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15: Finally

Before that day, I'd never really swam in the ocean before, and before this, I'd mostly been dragged around by a rope. Now I was out at least nine feet from the nearest boat, and I had nothing to hold onto other than my bow, which wasn't much good. I had to fight against a current and waves much stronger than any lake or river hole I'd ever swam in.

I had to get a hold of myself! It's just choppy water! I've been taking swimming lessons since I was four! I can swim nine feet easy, that's not even a whole lap in the pool! I took a deep breath of air and tried to time my strokes so I went under the waves. It took a while for me to get used to it, but eventually I actually started to move forward with some semblance of speed. All the while my friends were watching me and cheering me on.

The Master of Shadows, however, was a little less encouraging. "Swim all you want, girl. It won't be enough to stop me! The sun is at its zenith, and now I will finally break my way into the televisions of millions of viewers! Keys, open my door!"

With his last phrase, the seven keys rose into the air. A pencil with a star on the eraser, a green and black mask, a screwdriver that sparked like a taser, and what looked like a silver CD with serrated edges joined the arrow, wedge of cheese, and coconut I'd already seen. As they spun in a circle, the sky between them became a black and white fuzz of static. But instead of static, I heard a very familiar tune.

If nautical nonsense be somethin' you wish

Then drop on the deck an' flop like a fish!

That, I guessed, was the door to get on TV.

Loopy Louie called a Flyer down, and it began to carry him up to the door. I watched the keys circle around as he came closer to his goal. I had to time this just perfectly…

I'm really lucky that I had these new super-archery skills, because if I hadn't, I doubt I'd have been able to pull this off while treading water. My arrow shot from the bow and flew right over the Master of Shadows' head.

"Missed me by a mile!" he teased with a maniacal laugh. The arrow continued on and knocked the coconut and the CD out of their orbit, breaking the door's spell.

"You? Yeah." I replied, "What I was actually aiming at, no I didn't."

The keys fell from the sky. Everyone made a mad dash to catch them. Timmy caught the pencil right as it was about to fall in the water. Danny flew up to catch the mask. Tigre used his grappling claw to catch the wedge of cheese as it fell several feet away. Aang caught the falling arrow in a ball of air. Jenny flew up and caught the CD, which had flown off course because of my own arrow.

The coconut, which had also been thrown off course, fell into the ocean a few yards from the boat.

"I got it!" Spongebob yelled as he jumped into the water to claim the prize.

"Oh no you don't, that's mine!" Loopy Louie yelled, and he jumped in right after him.

Needless to say, Spongebob was much more adept to swimming in the ocean, and he quickly outdistanced Louie. The villain saw this, and decided to play dirty.

"Shadows, do my bidding and grab my Key!" He cried in that same voice as before. Several Flyers took off from the ocean liner and sped toward the key.

"Go Spongebob! Hurry!" I yelled at him. The others cheered him on, but would he be fast enough?

Yes! The yellow sponge grabbed the Key, but there were still at least five Flyers headed straight for him.

Then, slowly, the Key began to emit a white light. It was dim at first, but it grew brighter by the second. All the other keys were doing the same. Soon we all had to shield our eyes. I heard a sort of screeching sound, and then the light finally faded away.

The Shadows were gone.

"Hey… hey, where are my… what did you do to my… How will I take over the world now?" Loopy Louie asked angrily.

"Well, you can have a nice long think about that when we take you back to your home in the viewers' universe," Jimmy told him, "In jail!"

"Uh, Jimmy, slight problem with that." I reminded him, "Back in my world he hasn't actually done anything, I don't think."

"We can fix that!" Cosmo held up his wand happily.

"Well…" I said apprehensively. It seemed kinda wrong.

"Hey, those Shadows that got through did some damage, right?" Danny justified, "And it is technically his fault that the Shadows were there in the first place."

I smiled. "Right."

