Crystal opened her eyes and got up, frustrated. She couldn't get through to Master Splinter, and she knew it was mainly due to her nerves. She was nervous about the lunatic who wanted to marry her. What was she going to do? She had to get through to Master Splinter somehow, but with how badly she was starting to shake, Crystal knew she was going to get no where. She then proceeded to pace around the room.
Suddenly the door to the bathroom was thrown open. Pulling out her ninjato, Crystal prepared to defend herself. But the being that opened the door was not who she was expecting.

"Honey," Michelangelo shouted as he stepped into the room, "I'm ho-" He stopped as soon as he saw the Plasma and the large collection of video games. "Have I died and gone to heaven?" he asked no one in particular. He quickly crossed the room and sat down in the chair. Picking up a controller, he turned on the game console and Plasma.

"Mikey, you bonehead," Raphael said as he entered the room, "what the shell are ya' doin'? We're here ta' get Chris, not ta' play games." The red-bandanaed turtle stomped up to his younger brother and shut off the console.

"Raph," Mikey whined, "what ya' do that for?"

Crystal had put her ninjato away and watched as her brothers made a scene. Shaking her head, she looked to see that Leonardo and Donatello had entered the room.

"Well, it took ya' long enough ta' find me," she said, smirking.

"Funny, Chris," Leonardo said. "What's with the two bozos?" He indicated toward Raph and Mikey.

"Well, Mikey's being Mikey, which means he pissed off Raph."

"So basically, their doing what they normally do," Donatello piped up.

"Yep. So do I get a hug or not?"

"Come here," Leonardo said, holing his arms open. Crystal wrapped her arms around his waist while he wrapped his arms around her back. He then kissed her cheek. "I missed you," he said. "I've got no one to train with at four o'clock in the morning and shell knows that Raph won't do it."

"I missed you too, Leo," Crystal said. When they let go Donatello opened his arms.

"Do I get a hug?" he asked.

"Nope," Crystal said, smiling. She then allowed herself to be swallowed up by his arms. "I missed you, as well," he said. "There's no one to compare notes to when I'm doing a project."

"I've missed you, also, Donni," she said. After they let go, they turned to their arguing brothers. "What am I," Crystal asked, "chopped liver." She put her hands on her hips and glared at the two feuding turtles.

The two boys looked up and saw that all three of their siblings were glaring at them. They dropped the controller they were fighting over and stood sheepishly next to each other. "Sorry," they mumbled in unison. Mikey opened his arms and Crystal found herself in one of Mikey's famous soft hugs.

"Missed, ya'" he said.

"Yeah, missed you, too," Crystal said. Mikey then let go.

Raph opened his arms for his little sister. Crystal then allowed herself to be crushed by one of his big bear hugs. "Man, life hasn't been the same without you," he said.

"I know." Crystal then wondered if it was really a good idea to leave. They stood there like that for a while, with Raph stroking her head.

"Well, I see ya' found my daughter," Logan said, entering the room.

Raph and Crystal let go of each other. "Hey Dad," Crystal said. She crossed the room and entered his awaiting arms.

"I thought I lost ya' again," he said.
She looked at him. "I'm tough," she said. "I'm not gonna let some freak in a cape get to me."

Suddenly, Beast came in. He was panting. "Logan," he said, "Doom has sent a welcome party. We need your help." He turned to the five ninjas. "Can we count on your help as well?"

"Yes," Leo said seriously.

The small group entered to see a battle already in progress. Rogue was in the air, picking up random objects and throwing them at robots that looked like Doom. Gambit was using playing cards he charged with energy to keep the machines at bay. He also was dogging laser beams. Scott was using his own laser beams to destroy the robots. Ren was using dark magic to eliminate robots and protect her fellow X-Men. Jubilee was creating fireworks that fried the circuits of her enemies.

Storm was high in the air, hurling lightning bolts at her foes. Nightcrawler was teleporting around to keep the robots confused. He would kick and punch at great speeds because of his ability. Shadow Cat was fazing to keep the bots from touching her, causing them to run into walls, crippling them. Shadow was teleporting all around, like her father, ripping the heads off of Doom bots whenever she could. Dark Flare and Pyro were using fire to melt the robots.

Hot Rod was throwing fire balls at anything that looked like Doom, careful not to hit his girlfriend, Shadow. Iceman was using an ice slide to keep out of the robots reach while freezing them. Angle was flying, throwing items and picking up the robots and dropping them at great heights. Havok was blasting them with cosmic energy.

"Hey," Logan said, "who started without me?" He then ran in to the battle, using his full weight and quick slashes to bring down his enemies.

"Shall we?" Leo asked.

"We shall," Crystal responded. The five ninjas crouched and ran into the battle Crystal cut diagonally across her first bot. She then blocked the arm of another. Stabbing her third, she looked to see her brothers fighting beside her. Leo used one katana to slash then brought the other one down before the machine had a chance to recoup. Donni was skillfully using both ends of his Bo to attack. He hit high then low.

Mikey spun his nun-chucks, and then brought it down upon a bots head. He then used the other to cripple its left arm. Raph caught a robots arm and then threw the robot with a hip toss. He then stabbed another in the gut and in the side of his head.

Beast had jumped into the battle along side his fellow X-Men, picking up robots and smashing them together. He then threw the lifeless machines at other bots. He looked at the young ninjas, worried that this would be too much for them and was surprised to see them smiling and doing just fine.

"Hey," Leo said when he saw that there was only a couple left, "tag team."

The four remaining ninjas looked up and smiled at their older brother. They all surrounded the last bot, waiting for Leo to make the first move. When Leo turned, they all did the same thing. Crystal, unlike her brothers, had to brace herself against the impact as they all smashed into him. The robot was instantly out of commission.

When all the bots were taken care of, they heard someone come over the loud speaker. "How dare you come into my castle and steal my bride-to-be?" he demanded.

"I'm not your bride-to-be, you insane maniac," Crystal snapped.

"Oh, but I think you are."

"And I think your off your meds," Raph bellowed angrily.

"Yeah," Leo steamed. "This is my sister, not your bride."

"So you had better let us and her go before we get really angry," Donni warned.

"You wouldn't like us when we're angry. You might even get Master Splinter on you. You so don't wanna do that," Mikey said, his eyes turned into slits.

"So confident of yourselves, aren't you? I shall not lose my bride," Doom said.

"She ain't your bride, bub," Logan said. "She's my daughter and ya' gotta go through me ta' get 'er"

"Luckily for you I do not wish to fight you now," he said. "Fine, you may go, but I will return for her." The group turned, but walked back to the jet cautiously.

"He's a pedophile, ya' know that," Crystal said, causing her brothers to snicker. "Trying to marry a fifteen year old girl when he's a hundred and twenty."

"I know, I'm just glad he didn't," Leo said.

When they entered the Black Bird, Master Splinter stood up and crossed the small jet to his adopted daughter. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. "I am glad you are safe," he said in his serious tone.

Crystal let go of her master and looked at Magneto.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"I am Magneto. I am the one who lowered the force field to the castle."

Crystal watched out the window as the Black Bird flew home. She thought about her brothers and master and about her father she just found. She knew she had to pick one, but which one was the right one. When tears fell down her cheeks, Donni told his brothers that it was probably due to all the trauma. They had no idea that she was ripping her heart in two as she thought about who to live with.