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Summary: Rima Mashiro has lost her boyfriend to a popular supermodel named Amu Hinamori…together with her closest friends she plans to win him back but what happens when an old love resurfaces and the flame rekindles???

SUNLIGHT seeped into the large mansion on the hill hidden from all civilization as housekeepers, cooks and gardeners began their usual duties. As housekeepers scurried around, Rima Mashiro could be seen climbing down the spiral marble staircase dressed in only a pair of short blue cotton pants and a pink spaghetti strapped top; even this early in the morning on such a cold day the petite blonde looked amazing. "Morning Mahiro –san," a maid squeaked as she scurried on by and with a small smile, Rima clicked her tongue and scooped up the mail from the foyer table.

"Bills…bills…bil –oh a coupon to my favourite café!" She squealed as she tossed the envelopes back onto the table before a plastic wrapped magazine caught her attention.

"Oh My God!"

Screaming loudly, the whole mansion was full of the high pitched squeals and soon doors upstairs could be heard opening before Utau appeared at the banister; her black and purple eye mask pushed up on her forehead; blonde hair tousled and dressed in a large purple button down pyjama top. "What the hell?! It's after eight –why are you screaming Rima?" She hissed and the smaller blonde stared with wide eyes at Utau.

"what's going on here?" Croaked the tires voice of Yaya as she dragged her thin frame down the hall and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Her shoulder length ginger hair was disheveled and she was dressed in a pink Henley top with grey short sleeves, a pair of grey fleece capris and a set of pink booties.

Sucking in a deep breath, Rima held up the plastic wrapped magazine and pointed at the blown image of a pretty girl. "She's on the front cover –the front cover of my magazine!" She squealed and Utau rolled her eyes while Yaya's eyes widened and she rushed down the staircase squeaking 'Oh My God' and 'I can't believe she did that to you Rima!'. Eventually Utau had also slunked down to join her two friends and sure enough there was the three girls number one enemy –super model Hinamori Amu! Utau's eyes nearly bugged out at how strikingly beautiful the rosette looked on the cover.

"She must have had her face air brushed –that's the only thing I can see happening…I refuse to believe that she's actually beautiful!" Rima sneered and bouncing on her toes, Yaya tugged on the magazine.

"Open it up Rima –ti, let's see what it says!"

Utau would never admit it but even she was a little anxious to know what journalists had written about the pink haired twenty –three year old. Rima's nimble fingers ripped the magazine open and skimming through the pages; she estopped on the article about the rosette and began to read aloud. "Japan's finest new super model is quickly taking the world by storm. With a beautiful face and an awesome figure; twenty –three year old Amu Hinamori is taking over the fashion industry –.no! This is all wrong!" Rima squealed releasing her hold on the magazine and causing both Yaya and Utau to reach out for it. Reading silently to themselves, they pulled a few faces before Yaya quirked a brow.

"Fashion Magazine was my magazine and now that –that boyfriend stealing limelight hogging slut's running a muck with it all!"

"Says right here she's in town for the week –maybe Tadase came with her." Rima stopped ranting and stared at Utau before blinking and grinning just as a kitchen maid stepped into the foyer.

"Breakfast is ready ladies!" She announced and Yaya grinned, "that's great cause I'm starving!" And with that the three girls headed for the dining room.

"So I've decided –I'm going to win Tadase back!"

The announcement nearly caused Utau to choke as Yaya stopped stuffing pancakes in her mouth and stared at Rima. "Nani?!" She squeaked as she chewed and Utau brushed her bangs out of her face. "Get Tadase back?" She repeated and Rima nodded as a maid placed down a kettle of steaming green tea on the table as Yaya tried her hardest to swallow while Rima grinned at her idea. "I plan to get Tadase back –I need him back," she breathed and silence claimed the three the only noise coming from the clanking and removal of dishes.

It had been exactly three years since the inseparable duo had stumbled upon their current enemy. She had worked in a coffee shop and RIma had thought she was cute and had a face made for television! It had been a no brainer persuading Yaya to let Amu join the clique but Utau had been a lot harder to persuade. Of course, once Amu had joined the trio's friendship had suffered resulting in Utau's high school lover dating Yaya and Rima investing all her time and social energies into helping her new bff. But everything really hadn't begun to fall apart until Amu had made an appearance on Rima and Yaya's daytime television programme Lipstick, Fashion & Boys where she was noticeably known for her down to earth personality and strikingly pretty face. A month later she had moved into the mansion and all hell broke lose.

Amu was wild, unadulterated and spunky immediately adding to Utau's distaste for her; and even socially unaffected Yaya was turned of when the rosette had flirted with her boyfriend ceaselessly then stripped her top off in a night club and paraded about making out and flirting with loads of boys. Rima didn't seem affected by Amu's unruly behaviour and she was even willing to severe her long term friendship with the other two for Amu before that happened. Oddly enough the events leading to the breakup are still unknown; sure they were aware of the fact that Amu knew Tadase; they had met at a Christmas Party for Rima and Yaya's network. But what had put the icing on the cake was when they had arrived home to find that Amu had moved out followed by a weird phone call from Tadase saying he was going on a very long business trip and wasn't sure when he would be back.

About a week later the trio had found out what had happened to Amu and they had also figured out that Tadase's business trip had landed him on the couch of Wake Up Tokyo! With his girlfriend! Sure Rima had cried and Utau and Yaya had sat on her bed helping to cope with large cartons of chocolate ice cream and in their pj's for two weeks straight but they were good now. Sure, Yaya was still dating Utau's ex and Amu still had Tadase but they were good and Rima was not about to lose the only guys she ever loved to a two –timing boyfriend stealing whore.

"How do you plan to get him back exactly?" Utau probed and as she munched away on a piece of toast and Rima tapped her fingers against the table and sipped on her tea.

"Not sure but I will."

Releasing a sigh, Utau ran a hand through her hair before pushing out of her chair. "Have fun planning your torture games –I've got to get to the studio," she said and Yaya nodded stuffing a few strawberries into her mouth as Rima continued to sip on her tea. Utau headed out of the kitchen just as more pancakes were set on the table and Yaya grinned before digging in. Rima sat back in her seat and stared at her younger friend before bringing her cup to her lips. "You're going to get fat and you know that camera already puts ten pounds on us!" Yaya pouted before pouring syrup on her pancakes followed by whip cream and butter. "Are we going to work today?" The redhead asked before stuffing the pancakes into her mouth and Rima flinched as she looked away.

"No –but we are going into town and…how the hell can you eat that crap?!"

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