What You Left Behind by AndromedaMarine

If there was one thing that clogged my memory, it was the fact that I loved you too much to see the absolute, undiluted truth. I, a clear-headed, positively oblique person, found myself in a hole dug by none other than my worst enemy – fear. And now I find myself examining my own thoughts, full of apprehension and longing; I had wanted a friend – no, a brother, like you... I laughed at my ignorance. How could I not see the anticipation in your eyes as we walked along the snow-dusted path, simply talking as if it were the first we'd seen of each other in years upon years?

And there it was. A flicker of life in the eyes I'd once counted among the lost and preoccupied. I found myself at ease alongside you, and if I simply ignored the fact that my brother is your best friend, I reasoned that our path together would have very few to no obstacles. Oh, how I was wrong.

Undoubtedly you left out of necessity, even out of fear or obsession, but I would never forget everything I felt when around you.

I didn't know life could be such a bitch, what with Fred dying, along with practically half the Order. I wanted to cry when I saw you after so many months. I wanted to hold you and never let go, but it was war, a war that couldn't be ignored.

In the wake of the Ministry's fall, you – you left behind hope, having been able to elude Him countless times. And if this is to be a confession, as it's starting to feel like one, Hagrid carrying your limp form from the forest made something inside me break. That hope and love you'd left behind was something I couldn't control – couldn't contain.

There was a beast inside me roaring to kill Him and his lieutenant.

If you can believe me, there was a moment of undeniable shock when He died. After fifty long years; five harrowing decades, he was gone.

I wanted to be with you as we had that evening following our first, magical (to be ironic) kiss. I wanted to simply talk.

But we had days, weeks, months, years, and decades in which to talk.

And there was a moment, when what you left behind came real and returned with you, that I knew the irrefutable truth.

I, Ginny Weasley, would forevermore be Ginny Potter.

And you came back, returning to what you left behind.