Frank's POV

"Frank?" the lights around me had long since faded to black. The voice sounded on edge, worried, I opened my eyes and the white washed walls hit my eyes mercilessly. I blinked several times before I could even begin to search for the source of the voice. I turned to my side to see Mikey standing over me.

"M..Mikey...whatrudoinher?" I muttered unintelligently.

"I saw you crash Frank" sadness filled his voice but he wasn't going to continue to explain what he saw, a suicidal Frank, I failed in that as well, in the most important moments of my life, I had failed. I let out a heavy sigh as my eyes filled with tears. Where was Gerard?

"Mikey...whe..where's Gee?" he looked at me apologetically.

"I don't know Frank, I can't see him remember? But I have a plan." good. Any glimmer of hope, I needed some idea some plan something anything to hold onto now.

"We will go back home and use the Ouija board to contact Gerard, if he's there he will answer us and if not Elena will know what to do."

"Yeah...okay. Mikey. How long have I been out?"

"Three days"

Mikey's POV

It was one day since Frank had woken up and he was due to be discharged in a few hours. They just needed to run through some final test's. I had reassurance from the doctors that he was okay, just a few bumps and bruises. We had gotten hold of Frank's mom and she had come to see him everyday but I promised her that I would drive him home when he was discharged because she couldn't get off work.

"No really Mrs. Iero it's no trouble."

"Well if your sure" she shuffled uncomfortably for a minute.

"How do you know Frank again?"

"I'm Gerard's brother." was my simple answer, Frank had told me about what his mom knew, a smirk played across my face and immediately she understood.

"Ah..okay. Wait is Gerard here?" she looked eager and began to search the waiting room for signs of anyone who could be Gerard.

"No sorry, he's away at present. He would have come, but he couldn't get out of his plans."

"Oh" she abruptly stopped "What a shame. Well you tell Gerard that when he's back he is welcome for dinner."

"Will do Mrs. Iero, but if you excuse me I need to use the facilities." I said bouncing slightly in an almost comical way.

"Ah" she chuckled "Okay, no that's fine, I need to head off for work. Will you call me if there are any problems?"

"Of course." with that she left...problems...funny you should mention that. I turned back to Frank's room. He had no idea, he wasn't allowed to know. Something told me that Gerard had been released from whatever held him here when he believed that Frank had died. I only hope he wasn't worried when Frank never showed up.

Gerard's POV

"You mean...Mikey is going to risk his life? For me?" I asked again. It must have been the thirtieth time and every time Elena gave me the same answer. Being dead wasn't so bad. Hell it felt just like being alive only you feel a lot lighter. I had 'woken up' in the exact place that I had died to find Elena standing over me.

So it turns out that the living and dead live in the same place at the same time but almost in another reality as it were. We are on earth and so are they...we just can't see each other...or communicate. So that's a bummer. It also reminds me of the fact I can no longer see Frank. Only when he dies and it apparently has to be under the same circumstances as me. I don't understand a lot of what Aunt is saying but it's basically along the lines of Mikey is going to kill himself or very nearly to kill Frank so he can be with me.

What a sweet brother I have. I can't believe he would do that! For all he knows Frank is bluffing and was moving the pointer on the Ouija board himself. I'm just sitting here with Elena. But no one else is here it seems.

Elena explained that it's because we are both 'in waiting' you might say. There are others here as well, but not close to us. They are in the same 'reality'. God there are lots of realities! But I don't want to hear about them now.

"Elena. Why are you in waiting?" he laughed half heartedly at my question.

"Because, you silly goose. I am waiting for your uncle. I am not going without him." wow, yeah I guess that makes sense. So how long does she have to wait?

"Um. How long do you have to wait?"

"Until he comes." ok. So she is waiting but she doesn't know how long it will be. Kindov like me, except I know he will be here soon. Mikey may even be driving him at this point. Hurry up Frankie!

Frank's POV

I climb into Mikey's car, I get in the back seat because there is more room to stretch out here. He pulls out of the hospital but is going pretty fast. He rounds the corners rather sharply and I notice that he is crying.

"Mikey...why are you" I cut off. I can't speak anymore. We are in plain view of the children's playground and all the memories come flooding back to me

"If you can see me this is no joke."
"What?! Who are you?"
He stood up and closed the space between us with two strides then offered his hand to me.
"Gerard Arthur Way"
I stopped and stared at him…no! He couldn't be Gerard; Gerard had been killed in some freak accident thing!
"Are you okay?" he looked at me through hazel eyes, his expression was one of caution and confusion.
"Gerard…you can't be Gerard" I turned my head slightly to indicate towards the memorial left by the side of the road. The only reply he gave was;
"Car crash"
"Yes I know it was a car crash, but Gerard was in the car crash and died."
"I did die".
"No you obviously didn't because you are right here in front of me, I can see you!" I was become tired of playing his mind games.
"You and who else?"
"What do you mean?" I was so confused; it was like I was getting part of the conversation.
"You can see me" he indicated over to the girl with the bike, she was standing on the sidewalk staring in our direction looking extremely confused. "Can she?"
"Of course she can, she is looking right at you"
"She can't see me"
"Of course she can Gerard she is loo-"
"No she can't" sadness oozed out of his words and something about the sincerity of them caught me, was he being serious? Could she not see Gerard?
My thoughts were answered by her;
"WHAT FRIEND?" Wait…what friend…

"He's right here!" I indicated to where Gerard was standing. She came slightly closer to me so she didn't need to yell, her face had gone chalk white and her eye held caution.
"There is no one there"
"What? Yes he is, say hello Gerard"
"Hello" he said "but she can't hear me, you are the only person I have found in days who can hear me, I think you may be the only person who can hear me."
"But why"
"I'm not sure"
"Your mental"

Maybe I was mental, maybe Gerard was all in my imagination. Maybe my pathetic excuse for a life was so boring that I convinced myself that he was real, just to have someone care for me, love me.

I was brought out of my thoughts abruptly as Mikey accelerated even more before spinning violently on the roundabout and the colliding head on with another vehicle.

I was lying in the wreck. My body lay bent in the most disturbing position, head bent to far back to be alive, eyes still wide with shock. The experience had been a shock. Mikey had smashed through the windscreen when the two car heads had collided. He died instantly. Something had smashed against me and thrown my head forward which collided with Mikey's headrest but my body kept moving forward, my neck had snapped. I also died instantly.

I lay on the ground. I didn't understand. Where was the car, Mikey? I opened my eyes and the first thing that I saw was a pair of perfect hazel eyes that I knew and loved. That's when it hit me. I was dead. Finally.