So, after the keys were returned to their respective home mini-verses, the Shadows scattered. Without the Master of Shadows to direct them, Jimmy was certain they wouldn't come back with force again. Things began to go back to normal in everyone's homes. Which meant it was time for me to return to mine.

"Thanks for everything guys." I was trying not to cry. Everyone had come back to the Nicktoon Universal Plane to see me off.

"Hey, we should be thanking you!" Jenny put her hand on my shoulder to try and calm me down. "We never would have beaten that Louie guy if you hadn't helped us."

"We all owe you our thanks." Sokka said with his arm around Suki.

"Really?" I choked out. Man, I needed to leave now, before I broke down crying in front of everyone. That would not be good. I turned to leave through the portal, but a few more of my new friends were standing there to give me a last good-bye.

"Sorry we tried to ditch you." Manny said. "Good thing it didn't work, hu?"

I giggled in spite of myself. "Yeah, probably."

Next in line was Danny. "It was really his idea." He jerked his thumb at Manny.

"No, really, it's ok. I think." I assured him.

"So, good luck with life in the viewer's world." Timmy smiled. I smiled back.

Finally, it was just Jimmy left, working the controls of the portal.

"I'll admit, I'm glad you showed up to help us." He said simply.

"What?" I asked in mock surprise, "You mean you, of all people, were wrong about me? Impossible."

Jimmy flinched. "Yes, I was wrong. I'm sorry." He straightened up and looked at me seriously. "Actually, I'm really impressed with how well you did. If we ever need help in the future, can I call on you?"

I grinned. "I look forward to it Jimmy."

He grinned back. "Alright, this portal will take you back to fifteen minutes after you left. I'd put it back sooner, but I don't want you to show up out of nowhere in the middle of the police inspection."

I arched my eyebrows in surprise. Apparently things were going to be very interesting when I got back.

The portal dropped me off behind the dumpster in the same parking lot where I had left. There was police tape everywhere. I quickly got to the other side of it before I got in trouble, and went around to the school's main entrance.

An officer I recognized was talking to my sister, who was holding my cell phone and looking confused.

"There's no sign of her on school grounds. Are you sure she didn't say what she was doing or where she was going?"

"No." My sister replied, and by her tone, I guessed it wasn't the first time, "She just said that whoever attacked Mr. Mason wasn't a person, and that she was going to get to the bottom of whatever was going on. She's stubborn that way."

"We need that video clip to try and figure out what happened!" The officer said sternly, "Now, if you don't hand it over…"

"Hey, I thought I said you had to wait an hour before you checked that clip." I called to my sister to alert them to my presence. "I told you I shouldn't be long."

My sister smiled sheepishly. "I got curious. And besides, when the police showed up and found all the damage outside, I got worried about you."

"I'm fine." I rolled my eyes like I hadn't endangered my life several times in the past fifteen minutes/ week.

Another officer who I didn't recognize came in from the direction of the parking lot. "We've just arrested a man we found trying to sneak off school grounds. He had some evidence on him that we think might be related to the attack on Mr. Mason."

"What kind of evidence?" The first officer asked.

"Well, for one thing, he was wearing a black panther suit that fits the description of 'something big and black'."

"I see. Let's bring him in to the station." The officers left, but not before calling my dad to tell him that I'd been found safe and sound. He said he'd be by to pick us up in a few minutes.

Finally, I was alone with my sister.

"So, why didn't you show the officer my video?" I asked her.

"I didn't think he'd believe it."

"No, he probably wouldn't have." I agreed. "What about you?"

She looked at me blankly for a second before answering. "If it weren't for the fact that I know you could never movie edit that well in three years, let alone three minutes, I probably wouldn't. But there's really no other explanation. You really fight alongside two Nicktoons."

"Oh, I did quite a bit more than that." I assured her. "There's more that happens after the recording, I guess I'll have to tell you by word of mouth. Uh, let's see, where to start? Hmm…"


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