Author's Note: It's funny that I'm posting this in the middle of winter, considering it's set in the summer. Hey, that's when I started writing it! Yep, I've had this one under the belt for a while now. This and the next chapter are short, but then it gets long, so I hope you enjoy my story. (1st Person, but not necisarily true)

1: It was just one of those days…

I was having one of those days. You know, one of those days when everything seems to go wrong? Spilling toothpaste on my shirt a few seconds before I have to be out the door, getting stuck in a boring baking class, finding out that class was canceled for today, and my parents can't come to pick me up for another hour? That kind of day.

It was just me, my sister, and the school custodian at the high school that afternoon. I was passing the time by playing with the video recorder in my brand-new, first ever cell phone. Then… well, maybe the video will explain it better.

A short girl with long dark hair is smiling into the camera. The view turns to show an old man pushing some trash bins out the school door.

"Say 'Hi' Mr. Mason!" the voice of who ever is recording shouts to him. Mr. Mason turns, smiles, and waves. The dark haired girl waves back. Mr. Mason walks out the door.

"Hey sis, let me have a turn!" The dark haired girl says. The view turns again, showing a tall girl with shoulder-length blonde hair and a face dotted with freckles.

"You getting my good side?" The tall girl asks jokingly. She then checks her watch and frowns. "I hope dad gets here soon, we're gonna miss the rest of that El Tigre marathon."

"I think we might have been watching too much El Tigre this morning, the theme song's stuck in my head!" The dark haired girl says from behind the camera. "Besides, you're too old to watch cartoons, you're 16 now, remember?"

"Yeah, so, you're 14." The tall girl retorts.

A faint yelling come from outside. The tall girl turns her head.

"Is that Mr. Mason yelling?" She wonders. The view of the camera changes again as the tall girl takes the phone from the dark haired girl and runs to the door. Through the door window you can see Mr. Mason lying on the ground a though he was pushed down there. Before she goes out, she runs into the cooking room where their class was supposed to have been held, and grabs a large knife out of a drawer. She then runs out into the back parking lot.

The view turns again and shows a dark shape running into the shadows. The light is steadily getting darker, as if dark clouds are gathering.

"Whoa." The tall girl breathes. She runs over to Mr. Mason to make sure he's ok. "Still breathing, vital signs ok." Her voice came through, but she put the phone down so you can't see her. She picks the phone up to dial 911, when another shape flits across the screen; this one is shaped like a boy, but also a tiger.

"Ok, definitely been watching too much El Tigre." The girl says. She puts the phone down, but the camera lens is facing toward where the girl is running to, knife still in hand.

Another figure comes down from the sky, this one the shape of a teenaged boy, and you can tell he has white hair. This figure and the boy/tiger attack a dark shape that had just come out from behind a dumpster. It looks similar to what ran into the shadows after she entered the parking lot.

The dark shape stays still long enough for the camera to pick up that the dark shape is actually a large black furry monster that stood on two legs, but had large three-clawed hands and feet. It also had huge red eyes. (If you've read the comic books called Bone, think 'rat creature') The teen with white hair sends a ray of green energy at the monster, while the boy/tiger grows sharp claws out of his hands and slashes at it.

"I can't believe it!" The tall girl can barely be heard, she is standing so far away now. "I'm seeing El Tigre and Danny Phantom doing battle with a giant furry monster!"

Now two more monsters can be seen through the camera, but neither the girl, nor the two heroes fighting the first monster notice. One of the monsters jumps at the girl with a snarl. The girl screams and holds the knife up in front of her for protection. The knife goes through the monster, which yelps and dissolves into black smoke.

The two fighting the first monster look over to see the girl and the remaining monster. The taller white haired boy points to the monster and continues to take down the first one, while the boy/tiger runs over to help the girl. The girl stabs at the monster with the knife, and the boy/tiger slashes it with his claws, and this monster also dissolves into a black smoke.

The taller boy with the white hair walks over to the other two, his own monster defeated, and looks at the girl. She is breathing heavily, and looks at the two boys before asking…

"What are you doing here?"

Memory full, recording stopped.

Oops, I forgot about that! But there is more you have to know. I'm the tall girl with the blonde hair and freckles, and something my phone didn't pick up, because they were far away the whole time, is that even though they were in the real world, they still looked like cartoons. If you've ever seen the movie Who Framed Rodger Rabbit I guess that's sort of what it was like. It's hard to explain. Oh, and there's more that happens after the recording, I guess I'll have to tell you by word of mouth. Uh, let's see, where to start? Hmm…