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There was an irony to their existence that they were not unaware of. Really, were Wammy children ever truly unaware of anything? No… they recognized it, acknowledged it, even parodied it themselves. In a house full of 'Mary's and 'Linda's and 'Matt's, the two young boys had chosen names so paradoxical that, at first, some of the adults couldn't help but smile: for there was no one that 'Near' was close to, and 'Mello' was just the opposite of what his name implied—frenetic and emotional and all over the place.

They were black and white, literally and figuratively. They set themselves apart from the other genius orphans—not only in terms of intelligence, but in how they presented and carried themselves, how they interacted with their peers, and even what they allowed themselves to express. And it was ironic that these two opposites were L's chosen successors: this mismatched set of yin and yang.

But the greatest irony of all was the one that no-one but themselves ever knew: that they hated the other so intensely, so furiously, that they could hardly breathe when they weren't together. At some undetermined point in the past, they had loathed themselves into love—a love that burned and flamed and spurred them on through each academic contest, each challenge to prove their worth to their unknown idol. It was not a sensation that either savored, but neither boy could deny it: scuffles turned to hugs, and bites turned to kisses, and they'd roll around on the playroom floor punching and scratching and grinding and tugging until the world turned white and their vision turned black and they were left panting and exhausted and ready for more irony.

Because Mello and Near lived for irony, and irony was the reason they lived.