As Spud the Spudnificent keeps trying to perform magic, the Chalice of Tharanoushis is getting even more toilet water.

"Why don't you try to make a monster come out of the cup?" The Huntsmaster, on his civillian identity, says, hoping to warn Rose of the chalice's current situation and keeping the non-Huntsclan humans from suspecting anything.

Rose then notices the chalice getting full of water but it's too late. The djinn escapes.

"A magical creature." Rotwood exclaims.

"Of course." Principal Derceto replies. "It's a magic show."

"No, I mean a real magical creature." Rotwood tries to explain but nobody takes him seriously.

Jake then runs to the backstage in order to Dragon Up where nobody would see him. However, he failed to see Huntsgirl watching him.

"Jake is the American Dragon?" Rose thinks to herself. "It can't be."

"Huntsgirl, what are we gonna do?" The Huntsmaster asks as he appears in front of her wearing her Huntsclan outfit. "The djinn is free."

"Look, master, the American Dragon is fighting the djinn." Huntsgirl says. "If we're lucky they'll kill each other and we won't have to expose ourselves to non-Huntsclan humans."

"You're right, Huntsgirl." The Huntsmaster replies. "But we must be ready just in case only one of them dies."

They watch as the djinn throws the American Dragon away from the viewers' sight. "That's our chance, Huntsgirl. Let's get the dragon."

"But what about the djinn?" Huntsgirl asks, hoping to keep her master from hurting Jake.

"You're right." The Huntsmaster concedes. "You'll get the dragon and I'll get the djinn."

Huntsgirl agrees and then goes to tend for Jake. Jake then wakes up. "Huntsgirl?"

"Don't worry, Jake. I won't hurt you." Jake stares at her in confusion. "Now resume your dragon form before my master sees you."

Following his own judgment, Jake decides to comply with Huntsgirl's request. They now watch as the Huntsmaster fights the djinn. Spud then mentions the encouragement words his great-grandfather used to tell whenever he was thrown away from the stage. To Jake's, Huntsgirl's and Huntsmaster's surprises, these words happen to be the chant that send the djinn back to the chalice.

"Way to go, Spud's great-grandpa." Jake comments. The Huntsmaster then decides to check upon his apprentice and the American Dragon. Huntsgirl then notices this. "You're mine, dragon."

Jake then flees. "You won't escape." Huntsgirl says, hoping to convince the Huntsmaster she means it.

"Forget it, Huntsgirl." The Huntsmaster says. "You'll have a chance to slay him another time."

After that, Rose and Jake get back to the stage to hear Principal Dercetto announcing the winner. "Well, it was a hard decision, but this year's talent show winner is Spud the Spudnificent and his magic show."

LINE BREAK – The Huntsmaster's home

"Huntsmaster, didn't you tell me all dragons are evil?" Huntsgirl asks.

"And they are." The Huntsmaster explains. "Why are you bringing the subject now?"

"Because the American Dragon was trying to stop the djinn." Huntsgirl explains. "Why would someone who is evil do it?"

"Dragons are territorial." The Huntsmaster explains. "They wouldn't accept destruction not caused by themselves. Satisifed now?"

"Yes." She says.

Will Rose tell her master Jake Long is the American Dragon? Will she switch sides? The answer to these and other questions will be answered... the next dialogue lines. Now let's go to Canal Street Electronics.

"What?" Lao Shi asks. "The Huntsgirl found out your identity? Are you sure, young dragon?"

"Well, she didn't seem to be bluffing when she called me Jake." Jake explains. "But she said she wouldn't hurt me. Hey, perhaps she loves my human form. Not that the AmDrag can blame her for having a good taste."

"Be careful, young dragon." Lao Shi warns. "She might be trying to catch you in a trap."

"And don't forget about Rose, kid." Fu says. "You still have feelings for her, right?"

"Aw, man." Jake replies. Then they hear the front door opening and see Rose walking him. "Hi, Rose." Jake hardly mutters a compliment.

"Jake, we have to talk." Rose seriously says. "Is there anywhere we can have privacy?"

Lao Shi leads them to their training room, where Rose reveals her connection to the Huntsclan.

"Why, Rose?" Jake sadly asks.

"Because my uncle made me believe my birthmark was a sign that it was my destiny to hunt magical creatures." Rose explains. "But then I find out you're a dragon and, if you were evil you wouldn't comfort me like you did when Brad ditched me for that girl you took last school dance."

"You're welcome but, what do we do now?" Jake asks. "I won't let you hunt magical creatures anymore."

"And I don't want to hunt them anymore." Rose replies. "But my uncle won't let me stop."

"Then stop living with him." Jake suggests.

"But I don't have any place to go." Rose explains. "He's my only family."

"We could get you a place to hide at the Magus Bazaar until it's safe for you to return." Fu says.

"Thanks but, won't the Dragon Council want to punish me for my previous actions as the Huntsgirl?" Rose asks out of concern.

"Well, we'll have to tell them about you wanting to leave the Huntsclan." Lao Shi says. "I believe they might, even if reluctantly, forgive you since you didn't do too much harm but I must warn you not to leave the Magus Bazaar until then."

"Agreed." She replies.

"Rose, what do I tell our friends back at school if they ask about you?" Jake asks.

"Well, you can either pretend you have no idea or tell them I got tired of living with my uncle and that I came to tell you goodbye." Rose suggests.

They agree and Lao Shi exposes her case to the Dragon Council. Chang was the most unwelcoming to the idea of the others reluctantly accepted out of respect for Lao Shi.


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