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The swordsmen decided it was time to play a game. They set up a video camera and stayed up all night, or at least some stayed up all night, and could not go to sleep till the next night. The time now was 12:00 breakfast would be served at 7:00, seven hours to go. Marth was eliminated, but that doesn't mean he won't be embarrassed with the video!

"I like mashed potatoes," Marth mumbled in his sleep.

"Omigod!" Link gasped, "Mashed potatoes are sooo hot, I love to stab them with my fork and look at the four little holes." He said in a prissy voice, "It reminds me of~"

"MASHED POTATOES!" Pit rolled off of the seat and laughed his butt off on the floor. "Ha! Potatoes that are mashed!"

"I know, right?" Link rolled his hair in his fingers, "They're sooo sexy!"

"Hey!" Ike really didn't want Pit to have this kind of conversation with Link, "Let's play a card game!"

"CARDS!" yes, that was Pit…

"Omigod, cards are so hot and flexible."

"Hee, hee, hee, FLEXIBLE!"

"I know, they are so fun to play with!"


All five of them sat down at a table and decided which game to play. "I think we should like, totally play old maid." Link insisted. " 'cause maids are like, so hot."

"Sure… we'll play old maid." Ike grumbled. He looked for the deck of cards he had just placed on the table. He found them, in Roy's mouth. "Well, there goes our card game."

"Oh my." Link randomly shouted.

"What could it possibly be this time, Goldie-Locks?" Ike asked.

"Something is not hot, and it's me!"


Link shot Ike a look. "I mean I'm cold. Duh!" Link walked over to the thermostat, and changed it from 75 degrees to 81 degrees.

"What do we do now?" Ike questioned, but at no one in particular.

"Oh Samus." Marth said in his sleep.

"Eww," Link replied. "Samus' boobs are soo big that they scare me, and that's not hot."

"It is time for me to go!" Ike stood up, but he sat right back down. There was this sudden pain in his hand, he looked down. There was Roy, chewing his hand off.

"Omigod! I'm hot!" Link walked over to the thermostat so he could adjust it. As soon as Link turned the knob, it fell off. "Oops?" Link fanned himself with his hand. It wasn't working so he just took off shirt, revealing a bra that just hung down because there was nothing to hold it up with.

"I don't which is more painful; Roy's teeth or finding out that Link wears a bra."

Pit glanced at the clock, 5:00. He only had 2 more hours. "Let's watch TV. We could find something funny to watch."

Ike turned on the TV. and because it was early in the morning, the stations probably thought no one would watch television at this time. So they saw some suggestive material. Ike immediately flipped it off.

"Whoa, that really turned me on." Said Link.

"Dude go to bed!"

"I can't, remember?"

"Oatmeal cookies…" Marth mumbled.

"Oatmeal cookies! WHERE!" Roy let go of Ike's hand and turned the room upside-down in search for oatmeal cookies.

"Eww oatmeal. That's sooo not hot!"

"OATMEAL! HAHAHAHAHA!" Pit rolled on his back and kicked his legs in the air in laughter. "COOKIES!"

Ike jumped up and down on his bed. "STOP THE MADNESS!"

"Well you're doing a great job stopping it." Ike looked at the door way and spotted Samus. "I just came to tell you that breakfast is ready." Samus peered around the room and spotted Link, in his bra… She snapped a picture of him with her cell phone. "Man, Zelda is going to be real surprised when she sees this!"

After the swordsmen ate and took a nap, they watched the video. All 5 of them promised, they would never EVER do that again.

P.S. Zelda never spoke to Link again.

Ugg... I'll take it down eventually...