This story is, in fact, over, and it has been since January 4th. But now I've reached fifty reviews, and 5,767 hits. Fourteen people added this story to their favorites list, and I have two story alerts.

To celebrate, I am finally putting in the hidden chapter that I always meant to put in, but completely forgot. Here you go!

Jacob rose triumphantly from the ground and shook his russet fur. He looked around at the deserted town center where the British guards had attempted to hang him. There was no sign of the cowards.

They had, in fact, pulled the lever and tried to hang the teen werewolf. The Jacob-fan had screamed, and tears had run down her face.

Jacob had hung limp for a while, pretending to be dead, but then he raised his head, let out a barking laugh with the remainder of his breath, and then he had transformed into a wolf.

The Jacob-fan had cheered, and the British guards had screamed like little girls and ran away as fast as they could towards the Queen's castle, crying tears of fear.

But after a few minutes of looking at the giant, brown wolf, the Jacob-fan had realized that she was really a cat person, and so she shrugged her shoulders and went home, turning her back on the Quileute wolves.

And on the Jacob-fan's way home, she had encountered an annoying British girl on the side of the road, sobbing her eyes out.

"Are you okay…?" the former fan had asked slowly.

The girl's head shot up. "No," she snapped. "I'm not! I can never go back to Hogwarts!"


"I'm NOT crazy! He really was after Rosalie!"


"SHUT UP!!!!!!!" And Nancy took the former fan's neck and sank her normal teeth (these guys don't get cool fangs) into it. The former-fan squirmed and writhed with pain as she began to turn into a vampire.


Jacob, meanwhile, pranced happily around the British city. But then he stopped and frowned, for now he was stuck in England. He had left his wallet in his pants, which were now in shreds.

Jacob growled. But then he saw the situation in new light, and he began to pant happily.

Happily, Jacob began to run to the town square, where he could morph back into a human and dance naked around all the girls.

Well, it is completely random. I was just going to say "Jacob looked around the square triumphantly. 'Take that you British cowards!'" But that seemed short, so I added the rest.

We'll see what you get when and if I reach 100 reviews.

Oh, and I will NOT be making a sequel for this, but I will make a completely unrelated parody soon, by request of Jacquie Whitlock, so keep checking for that instead of fretting yourselves over the sequel that I never really planned on doing.