Hinata┬┤s POV

One month later

"Youthful Sunflower where does this box go?!?" Lee exclaimed while jumping up and down with a BIG box in his arms. I couldn't help but giggle.

"That one goes to my room Lee."

"Yosh understood!" He then flew to my room exclaiming that he would take good care of it or would do a thousand sit-ups and something about 'youthfulness'

Again I laughed.

"He has a lot of energy doesn't he?" I felt two arms circle around me and a head laid on my shoulder.


"Yes he does but at least he is helping with the move and not doing picky push-ups."

"Yeah you're right," he tightens his grip, "how are you feeling?"

"Tired, but that's to expect because we have been moving boxes all day."


We stood there holding each other for a couple of minutes. I loved it when I'm in his arms, I feel so safe. Like nothing can harm me.

"Hey lovebirds, why don't you help us finish moving the boxes so that we can order pizza?" Kurenai laughed and murmured something about 'teenagers in love' and walked into her new room with a box in hand.

We flew apart from each other. I blushed and stammered my apology which was responded by a chuckle from Gaara and a kiss on the cheek, which redden my blush. He left to the kitchen with two small boxes.

I grabbed a box that was near the door and looked on at my new home. The movers had already brought in the big furniture which made it a cozy new apartment. It is much bigger than the one Kurenai lived-in before. It has two bedrooms, a living room, one bathroom, a dinning room, and a kitchen. Perfect for the two of us, I smiled at that.

Kurenai is my new guardian. She was given my custody when child services learned how I got to be hospitalized. Surprisingly, Neji was the one that told them that my father was the one that hit me and caused me to fall down the stairs. He was also the one that took me to the hospital and told Gaara where I was. He has been trying to get close to me, like cousins should; I think he feels sorry for everything he has done to me. So have the others. I forgave them. Gaara hasn't. He believes that I'm too passive and forgiving. I guess he is right.

"Hinata-Chan, where does this go?" Shino came in with two plastic baskets full of DVDs "Those go in the living room Shino." I beamed at him. Shino readjusted his sunglasses and went on his way.

"Hina-Chan can I hang this painting over the couch?" Sai had given Kurenai and me a painting he made as a gift for our new apartment. It was a portrait of me and Kurenai laughing. It's nice and warm. Now he was holding the painting waiting for my approval to hang it.

"Sure Sai" I gave him a smile and he went to work.

Gaara, Shino, Sai and Lee were helping with our move. They all volunteered to help when they heard that we were moving into a new apartment. (So that I could have my own room.) I am really lucky to have them as friends. Well Gaara is more than a friend now. Blush.

A month ago when I woke up in the hospital I heard Gaara say that he 'loved me'. I couldn't believe it. He didn't say anything about it. He just told me that he was glad that I was okay and gave me a hug, a big long hug. It made things awkward for a couple of days until I gained enough guts to tell him that I loved him too. I was blushing and stuttering like crazy but he still understood. We shared our first kiss then.

After that day things have fallen into place. I have someone that is like a mother to me, great friends, and also a wonderful boyfriend, blush.

I sometimes feel like this is all a dream and that I shouldn't have so many blessings but Gaara, Shino, Sai, Lee, and Kurenai disagred.

The jocks started to behave better toward us. They wanted to be forgiven for all the bad things they did to us. Well especially me. I forgave them. I just don't want to stay angry and are nice toward me now.

I remember that they Sakura, Kiba, Naruto, and Ino came to visit me a couple of times. They always kept on repeating their apologies over and over again. I guess they are really sorry.

Things with my cousin have started to cool down. It's not a hate relationship anymore but I wouldn't say that we love each other as family yet. He visited me a couple of times in the hospital. He never said that he was the one that helped me, but then he was never one to talk too much.

Like I said before, things have started to fall into place, for once in my life since my mother's death things have started to look good for me.

My friends are always by my side, making school now tolerable.

People don't see me with pity in their eyes but with respect. They see me as the girl who was broken down who was able to stand up again and dust all the dirt off of her. I like that. I like for once in my life to be seen as someone venerable.

I would have never gotten off the floor if Gaara wasn't by my side, staying with me through everything.

I'm not going to lie. I still feel depressed sometimes. I sometimes expect for things to go wrong and destroy my new life but Gaara doesn't allow me to think that way. When ever I am melancholic he would poke me. He always tells me that I'm so strong for living through what I have, that I'm brave because I still allow myself to smile and enjoy my life even though I know that things could go wrong, and that I'm the best thing in his life. I think he is wrong; he IS the best thing in MY life.

I now know that I was mistaken for some time.

I'm not weak

"I'm strong"

I'm not a failure

"I'm a success"

I'm not pathetic

"I'm worthwhile"