I do not own Buffy nor any other character or places of the show. I am just a fan with some time on his hands. Other characters either belong to me, or other writers. Their permission was asked. As you can see, I did not kill anybody so if you are going to use my own characters (Nikon n Mary), DO NOT KILL THEM OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!


Future Bliss is a fic that took six months to create. For me, it has been hell though to the face that other Buffy projects of mine have gotten to be put on hold. HELL and of course APOCALYPSE. Still, the reason I finished this one first is the fact that it throws ideas in the air of what Apocalypse is going to be like.

This fic takes place Summer before season five. The story tries to explain a perfect future that awaits Buffy and the gang on the year 2018. To do so, I had to use a lot of future flashbacks and of course time travel. No hanky panky here. You have to read to see and you have to know Buffy to fully understand ideas. If you are a true Buffy fan, you will understand the ending in an odd sort of way. But as I said before, you have to be a true fan.

Any feed back is acceptable.



The soft moonlight touched the blonde slayer's face as she lay on the grass. This is unreal she thought to herself as she stood up and looked at the sky. Half the sky was day. Mid afternoon. The other was pitch midnight. Buffy looked where she stood in this odd world. She was right in the middle. A small sound caught her attention. It came from the darkness. She stepped towards it. "Show yourself", Buffy said as she pulled out a wooden stake.

A figure emerged from the bushes. Buffy took a step back in surprise as she saw the individual. For some strange reason the slayer felt a warm feeling inside. She looked at the girl with curiosity. She was as tall as her. Her eyes changed color from blue, to hazel to black. The color of her hair did the same. From blonde, to brown to black to blonde again. But what surprised Buffy the most was her face. She was identical to her. It was like seeing her twin. "Surprised?", the other Buffy asked.

"Why are you here?", the true Buffy asked.

"He is coming", the multi haired girl said. "He controls day and night. Vampires worship him. Demons look at him for guidance. He will unleash a power so devastating across this town you won't have time to breath".

"Why is he coming?", Buffy asked.

"To kill you", the other girl said. "To stop you from fulfilling something before you get a chance to know what it is".

"Will you help me?", Buffy asked the strange girl.

"Just like you have never let me down", the girl answered. "I will not let you down. Expect me. I will be there. Just like the sun shines by the day and the moon by night. I will be there"

Buffy thought for a moment and looked at the girl with a smile. "Will you look like the gorgeous girl that you are right now?", Buffy asked.

The other girl smiled back. "You have said yourself I am the most beautiful thing that has walked this Earth".

Buffy looked confused for a moment. "Have I met you?", Buffy asked.

"Only in dreams", the girl answered back. "Dreams. Not nightmares". Saying this, the girl started to walk away.

"Wait!", Buffy yelled.

The girl turned around. "Yes?", the girl asked.

Buffy stopped for a moment. She had no idea what she was going to ask. Something was not right. Something was out of place. Something that just not fit in. Buffy closed her eyes and opened them. She was in New York. She tried to step away in fear but couldn't. Only the dead visioned the sight that greeted her. The fabulous Babylon of the 20th and 21st century was in ruins under a black sky. As if hell had stopped by. The twin towers were totally destroyed. The Empire State Building stood alone among the rubble. The Garden was turned to ashes. The Chrysler building was torn into pieces. The people that walked this once proud city lied dead on the streets. Their bodies burned to the bone. Buffy turned around in fear and found Angel behind her. She wanted to embrace him, but a feeling deep inside told her otherwise. All of the sudden, his eyes changed color. From black, to brown, to hazel, to intense blue. His hair changed the same way. He walked slowly among the bodies. He tried not to step on them. "Do not be afraid", he said. "They will be in a better place".

"What are you saying?", Buffy asked.

"This is it", Angel said with a smile. "The end. Destruction. Pain. Devastation. Sorrow. Anguish. It is unstoppable".

"Nothing is unstoppable!", Buffy said with tears in her eyes.

"Don't cry", Angel said. "None knew. None cared. All of the sudden…death came. He who comes will try to kill you".

"Why?", Buffy asked. She suddenly felt alone and helpless.

"He will try to destroy the keystone", Angel said. "He will block the small orifice that brings a small light of hope among humanity".

Fear entered through Buffy´s being. This was not her Angel. "Who are you?", she asked trying not to let her voice break.

Angel smiled warmly. "You have nothing to fear", he said. "I am you. I am he".

Buffy felt certain ease now. She approached her loved one when suddenly he arched forward in pain. "MO…!", the tortured vampire exclaimed before he exploded in ashes.

"NO!", Buffy exclaimed. She looked behind the darkness. A demon appeared before her. A vampire. An evil smile curled on his lips. She ran toward him and tried to hit him across the face. But for some strange reason her strength and speed had left her. The vampire easily blocked it. He than grabbed her shoulders and smashed his head against her face. Buffy staggered. She placed her hand on her face trying to keep it from falling apart. It felt wet. She was trying to identify the liquid when the vampire was upon her.

The vampire smelled her fear as he grabbed her head. Buffy´s neck snapped. She fell lifeless on the ground. The earth turned to chaos. Paris was being sucked to hell by a vortex. Tokyo was destroyed by a tidal wave. Fireballs from the sky pulverized Washington Dc. Soon, only demons roamed the earth again. Destroying each creature with an ounce of humanity inside. Earth had turned into the pure Hell it was one before.

Buffy screamed as she woke up. She looked around trying to find out where she was. Something was dead inside. She was sweating. She cleared her face with her covers and looked around. She was in Giles's place. She wondered what she was doing there when she remembered. She had patrolled the night before and it was when she decided to crash at Giles. She stood up and looked around. It was nearly one in the afternoon. If Giles where here, he would have come down running after the scream. The dream shook her up though. Something was going to happen. Something that was not your usual stake the vampire in the heart thing. The girl smiled a sad smile and shrugged. "So what else is knew?", Buffy asked herself.