Ok so I don't really like the pairing of Sasuke X Kakashi but it just…fit, for this particular story. And I got the idea for this story when I was watching the Dead Poet Society...I know. Random. But see, there was this scene where this one guy had to bend over the desk and the teacher…well… you get the point right? Anyway, this is my first AU and I also didn't make Naruto as one of the main couples. Enjoy!!!!!!

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Chapter 1: Bad Student

Sasuke gave the thumbs up to his blonde, idiot of a best friend. The idiot in question smiled childishly in response. They both stared at the door with baited breath. It slowly started to open.


A bucket of water comes down onto the head of the man who opened the door. The mans spiky, gray hair flopped over his face and dripped quietly to the ground. He looked up, slightly annoyed.

Sasuke and Naruto high five and laugh loudly. Kakashi looks up and stares at the troublemaking duo. Naruto looks down, put to shame by the look in the eyes of the masked man. Sasuke remains strong. He stares back at his teacher with uncaring eyes.

"Sasuke," Kakashi mutters while walking over to his desk, "Am I correct in assuming that you had something to do with this?"

He turns and locks eyes with the dark haired boy. Sasuke just smirks.

"I just thought it was funny, nothing wrong with that is there?" he says smartly.

The older man replies, "No, nothing at all. In fact I thought it was a rather hilarious prank. And you pulled it off so well."

Sasuke scowls. He hates it when his teacher undermines him by acting so cool and collected.

He speaks up, "ya? Thanks. It helps that you're so much of an idiot that you fall for it every time."

The whole class gasps.

Kakashi smiles as he looks down saying, "staying after class again then Sasuke? I'll be looking forward to it…"

He turns his head and begins to write on the board behind him. Sasuke glares at him for the rest of the period. When the bell rings, he ignores it and remains in his seat.

Naruto, Sakura, and a few other kids give him pitying glances as they walk out of the door. When everyone is gone, he leans back in his chair and puts his legs up on the desk in front of him. As the teacher turns around, Sasuke yawns exaggeratedly.

He smirks, "so teach? What's the problemo?"

Kakashi walks toward the occupied desk and leans down on it. "Oh, there is more than one problem, Sasuke, but we'll just start with this; why are you so disrespectful?"

"Who's being disrespectful?" Sasuke asks as he pulls out a piece of gum and un-wraps it.

As he is about to put it in his mouth, it is snatched away and tossed into the garbage. "You know I don't allow gum chewing in my class." Kakashi then pushes Sasuke's legs off the desk and they land roughly on the floor.

"What was that for?!?!?" Sasuke questions loudly.

Kakashi sighs. "I know you have some… problems… at home but you should really learn to control your childish whims."

Sasukes eyes widen. "You don't know anything about my life!" he yells as he swings his fist toward the older man.

Kakashi catches his arm then whispers, "Assaulting a teacher Sasuke? You know the punishment for that…"

Sasuke stands still for a moment, drops his arm and mumbles, "yes, sir…"

Kakashi secretly smiles as he says, "Assume the position…"

Sasuke grimaces. He hates this punishment most of all. He can take detentions and suspensions but this is the worst. It's just so…demeening…he thinks to himself.

Without complaint, he leans over with his chest flat on the desk and his arms in front of him. Kakashi goes and gets the large, flat, wooden paddle sitting next to his desk.

He walks back and stands behind the proud boy. Sasuke tightens his fingers on the front of the desk, getting prepared for the pain. He hears the whooshing of air and then a loud, "smack," as the paddle makes contact with his rear.

He cringes and his eyes begin to sting but he doesn't make a sound. He won't give him his satisfaction.

Two more swings. He bites his lip but continues to remain silent.

Kakashi suddenly leans down over Sasuke and whispers in his ear, "I will not stop until I hear an apology from you…"

Sasuke is shocked. Of all the times this man had done this to him, he'd never done that before, or said that before.

A few more hits. Sasuke continues with his silent strike. But the pain was increasing. He felt the sting and knew it would not go away until much later.

More and more swings, Sasuke looses count, not that he was counting anyway. He was distracted by the steady aching of his backside every time the paddle is removed

Suddenly the paddle struck with much more force. Sasuke couldn't stop himself. He let out an involuntary, 'yelp'. The tears begin to pour down his face.

His pride was the only thing he had left, but he knew it would fail him in the end.

He felt Kakashi pull back to hit him again. "Stop!" he whimpered, "Pl…puhpl… please, I'm sorry. I'll be better. I…I swear."

Kakashi sighed and walked back toward his desk. He put the paddle down and walked back towards the crying boy. The boy was still bending over on the desk; he didn't have the strength the move.

Kakashi stood behind him then grabbed his shoulders and turned him around to face him. He leaned down on top of the surprised boy and whispered in his ear, "I'm… sorry…"

He lets the shocked and confused boy up. He walks over to the blackboard and drops his gaze to the floor. He whispers, "Leave…"

Sasuke stumbles out the door and down the hall. When he gets outside, he leans against a tree to catch his breath. He sits down then cringes at the pain in his rear.

He thinks about what just happened in the classroom. He begins to cry again. That bastard… he thinks, he made me…uuuuhg… he looks down, disgusted with himself. I'm worthless. I can't even control my own emotions.

He sits and is angry with himself for a few more hours until he decides he should probably go home. He grimaces at the thought. It reminds him of what made him angry in the first place. "That bastard," he says aloud this time. How dare he try to pretend he knows my life? He knows nothing!

He gets up slowly, trying not to move too much, and sluggishly begins the walk home. I wonder if they'll notice I' m late? He thinks to himself. A voice in the back of his head speaks up harshly, saying, of course they won't! When have they ever noticed before? Why should it be different this time? He scowls, knowing that the voice is right. They won't notice.

As he makes his way around a corner and is reminded of something else that makes him madder. Whenever Itachi was late after school, they would make it a point to try and come pick him up. They've never once picked me up after school. He started thinking about his older brother and kicked the wooden fence to his right in frustration and anger. "Ow!" he exclaims, then the pain quickly turns to another more familiar emotion and he says, "Great, now I have to add foot pain on top of my ass stinging like hell!"

He continues limping awkwardly home, not noticing the masked man with sad eyes watching him from behind a nearby wall.

To be continued…

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