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~Chapter 1~

Gwendolyn McClain walked cautiously out of the front entrance of the local Princeton High School. She was eight years old, and started school when she was three. She was very smart, and had skipped a lot of grades. She stood at the bottom of the stairs staring down at her homemade sling as her light brown curls flew around her face in the wind. It was November, and getting cold.

"Gwendolyn, your mom called. She said she was going to be late picking you up today" Gwen heard her young, brunette math teacher call out the message from behind as she stood their angrily. My name is NOT Gwendolyn. That is a stupid name, my name is Kelsey. Kelsey! Calming herself down, she turned around, putting a fake smile on her face.

"Thanks, Miss Smith. I will wait for her outside." Miss Smith nodded and went back inside. Just because I am the youngest kid in grade 9, doesn't mean everyone has to treat me like a baby. Kelsey thought bitterly.

"Hey, Gwen! Do you want to come over to my house tonight?" Amy asked as she skipped down the stairs. Amy and Gwen were best friends. Amy had straight blonde hair coming down to her shoulders, and was twelve years old. They met on the first day of school, when people ignored them because they were younger.

"Sorry, Lena is going to be late picking me up. I am going to go to the closest clinic to get this checked out." She said pointing to her left arm which was wrapped up in an old shirt.

"Your foster parents really torture you, huh." She said as she looked at Gwen with concern.


"Have you cleaned the house yet?" Lena shouted angrily upstairs.

"I am doing a thing called 'homework'. I don't have time to clean your precious little house." Gwen shouted back downstairs.

"Maybe we should put you into grade three. You won't get this much homework. That's where you should be! You are only eight years old." Mike shouted as he started coming up the stairs.

"Fine, you put me into grade three, I will just skip all the grades again. I did that once – I can do it again." Gwen said to herself.

"What did you say?" Mike threatened as he appeared in her doorway.

"Nothing." Gwen said as she tried to focus her attention on her math homework.

"Your mom and I work very hard to send you to school, give you food, and nice clothes." Mike shouted as he glared at Gwen. If looks could kill, she would have been dead instantly.

"You are not my dad, and Lena is not my mom!" Gwen shouted as tears started to form in her bright blue eyes. She tried to hold them back, not wanting to give them the satisfaction.

"Really? I thought that is what happened with adoption – your parents hate you, leave you at the adoption centre, we come in to save your life and we become your mommy and daddy." Mike stated matter-of-factly.

"My parents didn't hate me…" Gwen said quietly.

"Whatever, come on. You need to clean the house." Mike grabbed her left arm and tried to pull her out of the room. He didn't like it when she fought back, and he wacked her arm – hard. She screamed in pain and fell to the floor. He then dragged her out of the room; pulling her by her recently broken arm.

*end flashback*

"Yeah, it sucks. You know that my birthday wish for the past five years is that I will find my biological parents?" Gwen looked into her friend's emerald green eyes, "Too bad my foster parents don't want me to. I don't know why, they just…don't"

"I'm sorry, Gwen." Amy bent down and hugged her friend, "The closest clinic is at the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. If you want I can get my mom to drive you…" She added kindly.

"No, thanks. When Lena and Mike find out they will be pissed. I don't want you to get involved when that happens." Gwen gave Amy a weak smile, "They don't want me to go anywhere but home and school, and occasionally a friend's house. I guess they don't want me looking for my parents, and other people finding out about their abusive attitude towards me." She sighed, "I'd better go…I don't have much time before Lena arrives to pick me up, and it won't be long before she checks out the hospitals…she knows what happened to my arm."

"OK, good luck!" Amy said as she reluctantly walked towards the parking lot to find her mother.

Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital…sounds familiar. She thought as she picked up her black messenger bag, put the strap over her shoulder and started walking down the street.

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