Super Mario Goes to Pillow Mountain

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Mario was holding an old, withered map of a path to the legendary mountain of pillows. The red-capped Italian-American plumber could only dream of such a wonder, imagining his head on one of the fluffiest pillows of them all. Tucking the map away as he knew the path fully, Mario headed eastward, heading over an old bridge full of splinters.

"Hmm..." Mario mumbled, taking a step on the bridge and noticing the plank falling off into the river thousands of feet below, rubbing his chin as his moustache massaged itself, "This looks-a complicated..." He shrugged, and he continued onward, jumping over the missing plank as he ran over the bridge, the splinter-filled planks falling into the river below as he made it to the other side.

Grinning, Mario then yelped in pain as he tried to get the splinters on his shoes off, taking them out slowly but carefully. AFter getting rid of all the splinters, he sighed of relief as he turned around and headed forward on his journey to the Pillow Mountain, only to be hsmackled in the face by a rogue green Koopa shell. Moaning as he rubbed his face, Mario looked up to see two Goombas playing around with the shell, with the robbed Koopa shouting at them. Growling, Mario ran towards the Goomba on the right and stomped on it, proceeding to firing a red hot fireball at the Goomba to the left. As the Goomba ran away screaming as it was lit ablaze, Mario handed the green shell back to the Koopa, who was gratious to show Mario the way to pillow mountain. Grinning, Mario followed closely as the Koopa led onwards, the path going upwards.

Noticing how the Koopa was starting to get a bit cold, Mario lit a fireball and handed it to the Koopa, who was once again gratious and placed the fireball into his shell. As the two climbed uypwards, Bullet Bills from both directions started firing off. Mario insisted on Koopa being used as a skate, and the Koopa agreed, hiding back into the shell as Mario got on and slid his way upwards, ducking to avoid being blasted by one of the explosive bullets. As they smoothly made their way upward, Mario hopped off the shell as the Koopa popped back out, giving Mario a high fdive as they noticed that Pillow Mountain was across the river stream, which was infested by ravenous blue Klaptraps. Mario cracked his knuckles, and he jumped on the Klap Traps, causing theit mouths to shut close as he made it to the other side. Koopa gulped, but he took in all of his courage as he once again hid into his shell and slid the way onto the other side, the Klap Traps breaking their sharp teeth as they attempted to bite into his shell. Getting out again, Koopa walked with Mario towards the entrance to Pillow Mountain, to see a white could with a yellow, badly drawn crown on its head. Mario and Koopa gave each other odd looks as they slowly glanced at the crowned cloud.

"Well, howdy, strangers!" The cloud spoke, coughing up a bit as he stated, "I am the Crown Cloud, the owner of this here Pillow Mountain. And if you want to get in, you';ll have to-"

Mario and Koopa headed right into the pillow mountain, ignoring the Crown Cloud. The Crown CLoud sighed as he muttered to himself how people always ignorted him, poofing away on the spot. Mario and Koopa were both in awe at the amount of pillows beautifully lined up together. Grabbing a bunch, both Mario and Koopa began peacefully snoozing, both unaware that the entrance was closed up by a metallic door. Outside, Bowser can be seen laughing as he and his Koopa Troop take off to the western direction, leaving Mario and the Koopa trapped inside.