AN: Ok, this is the last chapter of this story... don't worry, for those of you who were hoping for it, yes... there will be a sequel, I just don't know when I'll start on it but keep a lookout for Sammy's Two Daddy's. Hope you all like this, let me know!

Dean stood in the doorway and looked at the bed in front of him. If it was anyone else, he'd be jealous, but since it was his two Sammy's, he didn't have it in him to get upset at the two bodies curled into each other on the bed. He remembered when little Sammy crawled away from him and went to Sam, it had been only a moment after his brother had started moving around in his sleep and a half second before he was going to get out of bed and wake him. Now, looking at both of them, he knew that his alter self did the right thing; here, Sammy had a chance – a small one, but still a chance.

"So, you going to wake them, or stare at them all day?" Bobby asked quietly as he walked along the hallway. He had insisted that the boys stay another night since Sam still looked like he was expecting someone to jump out and tell him this was a joke, it was unnerving to watch while at the same time understandable. "For someone in an all fire hurry to leave yesterday, you sure are dragging your feet today."

Nodding, Dean looked at the other man and motioned away from the door. "Yeah, I know Bobby. Sorry about the delay, it's just…"

"Bad night… yeah kid, I get it. Don't think I'm kicking you boys out… I'm not. I just want to make sure you know what you want before you get out there with your boy and your brother and get into more trouble I have to bail you out of."

"Yeah, yeah… love you too Bobby." Sam said sleepily from the doorway as he made his way towards the bathroom, his little shadow right on his heels. "C'mon Sammy, let's get ready while these two start breaking out in song, ok?"

Startled by the comeback, neither Dean nor Bobby could think of anything to say for a moment, then Dean could only reply, "Smart ass," before turning towards the stairs to pack the Impala – it was time to get back to work.


The afternoon was beginning to fade and so was Dean's confidence in this plan. Then again… who was he kidding, he didn't have a plan anymore than he had a house and a white picket fence. What he did have was a little boy who'd seen way too much, and a brother who survived facing true evil – he couldn't ask for anything else.

As Bobby stood by the car, he tried not to think about what they could be facing on their own. Right now, he wanted to enjoy the seemingly normal moment in their lives. An uncle seeing his nephews off on a road trip across America. Yeah, sure… easier said than done.

"You two idgits better bring that boy back soon for a visit… better yet, send him and you two knuckleheads can keep doing whatever your doing at the time." Bobby groused as he looked at the two in the front seat sternly, but softened his face when he caught little Sammy's gaze. "You don't hesitate to call anytime, ok Sammy?"

"K, Uncle Bobby!" Sammy exclaimed from his booster car seat. He had been able to pick it out when his daddy and uncle went to get supplies, and he liked it since he could actually look out the window just like a grown up!

Smiling, Sam looked in the backseat and fondly watched little Sammy pull out a new sketchpad from his backpack. He hadn't been shocked to find out that his brother had done that for him, but had been surprised at how fast the boy had taken to it. 'Something to think about.' He thought as he had a fleeting memory of…something…

"Hey there… Spaceboy! You ready to get a move on or have you already left us behind?" Dean asked as he poked Sam in the ribs. It still freaked him out when he would see his brother stare off into space like that; it made him worry that Sam would stay gone permanently this time.

"Huh? Oh… yeah, right… sorry. I thought… uh… nevermind, I'm ready when you are." Sam said as he waved farewell to Bobby and adjusted himself into the seat better. He didn't know what would happen, but he was glad he was with his family.

The sound of Blue Oyster Cult's 'Don't Fear the Reaper' drifted through the car an hour away from Bobby's alerting Dean of Lillian's call. Worried that something else was going on, he quickly answered and didn't say anything before closing his phone and pressing harder on the accelerator. He didn't need to look to tell that both Sammy's were watching him curiously. "Lillian's in trouble."


The plan was simple – pull up to the house, drop Dean off, drive around the town for fifteen minutes before doubling back. It shouldn't have been that hard. Unfortunately, since he didn't know his way around the town it was hard to figure out which road went through and which ones were dead ends – oh, and the parade to begin one of the county's many festivals was kicking off too – great. So by the time he and little Sammy had gotten back to Dean, no one was happy; too bad they were for different reasons.

Dean got in the car and wished he could forget what he saw, what he heard. Now though it was stuck in him like a twisted knife and he had no idea how he was going to get it out. Sighing, he directed Sam to drive until they needed to fill up the Impala – he had some thinking to do.

Sam knew it had to have been bad for Dean to keep him in the driver's seat even though he wasn't a hundred percent yet, but he also knew that his brother kept his own time schedule so he would have to wait until they stopped – he knew Dean would tell him then.

It took longer than normal before they had to stop and then it was with great relief that they found a halfway decent motor inn across from a gas station. After filling up the gas tank, then checking in, both brothers were more than ready to settle Sammy down for the night and have that discussion that had been weighing on Dean's mind for the last several hours. With dinner being a quick delivered pizza, and the fastest bath in the history of little boys, Sammy was sound asleep before prime time television had even gotten into full swing.

Sighing, Dean watched his little boy sleep and wished things could be different. Knowing he owed Sam an explanation, he turned and ran his fingers through his hair. "Lilith got to the Lillians. Ours died in the face off, but the other one… she was able to hang on… warn us." Feeling tortured, he turned his eyes back to his son, then his brother. "Sammy, she wants you bad… but she wants him more. Either way, I'm screwed man." He said, practically choking on the words. He had no idea at the moment what to do, he couldn't lose either one of them.

"Dean, it's ok. We'll do what Dad did – keep moving when it becomes too dangerous and figure out how to destroy her. I'm not letting her get him – not now, not ever!" Sam said firmly. He knew that he was freaking his brother out, but right now their top priority was keeping Sammy safe – no matter what.

"Can't do this without you little brother." Dean said quietly as he could feel his throat closing on him at the thought of doing this without Sam.

Sam smiled, "You could, but you don't want to." He said as he looked at Dean. He wasn't sure at first if he'd get the reaction he was looking for, but finally Dean smirked before pulling Sam into a light headlock and ruffled his brother's hair.

"Yeah, alright smart ass. We do this together, we do this for Sammy… we stay safe, we stay smart, then when we're ready, we hunt Lilith and take that bitch down."

Both brothers in agreement looked back to the bed furthest from the door and watched as the torch was passed from one generation to the next.