Author's Note: Okay, here's the last chapter.

I put them back at work but Tony's much better, now.

The team will find out about their entanglement in their own and hopefully funny ways.

Thank you all for reading.


"Hey, Probie."

Tim McGee looked up from his monitor and saw a tired but happier looking Tony.

The last time he had been here had been hellish. He had been quiet and withdrawn and looked to wasting away. The exact opposite was true now and Tim was relieved.

Apparently, whatever he had done during his leave had fixed him.

Things could finally get back to their brand of normal.

"Hey. You look better."

"I feel better. A little Israeli angel decided to force me back into the land of the living."

So, that's why Ziva wasn't here yesterday...

Abby would be pleased to see that she wouldn't have to work as much on her matchmaking project.

"I am not an angel. Morning, McGee."

Ziva came in and Tim saw a quick knowing and intimate glance between the two of them.

He smirked. That sort of eye sex could only mean one thing...

"It's about time. Don't make out in front of me.", he told them while getting back to work.

Ziva gasped softly and looked at Tony accusingly.

"I didn't tell him! He figured it out! He's McGeek, not McBrainless! Keep your mouth shut or I'll shoot you, Probie." he threatened.

"Noted. How long has it ...?"

"Since yesterday." Ziva informed him. "And yes, you can tell Abby."

"Good. She was about to lock you two in a closet. She was going to play matchmaker.", he replied as he typed.

"Like in Fiddler on the Roof?!" Tony scoffed.

Tim waited for Ziva to tell him to shut up but she surprised him.

"That matchmaker was an idiot! No wonder the girls fell for completely different men!" she said with disgust.

"You've seen it?" Tony asked.

"Yes. My Aunt Nettie loves that movie and she played it every time I visited her."


"Yes, this one time when I was 12, she..."

Leaving them to it, Tim went in search of caffeine and of Abby.

She was going to flip.



"Yep. They told me."

Abby Scuito squealed and pumped a fist in the air.

"Finally! They just made me about 2900 bucks richer, too!"

There was a large betting pool about them, stretching between NCIS and the FBI.

He chuckled and asked, "How did you know that they'd announce it today?"

She blushed and then admitted, "I saw them on the Lincoln steps when I went on a food run yesterday. They looked so cute so I just figured... Are they happy, Timmy?"

The only reason she had been going to interfere was that they obviously needed each other. There had been too much misery since the Le Grenouille thing and it needed to stop. Tony and Ziva hooking up would break through it all.

"Yeah, Abs. They are."

Before she could ask more questions, Gibbs came in.

Does he know?, she silently communicated to McGee.

He shook his head negatively and she bit her lower lip to keep from blurting it out.

The last thing she wanted was for Rule #12 to stonewall them.

"Go gas the truck, McGee. We got a dead marine in Rock Creek Park."

"Yeah, boss. Bye, Abby."

She nodded in response and turned back to her monitor, ignoring Gibbs' quizzical look.

"You okay? You're too quiet."

She signed that she was recovering from a rough night and he nodded, leaving a Caf-Pow behind.


"You find anything?"

"Some blood drops. They lead off towards the tree line."

He made his way to her and followed his little bloodhound deeper into the woods.

As she bent over to tie her shoe, his gaze immediately went to her ass. Now that he knew what it looked like outside of clothes, it was more appealing to him than ever. Actually, she was a walking aphrodisiac to him. The only reason that he didn't grab her and kiss her mute was the fact that Gibbs was around.

Well, that and the dead naked Marine.

"Stop looking at my ass, Tony."


"Because it makes me want to jump you and that would be unprofessional." she told him honestly.

When she straightened, he grabbed her and whispered in her ear.

"Later. There's a broom closet near Autopsy..."

She shivered and smiled sultrily.

"I'll be there. Now, get off of me. This is a yellow light situation."

"More like pink." he leered.

She chuckled and pulled away from him, continuing down the trail.

"You two need to be a little more discreet."

He jumped and turned guiltily to Gibbs, who emerged from behind a large shrub with an evidence bag full of clothing scraps.

"Uh, yeah. About that..."

A head slap cut him off.

"Hurt her and I'll kill you. That is if MOSSAD doesn't get to you, first." he threatened. "Now, go help your partner."

Thankful for the dismissal, Tony fled.

Gibbs shook his head and smiled slightly.

It was about time.