Disclaimer and Notes from the Author.

The author apologizes for using characters, settings and events from the works of J. K. Rowling and Rumiko Takahashi, and will gracefully remove this work of fanfiction at their request. The piece of fiction below was written to share a story for the amusement of fans of your work. I hope to present the characters in canon as possible, but in scenarios far beyond the scope of the original stories.

Astute readers should be able to place the timing of the intersection of the stories with little trouble. But for the record, this piece of work takes place after the end of the Ranma manga, and before Harry arrives at Hogwarts at the beginning of book 5. Some liberties have been taken with the events that lead up to Harry's arrival at Hogwarts.

Let the story begin!

Wizard ½

Cold, the rain was definitely cold, cold and hard. Ranma-chan didn't care; she was already a girl.

Ranma-chan stared at the tombstone. Rain water leaked through the sieve of her eyebrows and dripped into her eyes. It made reading the epitaph nearly impossible. Ranma knelt and reached out a hand to feel the chiseled letters without reading them.

She knew what they said. She had carved it herself.

"Akane…Beloved Fiancé…Most Beautiful Warrior in Nerima…1985- 2002"

The headstone was simple and its style was common. It was in plot number 835 in the Nerima Cemetery for the Certified Dead. 25 Rows South, 28 East. Contrary to her math grades Ranma could have found the grave by counting. She never bothered.

Ranma-chan squeezed the rose she carried in her hand. The thorns pricked her palm and a small dribble of blood oozed out of her fist. Ranma-chan lowered her hand and deposited the rose on the grave.

"Is no good to stare airen," Xian Pu criticized.

"Leave me alone Xian Pu" Ranma-chan didn't turn to face Xian Pu.

"Airen warrior, not man."

"Leave me alone"

"A warrior decide by now, act. You come here and weep too long. You act like duck boy"

"I said leave me alone" Ranma-chan's voice becoming agitated.

"No. Time for Airen to move on. A true warrior look for revenge, not wilt like flower left on grave."

"You've been hanging around Kuno too much Xian Pu," Ranma-chan sighed. And the memory she was trying to forget started playing out in her mind again.

Ranma was running, Akane was in danger. He could feel it in his bones. Literally. His left knee cap would ache every time she was kidnapped. Right now his ribs ached, which happened only when Akane was in life threatening peril. They ached like they were broken in 15 places, and about to puncture a lung. Running through the cement wall didn't help. Normally Ranma left creating holes in walls to Ryoga and Xian Pu, but he still did it enough that it didn't faze him.

Bursting into her room, Ranma saw a figure look up at him. It was covered by a black robe only a silver mask stared out. Black hollow eyes and mad toothless grimace made the mask a twisted facsimile of a human face. A long slender hand holding a wand appeared from the fold of a sleeve. The sleeve fell back, exposing an arm. The arm bore an image of a skull and serpent that rippled with life. Ranma couldn't drag his eyes from the mark, it filled his soul with a cold crippling fear. The fear was deeper than the nekoken, and froze his ability to think. He stood captivated as the wand flicked and swirled. Suddenly the figure was gone. All that remained was Akane.


Akane was on her back, her limbs loose and twisted in abnormal positions. The look on her face… contorted in pain, frightened. Ranma fell on to her. She was still warm but not breathing.

"Akane, please don't die… I never got to tell you that I love you"

Akane's body still refused to move. Refused to breathe, refused to live.

"No, no, this can't be happening… LIVE" Screamed Ranma. Putting a hand on her sternum, started chest compressions and brought his mouth down to begin CPR. Pumping with one hand and breathing air into her lungs without having to change positions. Not quite the proper way, but proper way be damned… this was faster and still worked.

Ranma pumped and breathed, pumped and breathed. Still no response... blow harder pump more. Still Akane's body just lay there, silent, and still. Akane was dead.

The following days were a torrent.

Cops took statements, but no evidence would be found.

The autopsy was inconclusive. Elevated endorphin levels and signs of stress in her musculature system suggested sever pain. The coroner concluded that Akane's death was bizarre but natural.

With No evidence of foul play the cops ignored Ranma's account of a figure in black. The mark he reported didn't match anything on file, and his account of the events was not taken seriously.

The Tendos just collapsed.

Soun wept non stop. Genma spent a great deal of time consoling Akane's father. Soun's melancholy even interfered with his favorite hobby of playing shogi with Genma. He didn't even cheat anymore.

