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Author's Note: This is only the first section of a series of stories I shall be writing about little Mikazuki-chan... And in terms of ages, errr... Muhyo, I'm guessing, is about 10.. Mikazuki's 6.. Roji another estimation) is maybe 16 or 17. Im gonna display it like that until Yoshiyuki Nishi sensei says otherwise. I LOVE THIS SERIES, WOOT!


" Mikazuki-san, we're here." Shinichiro said, stopping the car. The girl in the back seat yawned.

" Thanks, Shinichiro!" Mikazuki said, hugging him. "And please don't call me 'san' anymore... We'll be parting company soon anyway."

" Alright. Should I walk you in, Mikazuki?" he asked.

" Sure." She said, shrugging and opening the car door.

Hoshi Mikazuki Chapter 1

" Hey Roji! Go answer the door already!" Muhyo yelled. Roji, in his apron at the time, ran to the door. He opened it and almost fainted. Muhyo hear the noise of his partner hitting the hardwood floor with a rather loud THUNK.

" Yo Roji, did you die or something?" Muhyo shouted from the other room, walking in to see what happened.

" OHMYGOD!!!" Roji shouted, " My baby sister!!! Where have you been?!"Roji shouted joyfully, picked her up in a rib-crushing hug.

" Guhh.. Roji.. You're crushing my lungs.. Need... Air.." She wheezed, coughing.

" Hey Roji, If she's your sister stop trying to strangle her." Muhyo said, tapping him on the shoulder.

[minutes later...]

" So are you a client or is this just a friendly visit?" Muhyo asked.

" I think both. I AM at the Muhyo Bureau of Supernatural investigation, right?" Mikazuki replied. She seemed to have a bit of an accent from somewhere around scandinavia.

" Yes. I'm Toru Muhyo, The head of the office." he said, leaning on his arm, " So you're Roji's little sister. He hasn't said much about you.. Still, I imagined you to be a little older.. or taller." Mikazuki's eye twitched subtly. He was one to talk, only about a half inch taller than her anyhow.

" Half-sister, actually. The parent we share is the object of my visit...", She inhaled deeply. " Roji.. I think Mom's trying to haunt me."

" B-but that's not possible! Only the.. dead can haunt..", A tear came down Roji's cheek. " S-she dead?"

" Mm-hm. Last week. She drove the Mercedes off the parking garage roof.. You didn't hear? It was all over the news back in Stockholm."

" Stockholm?" Muhyo said confusedly, but Roji interrupted shouting

" And why didn't you say anything to ME?!", He sobbed.

" I apologize.. I was caught up in enjoying my.. Victory.. If that's the correct word?"

" What did she do to make you enjoy her death?" Muhyo asked. She gave him a tortured look, her mind was crying but her face was laughing. The first sign of a psycho.

" I can't really describe it.. But I could show you..", She rolled up both her sleeves to her shoulder, pulled her left knee high sock to her ankle, and moved her watch up her tiny wrist to reveal horrible scars.

" Sorry I asked.." Muhyo muttered.

She pointed to each scar, " X-acto knife, kitchen knife, sewing needle, bedspring.", she pulled down her sleeves, pulled up her sock, and returned her watch to its original position. " She wasn't JUST a bad mother, she tried to murder me.. More than once.", She took a breath and began speaking, her voice now a low, somber tone. " She was a model for Maybelline and Mary Kay, a few times for Playboy. When they fired her, she went looney. Then she.. 'found Jesus.', overzeallously, if you ask me. I was.. shall I say, abnormally comprehensive for my age. I was four and had read a full book, 529 and a half pages. I believe. I could recite every word. She took this as a 'sign of the devil.' She began shunning me and calling me 'paegan' and 'heathen', occasionally 'witch'. Then I moved up to fifth grade a few years early.. Last straw. She carved a cross in my back, slit my wrist, as a makeshift exorcism.. but she was very, very drunk. Then again, she was always drunk. She missed the vein and I hardly bled. Pure luck... Then, last week, she'd had it. My very prescence frightened her so much that she decided to leave for god's house. Guess she forgot suicide was a sin. Too bad she took the Mercedes-Benz.. I wanted that to be my first car." She sighed. Muhyo raised an eyebrow.

" You speak awfully calmly about this for someone abused so badly. Judging by How many scars you have, it happened daily.", He paused, He could tell she wasn't lying, and she wasn't crazy either. " So what's been happening to you? Ghost-wise."

" I got smacked over the head yesterday with a floating lamp, But usually it's nohing more than a few things moving by themselves and a few doors opening and closing at night.", She closed her eyes, I just wanna figure out if I'm insane, or if something really is happening.. And I don't really even know if it's my mom.. The time fits though." She turned to Roji, " I'm sorry I couldn't tell you sooner, brother." she apologized, patting his shoulder. " I shouldn't have been so cold about it..."

" Understandable.." He said, crying still. " With what she did to you, you have an automatic excuse."

" Well, I'll think on it. If something dangerous happens, then by all means, let us know.. And we'll need your phone number." Muhyo said, grinning. He wanted it anyway. Aside from Roji, he had no one to hang out with. She was a bit dark, a trait he liked, and she was weird like him. He could tell they would probably end up being good friends. Mikazuki nodded, handing him a card. It was black with her phone number in white lettering, speckled with red and pink strawberries.

Mikazuki hugged her crying elder brother, then walked toward the door.