Tara and Willow read the piece of paper given to them.

"What language is this?", Tara asked.

Kat looked up from the couch and removed the bag of ice located on her stomach. "It is Aramaic", she said.

"No wonder it looked familiar", Willow said. "I've used several to try and d-rat Amy".

"Let me guess", Buffy said. "None have worked".

"The pronunciation is hard", Kat said. "All Aramaic spells have a special way to be pronounced. The key to this spell is the first syllable of each word. You give it a little more kick".

"That's it?", Tara asked.

"That and a mystical projection that puts our soul here and time limbo", Kat said. "But you two have already done that".

Willow and Tara looked at each other oddly. Kat smiled. "I guess you know it by another name", she said as she held both their hands and formed a triangle. Kat chanted a few words soflty.

Willow and Tara concentrated. They felt a small tingle run through their bodies. All of the sudden a rush of energy bolted through as if it were electricity. They both closed their eyes tightly in order to contain the power. Soon, it manifested itself in the form of an oval looking white light. Willow opened her eyes and looked in awe at the portal. Tara looked surprised herself.

"Nice", Kat said as she slipped her coat on.

"What is going to happen to you?", Buffy asked.

"I'm probably only going to get out of her room just to go to school or the bathroom", Kat said with a brave smile as she stepped into the portal. "Nothing much".

Kat took one last look at everybody. She than focused her view on Xander. "Remember the promise Xander", was the last thing she said before the portal was closed.

Buffy looked at the empty place the girl had stepped on. For some strange reason she began to smile. The girl had left a pretty good comfort in her heart. Buffy turned to towards her friends. "I guess the wait begins", she said.


Angel looked at his city from the rooftop of a building. From up here everything seemed so peaceful. Yet, he knew a different world was upon the cursed metropolis. He looked up to the sky and saw the stars. "What are you doing here?", Angel asked as he turned around. In front of him stood his immortal friend.

"Hey", Nikon said. "I just came for a visit".

"Your visits are not social", Angel said. "They never are"

Nikon stepped beside Angel and looked at the city. "Remember that thing you told me about you and Buffy", Nikon asked. "The one about you and her after you came to the city". Angel looked at his friend as the words left his lips. "Some complications have come up on that issue".