Kasumi, who kept the family going after the death of her mother, struggled to keep the Tendo home and family together. Her mother she knew how to be like, but Akane was so different. Kasumi could cook, clean, and maintain the home. She didn't know how to fight. Tofu somehow managed to cure himself of hysteria and support Kasumi. Kasumi moved in with Dr. Tofu shortly after.

Nabiki sank even further into her "Ice Queen" demeanor. In the past she was aloof, and mostly observed the adventures of Akane and Ranma. Occasionally she would enter the fray and experiencing if not instigating chaos. Now she was silent, and didn't take much interest in anything anymore. Nabiki's normally sharp tongue seemed to have gotten soft and she rarely teased Ranma. Not that Ranma saw her much. Mostly she would come home, go into her room and study. Ranma rarely saw Nabiki outside of dinner and breakfast.

The Tendo Dojo, home for generations of Tendos, it saw the passing of many ancestors and most recently a mother and sister. It had once been full of shouting, fighting, laughter, and life was dead silent. It stood silent and hollow, cursed. The first true home Ranma knew for most of his life was gone. Ranma moved out.

At first Ukyo took Ranma in. They shared their grief, but while Ukyo healed Ranma fell into deeper melancholy. Eventually Ukyo had to start running her business again. And was not able to provide the support Ranma needed. Her cheeriness was unable to pull Ranma from his depression, and it grated on Ranma, so he left.

He spent the next few days as a girl. Sleeping on the streets and rarely eating.

Eventually Xian Pu found her in a gutter, and took her to the Nekohanten. Mu Tzu welcomed Ranma at first. Ranma was in no shape to be a threat to Mu Tzu's pursuit of Xian Pu. Unfortunately one night he found girl type Ranma in bed with Xian Pu, naked.

Nothing had happened… Ranma-chan was asleep when Xian Pu had climbed in. It didn't matter. Mu Tzu silently stole Ranma-chan. He threw the tiny red head over his shoulder, and carried her into a near by alley. Ranma finally awoke after being dumped on the ground, Mu Tzu beat her thoroughly. Ranma-chan didn't defend herself.

Xian Pu woke with her arms empty. She wasn't worried at first, figuring her airen had gotten up for a late snack or trip to the bathroom. But when she didn't return Xian Pu got up, pulled on a nightgown and went looking. When it became obvious Ranma was not in the Nekohanten, Xian Pu became worried.

Scared Xian Pu ran into the street. She strained her eyes and ears for some sort of clue. She heard quite soft sounds coming from the alley behind the Cat Café, and she rushed around the block to its entrance.

The alley was dimly lit and smelled slightly of refuse. But, Xian Pu's attention was glued to the scene before her.

Mu Tzu stood over the battered body of Ranma's girl form. Bruised and bleeding, Ranma-chan still breathed. Ranma-chan looked up and smiled at Xian Pu reassuringly then collapsed into unconsciousness.

Mu Tzu and Xian Pu had grown up together in the village. In the past Xian Pu secretly enjoyed his undying devotion, even if he was annoying. That changed when Ranma entered her life. Mu Tzu's attempts to win her love and attention slowly escalated to being seriously irritating. Xian Pu was barely tolerating Mu Tzu before. But she would no longer.

"Xian Pu! I've did it I defeated Ranma" Mu Tzu beamed.

"Stupid Mu Tzu, you didn't defeat Ranma. All you did was beat her up! She didn't even defend herself." She softly said in Mandarin. Storming up she grabbed Mu Tzu by the robe, and threw him down. He crashed into a trashcan, spilling its contents onto the street.

"Leave us now! Too long have I've put up with your obsession over me. Now you've beaten a woman. You, an Amazon, beat a woman. Mu Tzu you are no longer a Joketsozuko. And if I ever see you again, I will enforce the laws of out ancestors. Give you kiss that make you no longer a man."

Ranma-chan woke drowsily and watched Mu Tzu wince at Xian Pu's threats Her vision was blearily, his eyes blackened and his consciousness threatened to leave again. Mu Tzu tried to placate Xian Pu's wraith, as Xian Pu knelt by Ranma.

"Ranma's no woman! He is a man; he has no rights under Amazon law. He's not even a man anymore. He's broken. I broke him." Mu Tzu replied angrily.

"Mu Tzu! You're an idiot, and only you would be so blind. Ranma was already broken." Xian Pu paused, "I will fix him. Heal him. Give him what you want. Go. You have no place here." Xian Pu calmed. "If you stay, losing your manhood will be the least of you pains." Finally Mu Tzu turned and headed out of the alley. Pausing he offered his last argument.

"Xian Pu... He'll never love you. Not like he loved Akane"

"Mu Tzu… GO NOW!"

