"I hear that monsters have showed up in Carmite Cave" Mist watched for a minute, but got no response "I said there are monsters in Carmite Cave." Still nothing "So if you aren't even going there, why'd you buy a sword?"

Raguna stood up and grinned at her before bending back over and continuing to pick strawberries.

"I give up on you" Mist said, spinning around and leaving. She couldn't stand how his farm was all he ever paid attention to. And she couldn't kick him out because he did such a good job with it-and he had no where else to go anyway.

"Mist doesn't ever go into town, does she?" Rosetta asked one Mist was gone.

"Nope. She just hangs out here all day then goes home" A wide smile appeared on Raguna's face. His deep blue eyes twinkled with amusement.

Rosetta blushed and looked away "No wonder she's way behind on town news…"

"You're here every day too." Raguna said "Why don't you tell her?"

"You're the one who just fought Grimore" Rosetta said "If anyone, you should tell her"

"Nah, it's kind of fun to watch her think I only care about farming. Besides, I don't know how she could miss all those tanks trying to get into town…"


Rune Caster: I have no idea why I did this. Oh well.