Listen to the Voices

Summary: Gojyo gets poisoned, and he's dying. Who's going to help him?

Pairing/s: None.

Warnings: Not much, a bit of blood.

Disclaimers: I don't own Saiyuki, never will own Saiyuki.


Chapter One

Rain always soothed Gojyo. It fell gently onto the ground, giving life back to earth and breathing new life into the hanyou. Of course, he kept himself away from Sanzo and Hakkai when to enjoy the rain since they both hated it. Goku was always left alone with them, even though he would whine to the redhead he wanted to go. He was never allowed to because Gojyo did not want anyone to know about this little secret of his.

Rain also washed away blood. When Gojyo was little, really little, he always thought if he stayed in the rain long enough, the red hair-colour would come off and reveal brown just like Jien's and mom's. It never did. He knew this today, because he was no fool but still loved the rain. It kept bad memories on bay, and he took every chance to get rid of them.

He was not aware he had come so far away from town before he found himself in a meadow of flowers. He crunched down, his hair hanging limply around his face and his clothes soaked. He cradled a snow-white flower in his hand without plucking it and sighed softly. He moved his other hand over the others.

A small sting made him draw back, and his vision blurred. He looked at his hand, saw the small mark and could only think:

'Oh, shit…'

He got up, dizzily and began getting back to town. This was not good, not good at all. If it was the same as before, he was in deep shit, really deep shit... He stumbled as it spread like fire in his veins, constant fire burning inside of him, just like she had described it. Oh, he had not thought of her for a very long time. Maybe that was why he was careless, too careless, too stupid... he should know better.

His legs gave out but he bit his lip, kept the screm inside, and dragged himself up. His body was numb and cold, but not because of the rain. Soon, if he was really unlucky, the rain would have been a welcome to the fire-hot skin of his. His vision vanished for a moment and then it happened.

With a thud, his body fell to the ground.


Hakkai never liked the rain. It reminded him too much of Kanan. The rain made his scar ache, and his mood to sink. He had never missed Gojyo's near-smile every time it rained, but he knew it was not because of malice. Gojyo apparently had some good memories of rain since the time when he was a child, so the human turned youkai let his friend have that. Gojyo had enough of bad memories to last for a life-time.

They all had. Hakkai looked over at Sanzo, and saw him smoking yet another cigarette. Sanzo never liked the rain either, but the youkai had never been suicidal enough to ask why. Goku liked the rain, but he never said so. He just sat there, with them, and never complained. Never aloud anyway when he was with them; Hakkai was sure the boy had complained enough to Gojyo.

They were currently in a very luxury inn, where they had a small house for themselves. Two double-beds in the living room, a kitchen and a shower along with a toilet. They had come to this inn because it had been raining for several days and they finally had to stop somewhere until it let up.

Hakuryuu was lying on one of the beds, snoozing quietly.

But they were all startled when it was a bang on the door. It sounded like a body had collapsed against it.

"Open, monkey," Sanzo muttered.

"Not a monkey," Goku protested but went up. Hakkai looked back out the window but whipped his head back when the young youkai screamed: "Gojyo!"

Sanzo turned as well, and the sight shocked them. Gojyo had fallen inside when Goku opened the door, soaked to the bone. His left arm was completely bloodless, and his eyes were rolled back. Hakkai saw his teeth were stained with blood. The healer in the youkai woke up and Hakkai rushed over.

"Gojyo?" he said, gently slapping his friend's cheek.

There was no response.

"Let's get him inside," Hakkai said to the young man. "Sanzo, can you get some towels?"

The priest scowled, but obeyed. He glanced a moment too long at Gojyo, and Hakkai smiled softly. The human had a soft spot for them all, even if he flat-out denied that. Goku shut the door after them and they settled the hanyou down onto the floor. Sanzo threw the towels down and Hakkai began drying off his friend. Suddenly there was a response, but not what they had expected.

Gojyo screamed and gripped his left arm. His blood-curling scream even made Sanzo jump and they saw as he curled up and clutched the bloodless arm.

"Gojyo, tell me where it hurts," Hakkai tried, rubbing in healing qi to ease his friend's discomfort.

"P-p… po—" Another scream cut off whatever Gojyo was saying and this time he bent upwards, almost so his spine snapped. Hakkai pushed the hanyou down by pressing his hand on Gojyo's chest, looking at Goku and Sanzo for help. Even the priest moved closer.

"Bring me a dry set of Gojyo's clothes," the green-eyed man told Sanzo. "Goku, hold him down while I'll take a look at his arm."

It was easier said than done. Gojyo had no intention staying down so the young man almost had to lie on him, using all of his strength to keep him down. Hakkai took the left arm in his arms and Gojyo let out another blood-hurling scream, trying to pull his arm back. Hakkai rubbed in some healing qi and the redhead relaxed slightly, letting the man work quietly for a few minutes.

"What happened?" Sanzo's voice startled the healer a bit, and Hakkai looked up at the human. He had a pair of Gojyo's jeans and a shirt under his arm.

"I think it's poison due to the condition of his arm," Hakkai said. "I can't find another cause, but what poison would do this?"

"We have to make him talk about what happened," Goku said, struggling with keeping Gojyo down.

They succeeded drying and redressing the hanyou within a few minutes and together they heaved him into a bed, his limbs flying around in feverish defence.

"Gojyo," Hakkai said gently, stroking back the red curtain of hair from the man's face. Gojyo stilled somewhat, recognizing his friend's voice. "What happened?"

