Tehe! Hey guys! It's me again! This idea appeared in my head one night when random stuff kept floating around and I had a funny conversation with my sister. It's only gonna be two or three chapters. Maybe if I get a positive enough review I would continue.


Kagome looked at her friend incredulously as she sipped her coffee.

"Seriously?!" she almost choked.

"Seriously." Sango nodded. "It was the most intense feeling I have ever had in my life!"

"I've got to try that!" Ayume almost shouted excitedly.

"All you need is a pair of hand cups and maybe some whipped cream. Be creative!" Sango smiled.

"Wow…" Ayume gasped as she stared dazed out the window of the small coffee shop.

Kagome had no doubt in her mind of what was running through her mind. Since they had met there earlier that morning they had talked about every and anything that could possibly be spoken about between the three.

"You might need more that just handcuffs to hold Kouga though. He's a demon. Miroku's human and I can bind him with those. You might need to place a spell on it to keep him restrained long enough. But don't make it too strong. You want him to break free after a while or you won't get to enjoy it your self."

"Seriously." Ayume gasped again and smirked.

"Kagome how have things between you and Sesshoumaru going?" Sango asked as she sipped her own coffee

"Ok I guess." Kagome blushed.

"Any tips you might want to pass off to us?" Ayume smiled.

Her blush deepened as she sipped on her coffee some more before she answered.

"Well we haven't been quite as adventurous as you apparently have been." Kagome blushed.

"Why not?" Ayume asked raising a brow.

"Well, I don't know… He tries to be careful."

"Careful?!" Sango and Ayume asked surprised.

"Well… Have you forgotten that I'm human and he's a demon?"

"Yea but it's not like he's going to kill you Kagome!" Ayume almost laughed.

"I've tried telling him that!" Kagome pouted. "He treats me like I'm some sort of glass figure. Like he could snap me with just a flick of his wrist."

"Well he might be able too… But you're a miko! Hell you two would probably tie in a duel!" Sango laughed.

"But he won't listen to me if I told him!"

"Then you need to be sneaky about it!" Ayume smiled.

"Sneaky?" Kagome and Sango asked at the same time.

"Yea! Like test him! See how far you can push him until he can't take it any more!"

"Hmmmmmm." Sango smiled. "You might be on to something Ayume. Keep going!"

"Well he may be Youkai but he is a male and he does have a weakness! You! Tonight, you guys should go out to dinner or something, wear something SUPER sexy, and keep his eyes on you!"

Kagome stared at her friends with a wide smile as she imagined it in her head. Her smiled faded a bit when she heard mention of something sexy.

"Um…… I don't think I have anything THAT sexy that he hasn't seen before."

Sango smiled stretched from ear to ear as she heard that.

"Ayume, I think we have a mission on our hands!" She glowed.

"Oh! We can go shopping!" Ayume giggled excitedly.

"Is their anything in particular that you do that turns him on?" Sango asked and raised a brow.

"Yea. He gets really turned on when we go dancing. We've only gone a hand full of time but I know it turns him on a lot."

"Hell that's perfect! And we could go to! Make it a group thing!" Ayume smiled.

"You could meet us at the club after your dinner! You have to make sure to really turn him on during dinner Kagome. Then the club could be the icing on the cake! We could get you some really sexy lingerie in his favorite color too!"

"What are we still doing here?!" Kagome smiled devilishly she down the last of her coffee and stood up. Her friends followed excitedly.


'She can't be serious!' Kagome thought as she help up the thin transparent piece of cloth with her fingers.

"Sango I could use this as floss!" she gasped at the black thong and black lace bra.

"It's perfect!" She gasped as she grabbed a pair of stockings and a garter.

"Oh my god Kagome this is so sexy! I think I'll get one my self!" Ayume giggled and she picked up something similar in a light pink.

"You should pick out some more for later use Kags!" Sango smiled as she looked through a rack for herself.

Kagome sighed and walked to a small rack with red lace underwear hanging on it. She picked out a few red sets and a few pink and black. She didn't know how these would work out but hopefully things would get a little more interesting around their apartment. She turned as she heard Ayume squeal and saw her going through a rack of lace dress.

"These are so cute!" She squealed and held one up to show them.

Kagome smiled as she moved over and picked a few that would match the other items. Now she knew these would have some effect on the stubborn Youkai. She smiled evilly as she walked up to the register to pay.

"Will that be all?" The lady asked with a smile.

