The Story of Lily

Epilogue: And So Ends the Story of Lily

"Avada Kedavra!"

Lily stopped at the top of the stairs, struggling for breath. Her life, her world, her soul…He was gone…James…gone…Peter…Peter had told, it had been Peter… James…dead…

A wail brought her somewhat back to the present, and she focused on the bundle in her arms: Harry.

Save Harry.

But oh, how could she? Lily raced through the top floor, hearing steps behind her all the while. She could hide him, couldn't she? Just stow him somewhere?

No, no, she shook her head. No, that would never work…

Lily wasn't watching where she was heading, and found herself in Harry's room. What could she do? He was coming, she could hear him – Voldemort was coming…Dumbledore wasn't there to save them…Oh, this was hopeless, he was going to kill her baby…

Her breathing stopped when Voldemort entered the room, smiling malevolently. She put Harry down on the windowsill behind them and blocked him completely with her body. Panic was coursing through her veins…She didn't have her wand, and knew she wasn't powerful enough to take Voldemort on without it…"Oh, help, help, someone!"

"Stand aside, girl," Voldemort demanded, pointing his wand straight at her chest and gesturing for her to move.

"No! Kill me instead! Please, not Harry!"

"Stand aside!"

"No, please, take me instead!"

"Stand aside, you silly girl!"

"No! I beg of you!"

"Stand aside!"

"Have mercy, have mercy!"

Harry's going to die…

"He will not," a voice whispered. It was faint and feminine. "He shall live."

Lily didn't know who said that, but she suddenly felt assured. A vision came to her just then, that lasted only a second –

A boy, standing over a pile of ashes, panting. The boy turned to face her – she knew it was Harry, and, inexplicably, she knew the pile of ashes was Voldemort. The light would prevail in the end – Harry would prevail.

"Avada Kedavra!"

She knew that even if she wasn't there to help her boy, she would always be with him, and would always love him. She collapsed when the curse hit her, lifeless.

And so ends the story of Lily.