"Poi… son…"

"We know it's poison," Hakkai said gently, stroking the hair.

"Poison," Gojyo wheezed, "flower… got stung by poison… flow---" Another wave of pain hit him and his eyes rolled back as his mouth opened in a silent scream. They saw to their horror blood bubbled up from his throat, and Hakkai quickly rolled him to his side. The blood splattered onto the floor and the brunette gently rubbed his friend's back as Gojyo coughed.

"Gojyo? Please tell me where you were when you got stung."

Gojyo's bloodshot eyes found green ones, one fake and one real.

"Meadow," he heaved out. "Meadow outs-side t-town…"

"Good, that's all I need to know for now," Hakkai said. "Please take deep breaths. Try to breathe calmly."

Blood came pouring out from the redhead's nose, and the man screamed.

"Sanzo, grab his legs! Goku, please get me some more towels and a bowel of water!"

The boy ran to get the items, and the priest forced the legs still. Hakkai stroke the man's back, whispering softly to him and rubbing some warming qi into him. Gojyo coughed a bit but no blood. Goku came back and Hakkai wetted a towel. He cleaned Gojyo's face, and the redhead just lay there, staring up at the ceiling. His face was pretty much white now, and it was dried blood around his mouth and nose. They slowly released him but Gojyo did not make another move. He seemed too drained. His breathes came fast and Hakkai had to calm him down.

"I need to get to that meadow," Hakkai said, "if we're going to save him."

"I'll go with you!" Goku said.

"Sanzo, can you stay with him?"

"Whatever," the human said, looking away.

"Thank you," the green-eyed man said and leaned down again. "Gojyo? Gojyo, can you hear me?"

The hanyou's tired eyes looked at Hakkai for a moment before slipping close again.

"Good," the human turned youkai said. "Gojyo, we're going to the meadow, me and Goku. Sanzo will be here, okay?"

Gojyo coughed as a reply and Hakkai slowly slid the man over to his side.

"Take care of him," Hakkai said to the priest. Sanzo just nodded. "Come on then, Goku."


They turned to look at Gojyo. His eyes were glazed over but he still continued to speak:

"Don't touch… the flowers… just in case…"

"Which flowers?"

"They have sharp twigs…" Gojyo panted out. "They are… red… blood red…"

"Alright," Hakkai said. "We won't touch them. They are the flowers we are supposed to look after?"

The hanyou succeeded with an exhausted nod before he seemed to loose consciousness. The two youkais soon left, leaving the priest alone with the redheaded half-breed. Sanzo looked at Gojyo and sneered.

"Why the hell did you have to get yourself in trouble for?" he asked. Gojyo never noticed. "Che."


Sanzo was awoken by a scream. He sat up, startled, and looked over to the bed. Gojyo was thrashing around, blood coming out his mouth. Sanzo stilled him, with great effort, and held the hanyou's head secure. It was an awkward position, and Gojyo was nearly hugged by the priest. But he went limp as soon as he felt the arms around him, although it was almost only his head, and Sanzo sighed. One hand cradled Gojyo's skull and he was surprised to find the hair so soft. At least the man was quiet.

He sat like that for a while, until he realized he was stroking the hair slowly and that Gojyo had fallen asleep, the hot skin making Sanzo's chest feel like it was on fire. He scowled but did not push Gojyo back. Instead he slowly lowered the redheaded man onto the mattress and drew the sheets over his body as he himself moved away. Gojyo moved a bit but then he was still. His face was pale by now and Sanzo saw the paleness was creeping towards his other arm and down his chest.

"Where the hell are you, Hakkai?"


Hakkai had found the flower, but he had no idea what it was. He did not dare touching it, and Goku had not touched it either.

"What are we supposed to do?" the smaller of them asked. "Gojyo's dying and we can't help him!"

Hakkai looked at the flower, trying to find some clue. But there was no chance he could come up with an antidote within the time-span Gojyo had left to live.


Sanzo had to hold Gojyo down again. The man was thrashing around, clawing at his skin and trying to get up. But the priest pulled him down, wetted a towel and placed it over Gojyo's forehead. Gojyo howled at the cold touch, but the blonde man just held him.

It was strange hugging the hanyou so close, but Sanzo had learned just within a few hours that Gojyo relaxed when he heard another person's heartbeat and felt someone's touch. Therefore, Sanzo had let the redhead rest his head against his own chest so the hanyou could feel the priest's heart.

"Hurry up, Hakkai," he hissed as he listened to Gojyo's laboured breathing.


The whisper took Sanzo by surprise. Jien? That was Dokugakiji's old name. Why was Gojyo calling for him?


Dokugakuji looked around the landscape. Kougaiji called out:

"What are you doing?"

"Yeah, come on!" Lirin continued. "I'm starving!"


The small voice made them all stop. Dokugakuji spun around, his eyes wide. Slowly a shape began to form in front of them, and Dokugakuji said uncertainly:


A small boy stood in front of him. Red hair, red eyes. Painful look, white skin. The youkai felt his blood freeze.

"Who's that?" Lirin asked.

"Jien," the pathetic-looking boy whispered between cracked lips. Blood began to trickle down his mouth and nose. A small hand reached out for the big youkai. "Jien… help me."

Dokugakuji looked at the small boy, his eyes wide and his body rigid.

Not again

He was not going to let Gojyo be in that kind of pain ever again.


The earliest work of Saiyuki I ever made, but it took a hell of a long time before I even considered digging it up and posting it.

Chapter two: In what way? Again? Has this happened to Gojyo before? Where, when and how?

Until later,