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It was a cloudy morning in Forks, and the entire Cullen family was away hunting except for Rosalie.

Bella sat on the couch, Rosalie's perfect golden eyes locked on her with hatred.

"So…" Bella said, trying to start a conversation. "Rose… do you want to watch something?" Rosalie sighed with relief.

"I thought you'd never ask!" she said with a laugh, and flicked the television on to Tom and Jerry. "Oh! That's got to hurt! Get him, Tom! Whoa! Where'd that dynamite come from?"

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Rosalie groaned as she left her favorite program. On the doorstep was a man in a cloak. His skin was as light as Rosalie's an his eyes a brilliant red. Veins stuck out of his bald head as he smiled with rotten teeth.

"Hello, Rosalie." said the man.

Rosalie screamed and punched him in the nose. Then she slammed to door in his face.

"Bella, we have to go," Rosalie said with panic.

"What?" Bella whined, curiously drawn to the cat and mouse cartoon.

"NOW!" Rosalie demanded, grimacing as she turned the cartoon off. In an instant she held Bella in her arms and ran to the car. She dumped her in the backseat and drove away as fast as she could.

She pulled out the silver phone and dialed quickly.

"Hello? Edward? It's Rose. We got trouble."

"Is it Victoria?" asked Edward worriedly.


"Is it the Volturi?" Edward asked.

"No." Edward gasped.

"Is it Jacob without his pants on?"

"No!" Rosalie cried. "It's… him." She said the word in a whisper.

"Him?" Edward asked, confused. "Who?"

"He Who Must Not Be Named!" Rosalie cried. "Tom Riddle!" Edward gasped.

"The bald guy?"

"The very same."

"I thought we killed him."

"So did I. I guess dumping him in hot lava only melted his hair." Edward thought about that. He shook it off.

"What do we do?" he asked.

"We need to get to England and warn the boy."

"Right. What about Bella?" Edward sounded worried. Rosalie hesitated.

"Bellatrix or our Bella?"

"OUR Bella!"

"I figured. She can't come. I'll drop her off at La Push." She said. Edward sighed.

"All right. See you at the airport." Rosalie hung up the phone.

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