Hey guys! I thought I'd post this to show you how my original opening to Freddy VS Jason VS Ash VS Sylar was like from my first draft. I might even post some of the content from the story that got cut out for you to see. Again, I don't own the franchises, they belong to MGA, NBC/UNIVERSAL and NEW LINE CINEMA so please don't sue!


A man dressed almost completely in black with beard stubble and bushy eyebrows stared into

the ominous depths of hell. There was a bottomless pit in front of him where he sat on a rock almost like he was lonely. At least one would think. But nobody who knew him would know not

to cross him. That and the fact was he wasn't alone and he knew he wasn't going to be here for


"I was defeated." The man said out loud to no one recalling the numerous victims he had committed while he was alive.

"My reign of terror was legendary," He said musing on his dream of what he had hopped to accomplish, "Should I have succeed, I would have been invincible. No one would have been ever

able to so much as lift a question to me ever again."

He then stopped for a minute reflecting on how he had gotten here in the first place where he was

stabbed right through the chest by a Japanese man.

"But I failed." He continued, "Everything came undone! I was so close when an unexpected error

appeared in my plan! Now, I can't come back while my body remains on Earth dead!"

His blood boiled with rage as he threw the rock he was sitting on down into the pit in front of him. He watched it fall until it disappeared. He didn't even hear it hit the bottom. Not that he didn't care. He was now getting to plotting how he was going to get back at those who had defied


"I may be dead." He stated, "But my power still remains within my spirit here in hell. I may have

no body. But I've found something. Something that will bring me back from the depths of hell. And give me unlimited power beyond what I had wished for originally and allow me to finish what I started. Necronomicon ex mortis. Roughly translated from Sumerian as: "Book of the Dead." It was written long ago, when the seas ran red with blood. It was this blood that was used

to ink this book which contains bizarre burial rites, funeral incantations and demon resurrection

passages. It can be used to bring me back. How do I acquire it? Well, since I'm dead, I need somebody to bring it to the right location where I can read it from hell and use it to bring my soul

into this world more powerful than ever. I had considered using a family of cannibals from Texas, due to the coincidence that it resides in the home of one of my old friends, but I've found someone else."

He chuckled as he held the copy of the hockey mask that belonged to his new target.