Title: Nothing But Trouble

Author: ThrashMetalQueen

Pairings: KennedyxOC

Fandom: Wrestling

Summary: With her, wild and crazy didn't begin to cover it.

A/N: Here's your Christmas present, Ash! Sorry I'm late!!


I've dealt with many weird women in my time.

Oh trust me, there's plenty and I mean PLENTY of strange pieces of works out there, and I've probably come across most of them.

But NOTHING compares to this new chick that's come into the business. She's bubbly, she's hyperactive, and she just amazes me with something new every day. It's like, every time I think I have her figured out, I find out that I've barely even scratched the surface.

Yeah Ashley's definitely different. She's a freak, but I gotta tell ya something...

I freaking love it.