Author's Note: The Lucky Star section, eh? Hm, might as well put something here, since I watch Lucky Star.

Is This a Dream?

Konata felt drowsy as she entered the room. She yawned and fumbled the shelves for manga and looked under her bed, apparently searching for something.

"Oh well, there's nothing else to do without those things," she said out loud.

She went to the phone and dialed up Kagami's number.


"Huh? It's not working," said Konata as she put the phone back.

"Are you calling someone?" said a voice. Konata looked over her shoulder and saw her dad, Soujirou, standing behind her, smiling.

"Huh? Yeah."

"How unfortunate," grinned Soujirou. "I just disabled the phone line yesterday. You talk too much with your friends."

Konata crossed her arms and hung her head. I see.

"Did you also take all my manga and hid my computer and took away the TV?" asked Konata.

"You bet!" said here dad. He patted her head. "My my, what a smart girl. Maybe one day, you can use your smartness in school." He took out her report card and offered it to Konata.

Without hesitation, Konata took it. She was just about to look at it when

"Hey, Konata!!!" screamed the Kuroi-sensei. "Stop sleeping in class!" Konata was taken aback as she looked up.

"Do the problem on the board," said the teacher.


Konata came over to the table, yawning.

"Hey, Konata, you're late," yelled Kagami.

"I haven't been able to sleep at all," complained Konata as she flopped down.

"Well yesterday night, I got more than 10 hours of sleep," said Tsukasa. Konata didn't respond. She was snoring again.

The report card lay lying on the floor. Confused, Konata bent down to pick it up. "Take a good look," said Konata's dad. Konata looked at the report card.

"Hey, Konata, wake up," said Kagami, looking annoyed. She was nudging Konata's arm.

"Wh-ah!" said Konata as she sat up, eyes wide.

"What's with you today? You don't act like yourself," said Kagami.

"Oh, it was a dream," said Konata, calming down.

"Okay, time for class," said the teacher. "Konata, get your butt over here now!" Konata rubbed her eyes as headed for the classroom.

"Hey, Konata… Konata," said Konata's father.

Konata looked up. She was leaning against the wall. Was that a dream?

"Is this a dream?" she asked out loud.

"Huh? No, this is reality," said Konata's father. "Maybe in your dreams, you'd get better grades, but..." He laughed.

"Try your best, Konata," said her father. "I'm sure if you put more time into it, it'll work out." He grinned and walked away.

The report card was lying on the floor again. Konata made a move to pick it up again, but


The bell rang as everyone got up for dismissal.

"Kona-chan, let's go home," said Tsukasa.

Kagami crossed her arms. "I'm surprised you slept for the past hour without being yelled at by the teacher."

"Oh, it was just luck," said Konata as they walked down the hall. But then suddenly…

The alarm clock was ringing.

Konata realized that she was back in her room again, on her bed.

It's good to be awake again.

Konata made sure that her manga, computer, and TV were still in place. Then, she packed her stuff and got ready for school.