surprise the sound muffled by Miranda's lips. The older woman's fingers slid through her wetness eagerly, the touch electric, Andy already on edge from seeing Miranda cum, the image forever imprinted in her mind. Her pussy was aching for relief. Even knowing Miranda's hand was stroking her was enough to blow her mind but Miranda didn't stop, forcing two fingers inside her, the tips curling inside grinding against her with the perfect pressure, firing the final trigger as a bullet of pleasure pounded into her, sight fading out at the edges as she screamed Miranda's name against Miranda's mouth, tearing her lips away, lungs desperate for oxygen. She collapsed, arms unable to hold her up any longer, body pressing into Miranda's body before falling to the side.


Miranda laughed, the first sound of serious joy Andy had ever heard, breathless and free bubbling out into the air. 'That's certainly one word for it.'

Andy grinned, slipping her arm round Miranda's waste burrowing her head into the older woman's neck breathing in her scent as she let the exhaustion claim her, feeling Miranda's breathing even out under her hands, breaths echoing in pattern with her own as they slept.


They'd spent the day in bed, barely leaving the warmth at all except to scrabble some form of food, much to Miranda's amusement. She'd never seen such a pitiful sandwich but it was enough to maintain her stamina, because food was the last thing on her mind.

Andrea had lit something within her that had remained dormant all these years, just beyond her reach no matter how hard she tried. She'd never cum so hard, all her emotions clamouring together, building up to her climax making it more than just a release, the feeling seeming to bury deeper knowing it was Andrea's hands on her, inside her.

The morning light flickered in through the window, just like yesterday, but the mood was totally different. Andrea was no longer untouchable, her beauty spread over the bed hogging all the covers. Miranda sat there noticing the lack of shiver, the air warm and welcoming. She shifted to the side fingers clicking the plug and the lamp sprang into life. The electricity was back on. That was one problem out the way, all the others could wait. They would approach this one day at a time and take things as they came. She couldn't deny there was a rollercoaster ahead of them but gazing down at Andrea as she innocently slept on Miranda knew it would be worth it. She wasn't willing to lose this feeling any time soon and she'd do anything within her power to hold onto it with both hands. She smiled, her finger lightly tickling along Andrea's exposed spine, the young woman naked beneath the sheets. Miranda looked over her shoulder eyeing the time, eyes lighting up at the date.

'The 25th of December.'

She felt a bubble of joy emanate through her, blossoming over her heart. Andrea was by her side. She was sharing Christmas with a lover who, even in a short time, meant more to her than any of her husbands ever had. She was happy, all her worries and fears slowly fading away as she leant over brushing Andrea's hair away from her face, placing a light kiss on her lips. Andrea stirred, rolling onto her back her eyes slowly clearing as she woke. They crinkled at the edges as she took Miranda in poised above her, smiling, the image of joy. Miranda leant in and kissed her once more, before rising up onto her arms lips curling into a subtle smile, the one which reflected everything within her eyes, her happiness open for Andrea to see as Miranda spoke.

'Merry Christmas.'


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