Title: Three times

Author: Kaylee's Teddy

Rating: PG-13 for an F/F relationship and sexual content

Summery: The First three times Ruth and Idgie had sex. Ruth POV

Disclaimer: I do not own Idgie, Ruth or any other part of Fried Green Tomatoes, just borrowed them.

Their first time is on the bank of the river. Both of them a little drunk, a little sloppy but Ruth admits that she's the one who started, sliding her mouth against Idgie's slowly, almost shyly, so grateful when Idgie doesn't pull away but instead presses her back against the cold damp ground. Ruth has spent her whole life protecting against this moment, steering clear of bad boys and keeping the good ones at bay with soft murmurings and the lightest of kisses. But for Idgie she let's it all go, never questioning as Idgie slides her hands up beneath Ruth's slip, getting lost in the sensation of strong fingers against her skin.

Their second time is right before Ruth leaves for Georgia. Idgie has disappeared since that night at the river but Ruth can feel her everywhere. She swears she catches glimpses but Idgie's always gone when she turns around, always just out of sight, Idgie her silent ever-present ghost. And then the last night the apparition solidifies, crawls into Ruth's window in the early morning hours and interrupts Ruth's restless, troubled attempts at sleep. Ruth unbuttons Idgie's shirt with trembling hands, sliding hesitant palms against the skin that she uncovers. Ruth hordes memories of Idgie's body, taking in the clean smoky scent of her skin, the startling softness of her breasts and the sharp gasp Idgie makes when Ruth finally overcomes her nervousness and let's her mouth follow the movement of her hands. It's as if Ruth can already sense the coming darkness and is storing up moments in preparation, as if she can borrow Idgie's strength through the warmth of their connection.

The third time Idgie is patient, more patient then Ruth is expecting, more then she remembers her ever being and it finally sinks in that the girl she fell in love with has become a woman in her absence. Idgie holds Ruth as she cries, promises to love her and the baby that's coming till the day she dies and Ruth believes her. She let's Idgie smooth the memory of Frank away with the soft pressure of her hands, her warm mouth against Ruth's belly and thighs. When it's over Idgie falls asleep cradled against her chest and Ruth whispers softly into her hair until the sun slides over the horizon, allowing the soft light to lull her into a gentle sleep with it's promise of better day's to come.