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Chapter 1.

Bella's Pov

It has been four months since he left me, and his family along with him. I still can't think his name without wincing in pain. I still remember that terrible night like it was yesterday.


We were both standing in the woods by my house. He was going to leave me. He thought I shouldn't be a vampire.

"You....don't...want me?" I was trying to hide how hurt I was, but failed miserably. His one word reply shattered my heart.


End Of Flashback

I stopped that memory in its tracks. It was just to painful. I was currently in the kitchen making dinner. I had decided on salmon patties. Charile loved fish in any form. Except raw ofcoarse. I was about finished when Charlie came in.

"Hey Bells." Charlie said.

"Hey Dad." I answered.

We ate dinner in silence as usual . I didnt the dishes quickly, and went to my room. I wanted to get clothes for a shower. I froze when i opened the door, There was someone on my bed. I squealed in surprise and then collapsed, my vision hazy. The last thing I saw before I went unconcious was a big, burly vampire staring at me.

Sorry if that was extremely short but this was written down at 3:00 am. The next chapters will definately be longer.