Whisper of the String
Part 2-Birthday hugs and Birthday Kisses

"Juubei! Kazuki had been confessing his love to you! What are you going to do???" Yohan shouts, "He Loves You! HE REALLY LOVES YOU!!!"

"Don't yell things out loud like that in public places!" Juubei says, "it was a long time ago, lots of things happened since then. His feelings could be long gone. I doubt Kazuki even remember he played that song to me when he was young."

"You don't forget about confessing your love to someone!" Yohan says.

"Anything that are lost can be found again." Ban says, "even time and feelings."

Yohan picks up the Koto and says, "come on, let's head back so you can give this to Kazuki."

"Hey, we did it, Juubei!" Ban suddenly realizes, "we help you found Kazuki's present in less than an hour."

Juubei bows to them with genuine samurai manner, "thank you for both of your help."

"Don't be so serious!" Ban laughs, "I'm thinking, maybe we can get together some time and find a present for Ginji?"

"I'm honoured." Juubei answers sincerely. Yohan snaps, "I ain't going."

"Okay, I will see you two next time. Don't get killed by anyone before then, Juubei." Ban grins, "and little brother, don't kill anyone before then."

Yohan grumbles and walks out the store with the Koto. Ban follows him out and says, "Next time, let's skip the 'kill Ban Mido in the middle of the mall' part, okay?"

"Wait, you two, let me pay for the Koto first!" Juubei shouts.

"Thank you so much, Juubei. I can't believe you got me a birthday present!" Kazuki says as he opens the gift box. He sees the expensive Koto inside and exclaims, "this is too much!"

"Ban Mido and Yohan helped me pick it out." Juubei says.

"Ban Mido?" Kazuki can't believe it, "and Yohan?"

"Ban really helped me out today. I think he knows how much you mean to Ginji and he wants to help makes you happy." Juubei says, "and Yohan, he just showed up when he knew I'm getting you a present. He really wished to make sure you got the perfect gift. You know, he holds the Koto the whole way back here."

"Really?" Kazuki asks.

"I invited him to come and listen to you play sometimes."

"Thank you." A small smile appears on Kazuki's face.

"Go on, try it out." Juubei has to admit, he misses the soul captivating melody of Kazuki's Koto.

"As you wish, my friend." Kazuki starts playing. The needle master immediately recognizes the song. It is the 'whisper of the string'.

"Hmm, Kazuki…I know what that song means. Ban told me." Juubei says.

Kazuki blushes and stops playing his Koto. The room falls in deep silence.

(Juubei! Kazuki is confessing his love to you! What are you going to do???) Juubei feels like he can hears Kohan screams, (must Kazuki throw himself at you before you take action???)

The blushing Kazuki looks so shy sitting there, lowering his head; it makes Juubei's heart jumps. The Needle master is wondering what he should do when he remembers Ban's word, (Don't you think Kazuki will want Juubei to hold him? It tells Kazuki that Juubei loves him.)

Juubei walks up to Kazuki and hugs him, "I love you too, Kazuki."

Kazuki trembles lightly under Juubei strong and muscular arms.

"I'm sorry. I just…I want to hold you…I don't mean to scare you…" Juubei tries to let go but Kazuki shakes his head, "no, no, I was just a little surprised, that's all. I didn't expect you to hug me. Please don't go of me."

"I don't ever want to let go of you." Juubei hugs Kazuki tight and plants a kiss on Kazuki silky hair. It's wonderful to hold Kazuki, to feel his delicate body and taking in his saccharine scent. Juubei is absorbed by the romantic aura when Kazuki suddenly sits up and says, "there are something else in the gift box."

"What the…" Juubei says as Kazuki takes a pair of wedding bracelets and a sexy pink kimono lingerie from the bottom of the box. The needle master sighs, "those two…"

Kazuki chuckles.

"Since they went through so much trouble getting these and hiding these under the Koto in the gift box, we should put these to good use." Juubei puts the bracelets on Kazuki's wrist.

"Huh?" Kazuki looks at the wedding bracelets. Juubei kisses Kazuki's hand and says, "I'm going to make you my bride tonight. I'm sorry I made you waited for so long, I will get back all the lost time."

Kazuki quivers, "I'm trembling again…I'm happy, but I'm scared too…"

"Don't be scared, I love you. I just wish to show you how much I want and need you." Juubei reassures his nervous lover. Tenderly, the Needle master takes the pink Kimono and carries his beautiful blushing bride to the bedroom.

The end. Happy Birthday, Kazu-san!

January 1st is Jerry's (from F4) birthday too.