Mu Tzu left, head down. Xian Pu held Ranma-chan tightly, Ranma felt her tears

"He wasn't that bad of a guy Xian Pu."

"Don't apologize for him. Duck Boy lost me long ago. "

"You loved him didn't you" Xian Pu didn't answer.

Standing, Xian Pu lifted Ranma's broken girl body and took her to her room. Xian Pu gently put Ranma-chan on her bed and took a jar out of her dresser. Opening it, the pungent scent of exotic Chinese herbs filled the air and intoxicated Ranma-chan's already foggy brain. Gently Shampoo tended Ranma-chan's cuts and bruises. A couple bandages here, some Joketsozuko tiger balm there, and slowly the pain in Ranma-chan's body lessened.

It was getting hot in the room. The oils that Xian Pu had applied to Ranma-chan generated a lot of heat to sooth aching muscles, and the room was not big. Sweating Xian Pu remembered there was a reason she rarely wore night clothes and slithered out of her gown. Standing in simple if skimpy, panties, she continued to rub Ranma-chan back. Ranma-chan gasped slightly into relaxation and Xian Pu turned her over.

Ranma-chan looked up at the nearly naked Xian Pu, her purple hair tied back tight in a pony tail. Her bosom wet with sweat stood in defiance of those who dared to suggest she was to big to be perky. Xian Pu stared down at Ranma-chan.

"Airen like what she see?" Xian Pu asked. There was a melody in her voice that once made Ranma-chan nervous. It chimed in the air like tiny, gently chiming bells. Ranma-chan's mind was flying between the physical pain of Mu Tzu's beating, her grief over Akane's death, and the exotic herbs and spices that made her mind tingle. She looked up at Xian Pu's perfectly curved body and felt a pleasant ache deep within her started to grow. A desire she had not felt in weeks began to stoke. The fire was small, and growing. But the wind of a memory was too much for it to take and the fire blew out. Still the fire managed to warm Ranma-chan's humor.

"Xian Pu like what she see?" asked Ranma-chan reaching up cupping her own breasts, with a nervous smile.

"Aiya! Airen is to to sexy!" Xian Pu burst out laughing. Ranma-chan slowly joined in. Finally, something felt normal. As Ranma-chan's grief finally began to break. It felt good. They didn't make love that night. It was far too soon, and Ranma-chan's curse presented certain topics that needed a deep discussion.

Shaking his attention back to the present, Ranma finally responded.

"Still, your right, let's head back to the Cat Café."

"Good bye Akane. I miss you. I'll be back later" Ranma-chan dipped his head and kissed the gravestone.


Several days later in the Nekohanten, Khu Lon hopped over to Ranma's room, and knocked on the door with her staff,

"Son-in-law?" called Khu Lon.

"Yo! Granny, come in." Ranma-chan's voice called out.

Khu Lon entered the room. The room was bare with only a bed roll on the floor, a photo of Akane, a traveling bag and a topless Ranma-chan standing doing inverted pushups.

"If any thing 5000 years of Amazon teaching has taught me, it is that … will cause sagging." Khu Lon interjected.


"Kids these days..." Khu Lon sighed.

"What? Nevermind, didn't you want something?"

"I have a lead"

Ranma-chan rolled forward and twisted. The maneuver ended with her in a sitting position, her face inches from Khu Lon's.


"You keep saying that son-in-law."

"You know who killed Akane?"

"No but I know what did, and who can help. Come down to the kitchen, and please put a shirt on. I didn't adopt you into the tribe just to make an 'Amazons Gone Wild' video. Oh and brush your teeth"

Downstairs stock was simmering, and Shampoo was cutting vegetables. Ranma-chan sat at a table; Khu Lon opened a drawer and pulled out a cloth, and a pouch. Sitting, she handed the cloth to Ranma-Chan and pointed to a box of mushrooms.

"Make your self use full sonny boy." Khu Lon requested as she filled her pipe with the dubious contents of the pouch.

Ranma-chan started cleaning mushrooms while listening to the old women.

"When I saw Akane's body; I knew immediately that her death was not some injury or drug. She was killed by magic." Khu Lon started. Ranma-chan nodded, magic while not normal was indeed a part of his life ever since the day he got cursed.

"I immediately sent a letter to an old friend of mine, probably the first man who I ever respected. His name is Albus Dumbledore; he runs a school in Great Britain."

Khu Lon took a long puff on her pipe and continued.

"He told me that the killer was a 'Death Eater', a member of a cult that who seeks to enslave and degrade everyone who is not a wizard."

