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Oh god. I love Rose so much. I mean sure we're still friends, but since she went to the academy and I told her that Lissa came first so we couldn't be together things have been pretty awkward between us. I still remember that night very clearly, even though it happened a few years ago. The night where Rose and I …… that night was one of the best of my life, well not the part where Lissa got kidnapped and such. Okay so I'm whining a bit, but I really do still love Rose. I guess my life isn't so bad.

So since the prologue was short, I'm just going to add Chapter 1 onto this page as well.

-AliceCullenIsMyIdol or Dana

Chapter 1.


Me, Liss and Dimitri are going to the mall, just 'cause Liss wanted to, don't get me wrong I'm cool with that, I love the mall. Just like my first day doing this, I was standing right next to Lissa and Dimitri was somewhere out on the wings. Lissa led me into a dress shop. She picked up this ice-blue one and handed it to me. She walked over to another rack and handed me a red on, and a silver one. "Liss slow down, I don't need a million dresses." She smiled "oh I know but they go great with your hair and skin tone, besides I'm paying not you." She bought them and we walked out of the dress shop. Suddenly a big group of Strigoi came up behind me and Lissa. Believe me I was terrified, even though I've had my training. I screamed, so did Lissa. Dimitri came running towards the sound of my screams. "Rose!"he yelled. I was still staring at him, so I didn't see the Strigoi come up behind me. He hit me over the head, hard. The last thing I heard was Lissa screaming and Dimitri's voice saying, no crying "Rose! Roza! Please no! listen to me Roza! Don't leave me! And then I blacked out. I woke up awhile later. Dimitri was sitting beside me I looked at him, blinked a few times then screamd at him "Where the hell is Lissa1?! Why are you here? You should be going to find her!!!! What the hell is wrong with you? He looked shocked " you were hurt" he said calmly I was just about to scream at him again but he continued "I didn't know if you were dead or alive. It scared the shit out of me."I stared blankly at him for awhile "You stupid son of a bitch! Lissa is supposed to come first. When I went to the academy, that's what YOU told Me. Let it go!" he actually looked kind of hurt. "you're right Roza" he said after a few minutes of silence

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