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Chapter one: My husband is weird sometimes

Catti-brie walked down one of the many halls of Mithril Hall heading towards the audience chamber where her father Bruenor waited for her.

It had been a long day first Drizzt her husband takes her bow, Regis ends up eating the chocolates that she had gotten from Lady Alustriel her tutor, and now her father calls her to the audience hall for some unknown reason, the day was just not in the princess's favor.

Of course it might be in her husband's favor give or take a few hours depending on how his mood was during the morning; she sighed and finally walked into the audience hall and eventually stood beside her father who sat on his throne looking bored.

"You sent for me father?" asked Catti-brie.

Bruenor gave her a somewhat annoyed look "yep the elf got him into trouble again" answered the dwarven king.

Catti-brie looked at him raising an eyebrow "Alright and who might that be?"

"Rumble belly, the elf got him to drink that nasty elven fey wine and the Halfling went sort of crazy" Explained Bruenor shaking his head in shame.

The princess just couldn't believe what she was hearing, Drizzt get Regis in trouble that was not likely unless Regis had done something wrong, her drow husband was quite mature for his age when he wanted to be.

"Not Drizzt, Lord Hralien's people" her father answered for her and she nodded not quite expecting his response.

Well at least it wasn't Drizzt getting the Halfling in trouble when that happened Regis found it very hard to recover in fact the last time Drizzt had done anything to Regis was two ten days ago, when he had made the Halfling clean out all of the toilets in the halls for taking Guenwhyvar from his pouch.

Catti-brie sighed she missed her husband, he was away a lot visiting with To' sun and Lord Hralien in the Glimmerwood forest, she didn't blame him after all the halls have gotten boring of late and he didn't have anything to do, they all were just lucky that there was a midsummer festival going on in Silvery moon.

The princess turned to speak to her father and found that he had fallen asleep, so much for needing to speak to her, she shook her head, walked out of the hall to her and her husband's room , lay down and fell asleep at least it would kill time until Drizzt got home.