"That doesn't make any sense Granny" said Ranma-chan. "What's wrong with not being a wizard, and why Akane? She never… she never did anyone wrong… she was the kindest…" Ranma-chan's eyed watered at the senselessness.

"Son-in-law, I don't know. But apparently there have been attacks all over the world lately, and that mark you saw on the assailants arm confirms that the person was a death eater." Khu Lon continued.

"The world of wizards and witches is highly secretive. They live parallel to the modern world but with little interaction. This is one of the reasons the Death Eaters were able to thrive. Muggles, non magical people, are to the wizarding community a mostly alien people. Between the Muggles' persecution of those of witches and wizards who lived openly in Muggle society and considerable barrier between our worlds, it is easy for Muggles to be targets of suspicion, and hatred. Plus it is easy to regard non wizarding people as lesser beings. Mix blooded wizards are also often targets of violence as much as Muggles." Khu Lon finished

Ranma-chan's expression steeled. He put down the mushroom he was cleaning and stood up.

"Ranma, sit down." Khu Lon commanded. Ranma-chan didn't, and moved to the door. Xian Pu, who had stopped cutting vegetables, took Ranma-chan's hand and tried to guide her back to the table. She was ignored.

"Ranma, sit down," Khu Lon repeated. This time she raised her staff and pointed it at the red head, Ranma-chan glared at her.

"Think you can stop me old ghoul?"

"Sonny Boy, I've got tricks you can't begin to imagine. Now sit down." Ranma-chan tried to move further to the door, but couldn't. She found the only way her body could move was in the general direction of the chair. So she sat back down, crossing her arms in defiance.

"They're long gone. You'd never find them in Japan. The Death Eaters are based in Great Britain so that's where we go." stated the venerable woman. Ranma relaxed visibly but his patience was obviously thin.

"Great let's pack."

"All ready ahead of you sonny-boy." With that she reached into her robe and pulled out a slender wand and handed it to Ranma-chan.

"You're a bit old to beginning magical training, but you've got the gift. I knew it since you showed up in Joketsozuko. The wand is Camphor with a triple core, kirin, orochi, and even one of Saff Ron's pinion feathers" She said with a grin, and added "Be damn careful where you point that thing."

"But I'm no wizard!" Proclaimed Ranma-chan,

"Sorry Sonny, but you are. It looks like something bound your powers. But I think between your martial arts and your curse, the binding's starting to break down."

Xian Pu turned to Khu Lon and Ranma-chan and stammered, "Airen leave? I… We.. just… no you stay here with Xian Pu. Xian Pu keep you safe, in bed, with Xian Pu." Khu Lon quickly interjected.

"Relax child, you'll come along too… you inherited more than my good looks" Khu Lon chuckled as she pulled out an extremely twisted and crooked wand out and handed to Xian Pu.

"The wood was from a Bonsai Tree from the Han Dynasty. The core is hair taken from a sphinx mane. Luckily, you've had some potions and other training, so you won't be quite as far behind."

"We better tell your parents we'll be gone for a while sonny-boy. Let's go to the Tendos."

The walk was tense, with Ranma-chan impatiently alternately alternating between street and fence walking. Khu Lon ignored Ranma's prancing and calmly pogoed to the Tendo residence at a leisurely pace.

Arriving they found both the Soun, Nabiki and Ranma's parents relaxing in the dining room after dinner.

"Pops I'm goin' on a trip to avenge Akane" Ranma-chan proclaimed.

"About time boy. Where are you headed first?" Genma proclaimed.

"England, some school named Hogwarts" Ranma-chan answered. Nodoka gasped. Genma lowered his head and shook it.

"How did you learn about that place, boy?" He questioned his son.

"Khu Lon told me. Said I was a wizard, and that some one bound my powers."

"Son, you mean… you're not a squib" Nodoka choked out.

"What's a squib?" Ranma-chan asked, but was ignored as Khu Lon Piped in,

"So you're not the one who bound his powers?"

"No… I just assumed he never developed them."

"Who ever did must have had extensive time alone with him…" Cologne pondered. All eyes turned to Genma, who had already doused himself with water.

"I'm just a panda…" read a sign that Genma pulled from somewhere.

Khu Lon went to the kitchen to get some hot water so they could continue the discussion.

"I always figured those signs had to be magic." Ranma-chan grumbled, as Khu Lon returned.

*Splash* Genma found himself doused with hot water and back to human. Nodoka turned to her husband.

"Dear will you please explain yourself now?"

"Ranma needed to concentrate on the art. Besides do you think I'd give my son to some pointy hated old git? He's my son to teach, and I would have taught him. If I wasn't forbidden from practicing magic anymore" Genma scoffed.

