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Chapter 5: The Chase

"Excuse me?" Sam asked.

"Give us yer money, girly!" the man snapped.

"Uh…" Sam wasn't sure what to say at that point.

Suddenly, another one of the men snatched up Sam's purse. "HEY!" Sam snapped.

"Whoa! This chick's loaded!" the man awed at the amount of money Sam had crammed into her purse.

"Give me that!" Sam snapped trying to wrench the purse from the man's grip.

The third man grabbed Sam's arms and began pulling her off. Thinking quickly, Sam's shot her foot between the legs of the man holding the purse.

"GAH! Jeez!" the man cried falling to the ground.

Sam did the same thing to the man behind her and grabbed her purse as he feel to the ground.

"Hey! Get back here!" the first man shouted as Sam sped away.

The three men immediately bolted after Sam. Sam didn't bother looking back, she just kept running. Her heart beat accelerated as she heard the men's foot steps growing louder and louder. As she tried her best to steady her breathing, Sam realized she hadn't had to run from danger in at least a year or so. The ghost rate had gone down quit a bit in amity Park since Danny had left for college. In fact, the last thing Sam remembered running from was Skulker the day she and Danny had ended their 'more-than-friends' relationship.

"Well, if it isn't the love birds?" Skulker had mocked.

"Actually, we're just friends now," Danny had pointed out as he changed into his ghostly form.

"Oh, really?" Sam recalled Skulker querying.

"Yeah," Sam had answered.

"Well, I guess you won't mind if I do this then," Skulker had said aiming his wrist canon at Sam.

Sam remembered Danny blasting the canon off of Skulker and gripping the metal fist that had made it's way for Danny's stomach.

"Sam! RUN!" Danny had cried.

"Why? There's nothing Skulker can do to me," Sam recalled scoffing.

"Oh! So you think I can't do anything to harm you, eh?" Skulker had hissed.

"Well, you've never done anything harmful to me yet," Sam had reminded.

"Well, why don't we change that?" Skulker had asked menacingly.

Having shoved Danny to the side, Skulker wielded another wrist canon and shot it at Sam.

As 6Sam tripped over her own two feet running, she recalled jumping of the way as the blast came an inch away from her face.

"RUN!" Danny's voice rang in her.

The memory was all that was need to push Sam up off the ground and run faster. But faster wasn't good enough. A giant hand covered Sam's 6mouth and forced her downward.

The three men were now surrounding her, the biggest one holding her hostage. Sam tried to kick the man holding her but one of the other men grabbed her legs before she could. Sam tried to wriggle herself free but it was no use. The men were too strong.

Finally annoyed with holding Sam, the second man threw her legs to the ground, causing a searing pain to well up around Sam's heels.

"Look babe, just give us the money, and no one get's hurt," the man who farthest from Sam explained.

"Noom!" Sam muffled.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" the man asked mockingly.

"NOOM!" Sam muffled angrily.

"Oh, you'll give us your money?" the man jokingly questioned.

"NOOM! NOOM! NOOM!" Sam tried her best to shriek.

The second man restrained her legs from kicking as the only man with free hands took the money right out of Sam's purse.

"Thank you for your cooperation," he thanked slyly.

Sam squirmed violently. "Lee goo a me!" she squealed.

"Sorry sweetheart, can't hear you," the man laughed.

Sam was just about ready to bit the man's hand that was compressed against her mouth. If all else failed, she could at least try to pray hands free and punch them. Before she had the chance to do anything though, someone had just knocked the man holding her money out.

"What the-?" the man covering Sam's mouth began.

The attacker muttered something under his breath.

"What are you doing, writing in your diary?" the man pinning Sam's feet to ground scoffed.

Sam squinted to make the attacker's face but he was concealed in the shadows.

"Seriously, what are you doin'?" the man holding Sam's wrists 6and covering her mouth asked.

Instead of an answer, the man's arms became wisps of air. Released from the man's grip, Sam feel to the ground. She caught herself before making contact with the cold, hard concrete.

The wispy armed man shrieked. The man still holding down Sam's feet gasped: "How in the-?"

Sam heard the attacker muttering something to himself and the man at her feet suddenly took the form of a tiny brown rabbit.

The man with air-arms gasped and looked up at the attacker. "Scram weasel!" he barked.

The man obeyed and darted for the opposite direction.

Sam looked up at her savior as he stepped into the dim light. He had shaggy black hair and brilliant green eyes. His ears were pointed and skin was pale. A small curly goatie jutted out from the tip of his chin. He wore thin, violet glasses, a gray scarf, a light gray shirt, dark gray pants, and a pair of tattered old black shoes. In his right hand was a small onyx book and his left, a blood red quill.

When he opened his mouth to speak, Sam noticed he had jagged, pearly white teeth.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

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