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Chapter 1: Unwanted Visit

Sam Manson kicked a tin can off the edge of the sidewalk. She hoisted her purse over her shoulder and pushed the doors to the Skulk and Lurk book store open.

Sam had just finished high school the previous year and had dropped out of college to try and make something of her life. Now nineteen and having no friends around, the best thing Sam could do at the moment was work at a book store.

Hearing the bell chime, the book store owner looked up from what he was doing to see Sam standing in the doorway. Her black hair came down slightly past her chin and she wore a navy blue French bureau cap. It seemed she had finally decided to wear eyeliner and her purple lipstick was much heavier than it was in high school. A light purple jacket covered part of her black turtle neck that held the same purple oval as her old tank top. Sam dug her hands into her dark blue jeans and walked up to the counter, he black combat boots making a soft thunk against the tile.

"Ah. You must be Sam," the owner said holding out his hand. "I'm Richard."

"Nice to meet you Richard," Sam greeted taking the man's hand and shaking it.

"Well, it's nice to know I'll have someone working here that knows her way around," Richard said pushing himself out of his chair and handing Sam a spider shaped name tag. In dark purple letters, it read: Hi, I'm Sam. Silver spider webs hung from every corner of the tag.

Smirking at how appropriate the look of the name tag was to her personality, Sam pinned in to her jacket and dropped her purse off her shoulder and into her hand. "Uh, what can I do with this?" she asked.

"Oh, you can put it right back here," Richard said pointing to a door whose plaque read: EMPLOYEES ONLY! DO NOT ENTER!

"Cool," Sam said walking back to the door. Before she could turn the knob, Richard slammed his hand against the wood and stopped Sam from going any further. "You see that plaque?" he asked.

"Yes," Sam said.

"It says employees only. And you are an employee," Richard stated.

"Yeah," Sam said feeling slightly confused.

"That means you and you alone are aloud to enter this room. That means no friends, no family, no nothin' unless that person works here with you. You got it?" Richard asked.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about me bringing friends and family back here sir," Sam assured.

"Alright," Richard said opening the door. "Go on in."

"Thank you," Sam thanked walking in.

The room was fairly large. The walls were a light shade of lavender and the floor had the same tiles as the rest of the store. There was a glass coffee table in the center o the room with a few bags on it (Sam assumed that they belonged to the other employees) and two dark purple sofas on either side of it. There was a small black refrigerator at the far end of the room and a plant that looked like it was dying beside it.

Seeing the dying plant, Sam pulled out a water bottle from her purse. She walked over to the plant, opened her water bottle, and dumped half the bottle into the dirt.

"Jeez, just because it's a Goth store doesn't mean you can let the plants die," Sam muttered to herself as she screwed the cap back on the bottle.

She stuffed it back into her purse and dropped it on the coffee table. She flopped down on the couch and sighed. "Friends and family? Heh. What friends?" Sam asked herself.

Ever since high school ended, and slightly before that, Sam and her friends had gone their separate ways. Ever since Tucker had become the mayor, Sam rarely ever saw him anymore. And Danny, well, they had decided to just stay friends. The whole couple thing just wasn't working out for them. Plus, he was always busy with ghost fighting.

After high school, Danny decided to get into a college that involved astronomy. Sam laughed slightly. She knew how badly Danny wanted to be an astronaut, but his ghost fighting almost always got in the way.

"I don't care!" Sam recalled Danny saying. "I'm gonna get into space if it kills the rest of me!"

Sam busted up laughing at the thought.

As for her family, Sam wasn't about to let them come into a job they didn't even know she had. Sam had told her parents she was working in a jewelry store downtown.

"Try to bring me something nice when you can, sweetheart," her mother had said earlier.

"Yeah, when I have the money," Sam rolled her eyes and pushed herself up off the couch.

Hopefully, her parents would never try to come see their 'little girl' at work. Sam doubted it. She knew all her parents were praying for the day they could get her out of the house. As soon as Sam collected enough money, she was buying her own place.

Sam pushed the door open and walked out into the store.

"Alright, all I want you to do for today is walk around and see if the customers need any help finding anything. Kay?" Richard asked.

"Okay," Sam said smiling.

She pulled her turtle neck farther down over her jeans and walked around the store. She stopped when she saw a girl around her age wearing a light blue shirt with sleeves that stopped at her shoulders and a white skirt. She had on white go-go boots and bright pink earrings. Sam didn't think it was possibly the person she was thinking of until the girl turned around.

"No, it can't be…" Sam muttered in horror.

Holding a book about Goth make-up and standing right in front of Sam was none other than Paulina.

"Oh…my…gosh! Is that you Sam?" Paulina asked giddily.

"Uh…yeah…" Sam answered beginning to sweat. "I see you've started wearing your hair up."

Paulina flipped her wavy black pony back and smiled. "Yes. And I see you've finally decided to wear eyeliner for a change."

Sam lowered her eyelids and grunted in annoyance. "What are you even doing here? Aren't you afraid that all these Goths are gonna get their 'Goth sweat' on you?" she asked, doing air quotes around the words 'Goth sweat'.

Paulina sighed. "I'm only here because I'm doing a report on different styles of make-up," she explained boredly. "So, what are you doing here?"

"I work here," Sam replied dryly.

"Oh that's great. Maybe I should stop by some other time," Paulina smiled deviously.

"Oh, you don't have to," Sam said through a cheesy grin and gritted teeth.

"Oh, but I insist," Paulina grinned.

The two girl's eyes locked for a moment before Sam finally said: "If you do anything to get me fired…"

"Now Sam, why would I ever try to get you fired? I thought we were friends," Paulina said sweetly.

