Lucy's First Date

Disclaimer: The Chronicles of Narnia and all the characters and places therein are the creation of C. S. Lewis. I own nothing except the plot.

Chapter 1

Lucy Pevensie was nervous. This was the first time she had actually been asked out by a boy and she was unsure how to behave. Of course, as a queen in Narnia princes and nobles had courted her frequently but, she reflected ruefully, courtship in Narnia and dating here in England were very different. The rules of love and courtship in the Narnian world were very exact and formal; it was perhaps the only area of life where she had more freedom as a teenage girl back here in England

When Michael had asked her out, she had been shocked. His family attended the same church as the Pevensies but Lucy had barely exchanged more than a dozen words with him So when he had approached to ask her to the dance the church was putting on it had been several moments before she mustered the self possession to shyly accept, her face red with embarrassment.

Although she didn't know Michael that well he seemed like a nice boy and Lucy was flattered and excited that he seemed interested in her. Her brother Edmund however was far from happy and had been furious with her and with Michael. She had to physically restrain Edmund from storming over to confront him. Ever since then her younger brother had been distant and surly, although now she came to think of it, he had been distant to her for several weeks and Lucy could not understand why.

With a sigh Lucy turned to examine her reflection in the mirror. The dress she wore was beautiful, coloured a light green and cut in a style that flattered the seventeen year olds curves. It wasn't too revealing, showing no more than a hint of cleavage and with a skirt that dropped well past her knees, but Lucy knew Edmund would disapprove. Probably he would not approve of the way she dressed tonight unless she was covered from head to toe and wearing a chastity belt. For once she was glad that Peter was away at University; having one overprotective brother around was hard enough to cope with.

Glancing at her watch Lucy realised she had less than half an hour before Michael called to pick her up. She really wanted to be ready downstairs and not give Edmund a chance to bully him. Resolutely, Lucy sat down in front of the mirror and started to do her make up.


The second youngest Pevensie, King Edmund the Just of Narnia, Count of the Western March and Knight of the Noble Order of the Table, was scared out of his wits. He was not afraid of any physical danger, not troubled by any ghost from the past. The spectre of the White Witch did not menace him, nor did any phantom of ogre or minatour haunt his dreams. No, Edmund was terrified of losing his youngest sister, to the same disease that had claimed his other sister Susan.

Over the past month or so, he had noticed changes in Lucy that alarmed him deeply. To begin with she had started wearing make up. Not much to be sure, just a little lipstick and powder and a hint of blush; he even grudgingly admitted to himself that the light pink lipstick Lucy used actually suited her, a far cry from the garish reds that Susan favoured. Still, it was horribly reminiscent of Susan when she first started to withdraw from them. Even worse she was going out with a boy tonight to a dance. Make up and dances and boys, the very things that seemed to have turned Susan against Narnia and her siblings.

The tapping of high heels on the stairs interrupted his troubled thoughts and a second later Lucy burst into the sitting room.

"Edmund!" she cried, her face beaming "How do I look?"

Edmund stared at her open mouthed. He had never seen his younger sister look so stunning. But as he took in the make up and elaborate hairstyle, the nylon stockings and stiletto heels he was reminded yet again of Susan and dread gripped his heart.

"Fine" he muttered in response to her question, his eyes avoiding hers.

"Ed!" Lucy murmured, her face concerned. She stepped forward and laid her hand on his arm. "What's wrong?"

Edmund wrenched his arm from her grasp and snapped viciously "Nothing is wrong!"

Lucy looked hurt; unshed tears glistening in her eyes.

"Oh don't start crying," Edmund said sarcastically "You'll make your mascara run and we can't have that on you're big date can we?"

Lucy stared at him in shock "Why are you being so horrid to me, Edmund?"

Before the young man could reply they both heard the doorbell ring.

"I expect that will be lover boy!" Edmund sneered, "I want a word with him!"

He turned to leave the room but Lucy stepped in front of him her eyes blazing. The distress that had previously shown in her face was now replaced by unmistakable anger.

"There's no need for you to talk to him Edmund, especially with the foul mood you're in tonight" She said this with such firmness that even Edmund was silenced. "I'll get my coat and just go. I want to talk to you after I get back!" With these words Lucy strode from the room, slamming the door behind her.

Edmund remained standing for a moment then went back to sprawl on the sofa. He knew Lucy was upset and hated himself for the way he behaved, but he simply could not help it. Susan losing faith had been hard enough, but the idea the same might happen to Lucy was just unbearable. Lucy had been the one who discovered Narnia, the one who was closest to Aslan. She had been his closest ally and confidant in the Narnian court and he could never forget either the times they had ridden together into battle. If Lucy turned away from Narnia and Aslan, there was little hope for any of them.

Edmund remembered the effect Narnian air seemed to have on visitors from our world, the way it made them stronger and more capable. Miserably he wondered if the air of this world had the effect of driving girls crazy as soon as they reached the age of seventeen.