Kagome smiled and look at the shelves behind her. Her eyes came to rest on a set edible under wear set and scented massage oil.

"I'll have those please." she smiled as she heard her friend come up behind her.

"Hell Kagome! You mean business!" Ayume giggled as she dropped her stuff on the counter next to her.

"Well, love is war." She smiled as she pulled out her debit card.

It wasn't long after they left the store that her friends pulled her into another store further down the street.

"This is the best place to find something sexy to wear." Sango smiled as they walked around the room.

"What's his favorite color?" Sango asked as she browsed through a rack.

"Uh, I don't think he has one."

"Ok. We'll just have to wing it." Sango smiled. "Go in the dressing room and we'll hand you some to try on."

"Uh ok." Kagome smiled and walked to the dressing room.

As she began undressing she saw her friends throw two dresses over the door at her. She raised a brow at a purple sequined dress that her friend threw over. She had a good feeling Sesshoumaru wouldn't be turned on by that. She put it aside as she looked at a red stretch dress that seemed to be slightly transparent. She was pretty sure she wouldn't be caught dead in something like that.

"Guys?" she called quietly.


"Uh, maybe something black or red. Make it sort of conservative please. I don't want every one to see what I've got planned for him."

She heard her friends laugh as they grabbed the previous dresses.

"Fine!" Ayume laughed.

Kagome stood quietly in the small room for almost fifteen minutes before Sango came back.

"Ok Kags. We've got 5 dresses that fit your guide lines of sexy but conservative. Two are black and three red."

"Ok hand em over!" she smiled and eyed the dresses. She gasped as she saw a red form fitting dress. She quickly eyed the others and gasped again as she saw the same dress but in a black.

"Guys! I can't choose!!!" she squealed and sobbed.

"Try the ones on that you like and come out!" Ayume laughed.

Kagome pulled on the red and walked out.

"Oh my gosh!" both her friend smiled. "THAT is hot!"

Kagome smiled as she spun around before going back into the room and pulling on the black.

"Oh! I see your problem!" Sango sighed as she eyed the dress. The cut and fit is absolutely perfect but which color!"

"I can't choose either! They both look stunning!" Ayume sighed. "Oh, we can flip a coin!"

"Ok am up for it." Sango laughed.

"Ok." Kagome smiled.

Ayume pulled out a coin and held it in her hand.

"Heads red, tails black!" Sango smiled as her friend threw the coin.

"Tails!" Ayume smiled as Kagome smiled and spun around again.

"Defiantly." Sango smiled.

Kagome went back into the dressing room and put back on her cloths. She smiled as she came back out and walk around the store some more. They picked up a few more items before moving to the register to cash.

She couldn't help but feel excited as she they drove to her apartment with her. They parked in the underground parking and took the elevator up to their apartment.

"Kags, he most really care about you." Ayume sighed as they walked in and she dropped her bags on a table near the door.

"Why do say that?" Kagome asked as she raised a brow.

"He was so worried about you during sex that he would hold back so much."

"Yea. I don't want him to." Kagome sighed. "I'm a big girl. I can handle my self. I know my limits."

"But do you know his?" Sango asked.

"Well I'm defiantly going to try my best tonight to find out. Speaking of that, I better call him."

Kagome pulled out her cell and dialed the familiar number.

"Hello." She heard his familiar husky voice answer after two rings.

"Hey!" Kagome smiled. "How's everything?"

"Fine." He replied. She could hear the mocking in his voice.

"Uh… I've got something planed for us tonight ok?"



"May I ask what it is?"


"And why not?"

"Because it's a surprise! Trust me!"

"And what if I refuse?" he mocked.

"You won't refuse me would you?" Kagome asked with a slight pout.

"Fine. I'll be home and 6."

"Ok bye!" Kagome smiled.

Sango smiled as Kagome hung up the phone.

"Looks like the plans on." She smirked.


"Great!" Sango and Ayume smirked together.

"What time is it?" Kagome asked as she glanced at a small wall clock.

"We've got two hours till he gets home." Sango smiled.

"Let's have a drink then we'll leave and you can start preparing." Ayume smiled and walked to the kitchen with a smile.

"That's fine with me!" Sango smiled as she followed.

Kagome laughed and grabbed her stuff from the table and took them to the bed room. She'd have to stash the other stuff until she needed them.

She smirked as she dropped the bag with the dress in the bed. She had the perfect shoes to match it. She couldn't wait till he got home. She'd give him a night to remember.