Title: The Cafe
Summary: AU Different chance encounters between cafe worker Yuffie and Bodyguard Rude who works across the street.
Disclaimer: I dont own Final Fantasy 7. Square-Enix does. Bleh. Sucks to be broke.
Note: Pen Against Sword inspired me to do this with "The Strong Silent Type". I hope you're happy because i think you may have helped start a phenomenon after Conversations :)

The Café

She sighed, watching the seconds tick by. She had but only an hour and a half left before her shift was over. The café was dead. Only one measly customer sat in the corner, reading a romance novel. She couldn't be more than 17, as she was blushing furiously and giggling at what had to be a steamy scene.

Yuffie sighed again.

"Yuffie! Maybe you could be useful and sweep?" A voice called from the back.

Stupid Cloud. Thinks that just 'cause he's dating the owner, he has the right to tell me what to do.

Okay, so maybe it was more than that. She was just being a grump in general.

And so maybe Cloud was doing more than just dating Tifa. They were engaged, after all. And who cared that he owned half the business? That wasn't relevant. She was tired from playing that stupid game all night. No, not just playing the game. That hadn't been enough for her. She had to jump straight in to reading a romance novel about vampires after that. That was enough to keep her up all night.

She contemplated the consequences of getting run over by a car to make her day a little livelier.

The bell above the door chimed as she was taking her third step in to the front closet for the broom. She poked her head out to see who it was.

A tall man came in.

Tall doesn't cut it for this man. He's a monster! Holy shit! Look at those shoulders! And those ears…I've never seen anyone with so many ear piercings before. And he's wearing a suit?! Okay…suits and that many piercings just don't go together. Where the hell does this guy work?

She scuttled back to the counter, placing a charming smile on her face as he stood in front of her, looking above her through his shades to the menu. Actually, she just assumed he was looking at the menu. She really couldn't tell through the dark shades.

Since he was closer, she got a better look at his face.

Tanned skin appeared smooth over a very masculine, angular face. His small amount of facial hair just seemed to suit him perfectly.

No hair on his head, though. I wonder if he's bald naturally or if he shaves it off…

She saw some hair trying to grow back, so she came to the conclusion he did it willingly.

Dark brown eyebrows seemed to be too tense and as though they were…glaring; like he was constantly angry.

I'd hate to piss this guy off. Maybe I should just stay quiet 'til he orders…

And sweet Leviathan! His neck! It looked like a tree stump that connected his broad shoulders to that angry head he had.

Oh my God...He's not human. Humans don't get this big. It's just not natural.

"Uh…Sir? Can I get you something?"

His head didn't move, so she was beginning to wonder if he hadn't noticed her until he spoke.

"Coffee. Black."

Yuffie stood, astonished. His voice was just as she had thought it would be; Low, a little rough and very fitting for a man of his stature.

She nodded quickly, turning around to reach for a cup on the shelf above her. He was still there, and still very much intimidating as she handed him his cup of coffee.

"That'll be three gil, sir."

He reached to his back pocket, pulling out a folded leather wallet. He opened it and gave her eight gil.

"Keep the change."

He took his cup and turned to find a table. She stared, gaping at the tank of a man.

He…he gave me a tip?

"Yuffie! Get with the sweepin'!"

She silently let out a curse.

Leave it to Spike to ruin my concentration.

Before she made her way to the closet again, she nervously walked across the floor to his table. She stood next to him, wringing her hands.

"Um, Sir? Thank you."

His head titled a fraction in her direction and he gave a small nod. She smiled and walked back to the closet for the broom.

As Yuffie began to sweep behind the counter, she wondered if she'd ever see him again.