"When have we ever been friends?" Sam asked.

"Well, I figured since you and Danny are through and I'll obviously be his future wife, we might as well try to get along," Paulina said looking back at her book.

"Uh, Paulina. Reality check for a minute. Danny's not interested in you!" Sam stressed.

It was true, Danny had fallen out of his love for Paulina long before the asteroid. Sadly, even after realizing that 'the geeky Fenton boy' was actually Danny Phantom, Paulina still harbored feelings for him.

Paulina stuck her nose in the air. "You're just annoyed that you and Danny didn't work out."

"I am not!" Sam snapped.

"Just face it Sam, if you couldn't keep a relationship with Danny, there's no way you'll ever have a solid relationship with anyone else," Paulina stated, glaring Sam down.

Sam winced. As much as she hated to admit it, Paulina was probably right. If she couldn't even keep a solid relationship with her best friend, there was no hope for her. Not ready to let Paulina get the pleasure of winning, Sam folded her arms and said: "That's not true! I bet I could have a solid relationship with anyone."

"Oh, really?" Paulina asked slamming her book closed.

"Really," Sam stated, staring Paulina dead in the eyes as to not show any signs of fear.

Paulina smirked. "Well then, why don't we make a bet? If you manage to get a boyfriend by the end of the week and stay with him longer than you did with Danny, which was, how long, a week?" she asked.

"A month…" Sam corrected through gritted teeth.

"Going the extra mile, eh?" Paulina scoffed. "Well then, if you can keep a boyfriend over a month, then…"

"…then you have to be my personal maid for two months," Sam finished. Degrading Paulina sounding like fun. Paulina hadn't changed since high school, someone needed to put her in her place.

"Okay. And if you can't…then you're going to be my little Barbie doll for my report. I need pictures you know," Paulina smirked pulling a camera out of her purse.

"Fine," Sam said and the two girls shook on it.

Just then, a thought entered Sam's mind. What the heck was she doing? She was practically stooping down to Paulina's level by even agreeing to the bet. Before she could open her mouth to call it off, Paulina dropped her book into Sam's hands.

"I'm ready to pay," she smirked.

Sam swiped the book out of Paulina's hand and shot a dirty look at the snotty Latina. She decided to wait. Who knew? Maybe this bet would do her some good. Or not…When Sam reached the register, she said: "Uh…Paulina…are you sure you wanna…"

"You want to call off the bet don't you?" Paulina asked as if the answer was already obvious.

"Kind of," Sam said nervously, although she wasn't sure why.

"I don't think so. You already shook on it," Paulina said resting her elbows on the counter.

Sam grunted. "Fine…" she rolled her eyes and handed Paulina her book back.

After paying for it, Paulina walked out. Before she reached the door, she paused to look back at the gothic girl. "I'll be checking up on you. Tootles."

"Tootles," Sam replied mockingly, wrinkling her nose as Paulina left the store.

"Eh, hem."

Sam turned around to see Richard standing behind her, arms folded. "Oh, hi Richard."

"Why were you acting that way towards a customer?" Richard asked.

"Because she's the embodiment of all evil," Sam replied darkly.

"Excuse me?" Richard asked.

"I know her from high school. She a spoiled little brat. I just made a bet with her and I tried to call it but…" Sam suddenly did her best impression of Paulina: "…I can't because I already shook on it."

Richard looked off into the abyss and said in a far off voice: "I made a bet I couldn't get out of once…"

Sam stared at Richard for a while. She waved her hand in front of his dark green eyes, snapping him out of it. Running his fingers through his thin, light brown hair, Richard turned to Sam and asked: "What was the bet?"

"I have to get a boyfriend by the end of the week and stay in a relationship with him over a month or I become her personal Barbie doll," Sam answered rolling her eyes.

"Hey, weren't you dating that Phantom kid for a while?" Richard asked.

Everyone in the store turned to face them in an instant.

"Yeah, for a little bit. But it didn't work out so we just went back to being friends and…" Sam began.

Suddenly, an entire mob of people formed in front of the counter.

"You know Danny Phantom?"

"That's so cool!"

"Can I get his number?"

"Do you talk to him anymore?"

"Why aren't you guys dating anymore?"

"He's so hot!"

Thousands of comments and questions flooded Sam's way, overwhelming her instantly. "I…uh…well he's…uh…"

"Hey, hey! Leave the poor girl alone!" Richard demanded.

"Thank you," Sam breathed as the crowded dispersed.

"Do you think you could give me his number? He sounds like a really cool guy," Richard added.

Sam glared at him. "Sorry," Richard apologized. "He's just so cool! I mean, he's half ghost!"

"Yeah, amazing isn't it?" Sam asked sarcastically.

"What do you mean?" Richard asked.

"Well, he's always busy with ghost fighting and everything. I never get to see him anymore. And besides, he's gone off to college," Sam explained.

"Which college?" Richard asked.

Sam glared at him again. "Sorry," Richard shrunk slightly.

There was an awkward silence that hung in the Skulk and Lurk for a while. Richard adjusted his black T-shirt and scratched his ear where a silver earring hung. "So…how are you gonna find a boyfriend by the end of the week?" he asked suddenly.

"I don't know," Sam mumbled.

"You know, if the poetic guys are your type, I suggest the coffee house across the street," Richard suggested.

Sam's head perked up. Sam was really into poetry, and most romantic guys were usually poets. "Hmm…that sounds like a good idea."

"Glad to help," Richard smiled. There was another awkward silence. "So…uh…"

"I'm not giving you his number…" Sam answered.

"Alright," Richard said.

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