"And whose fault was that? And why not let me teach him. He's my son too." Nodoka argued..

"Hey you were caught too…" Genma pointed out. Nodoka seeing the confused look on everyone's face quickly explained.

"Genma and I were found in the room of necessity, naked with a bunch of polyjuice potions… On second thought, you don't want to hear about that. Genma was expelled and I got a stiff warning."

"Only cause you were a teachers pet…" Genma Huffed.

"Just because I didn't fill the faculty lavatory with blast ended skewts doesn't…" Ranma-chan stopped listening at this point. She had come to say her good byes, and was being ignored. She silently waved goodbye and headed out the door. Khu Lon and Xian Pu followed him out. Ranma-chan had hoped to work out something with Mr. Tendo regarding the pact between families, but that would have to wait.

Her thoughts came crushing down as she thought about the wedding they almost had.

She still loved Akane; she wasn't in love with Xian Pu. She couldn't yet. But for now, she was what she needed. She kept Ranma sane, in the moment, and was there when she was lonely. The fact that she was totally freaking hot didn't hurt.

Ranma-chan stole a look at the Chinese Amazon. Xian Pu caught the red head's appreciative glance in the corner of her eye and rewarded her with smirk and a wink while never stopping to face forward. Ranma-chan gulped and looked straight ahead whistling innocently.

It was rare that Xian Pu caught her airen admiring her body. In Xian Pu's opinion this behavior needed rewarding. Slowing slightly, Xian Pu drifted closer to Ranma-Chan. Whom was trying to hide her indiscretion with innocent whistling. Coming along side her airen smoothly reached out stole a gentle caress of Ranma-chan's ass. Successful in her flirtations, Xian Pu hurried up to keep pace with her honored ancestor.

Ranma-chan froze in shock. While Khu Lon and Xian Pu continued forward, Xian Pu looked back just long enough to make an obscene gesture with her tongue and lips. Xian Pu was not done yet, not slowing her pace she put a little extra sway in her hips. Secret Joketsozuko technique "Hips Like Swaying Cobra". Ranma-chan stared captivated by the memorizing motion of the firm posterior that Xian Pu presented to him.

Remembering time and space she pulled her tongue in from her where it hung, and began running to keep up.

"Excellently done, Xian Pu." Khu Lon commented, never once looking at the transpiring events. Xian Pu grinned; Airen was hers now, even if she didn't even know it yet.

It was late when they arrived home, but Xian Pu and Ranma-chan were still awake. Some things needed to be said they knew it. Ranma-chan was a bit wiser than in the past, and knew how badly not being honest could be. It could be bad, really bad. It was already bad enough.

"Xian Pu, look, I uhm… I like you a lot, and maybe more eventually… right now, though I'm still in love with her, I don't want to lead you on or anything." Ranma-chan finally said after a long silent moment.

"Airen, Xian Pu know what Airen want, and what Airen feel. It fine." Xian Pu answered, and continued "Xian Pu okay with girl type Ranma, but Xian Pu will have boy type. Ranma understand?" Ranma-chan nodded.

"Good. Xian Pu very happy." Xian Pu's arms wrapped around Ranma-chan's body and pull her into a kiss. It was brief and interrupted when Xian Pu felt a salty wetness from Ranma-chan's cheek smear itself onto herself. She pulled away.

"Airen stop thinking about Akane, Akane gone. Not forgotten, but Ranma with Xian Pu. Ranma think of Xian Pu only when with Xian Pu. Understand?"

"Xian Pu here for Ranma, so Ranma not alone. Ranma want be alone? Xian Pu here, offer herself, offer heart, Make Ranma feel better." She paused for a second, and sat on Ranma-chan's Lap and ground her self into her beloved's waist. Smirking she finished, "Make Ranma feel too too better, Ranma relax and enjoy." Smiling, she began another kiss.


Khu Lon looked up at the ceiling as Ranma-Chan's cries wafted down to the kitchen. A couple young men in the restaurant, for a late night snack followed her lead and looked up to the ceiling when a suddenly Xian Pu's cry revealed what exactly was happening and the gender's involved. They immediately suffered massive nose bleeds.

"Well done grand-daughter," Khu Lon mentally praised. Looking alternately at the pool of blood forming on the floor and the shaking ceiling she added, "Maybe too well done."

Late that night with Ranma-chan asleep, Xian Pu stared absently with thought. Ranma didn't lover her. Not yet. But she would eventually. And that was all that mattered. Finally feeling the matter secure for now, she relaxed and let a deep sleep take her.