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Calm down Bella! Calm down! You need to relax! You already know that you have all the skills you need to do this job, what could possibly go wrong? I thought to myself, oh many things could go wrong and I was about to find out just how many that was.

I walked through the sliding glass doors into my future. This was where I was going to work here and hopefully I could make friends fast. I had my MD and I was going to continue on my for PhD soon. I graduated from high school when I was fourteen. I had completed all of my required intern training and could now start my residency, so decided to go home, to Forks. Forks is a small town in Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula, the place I was born and hadn't lived for almost seventeen years. I was eighteen now. My mom had taken me away to Phoenix when I was barely a year old, leaving my dad all alone in Forks. When I was old enough to contact him, I did. Now I talked to Charlie almost every day, that's how he talked me into moving back to Forks and applying for a job at the local hospital.

I was greeted by the receptionist, a young woman who appeared to be seventeen or eighteen who smiled brightly and held out her hand before saying, "Hello, my name is Angela. How may I help you today?"

I smiled in return and shook her outstretched hand as I said, "I'm Isabella Swan, and I'm here for my job interview with the Chief, Dr. Carlisle Cullen?"

"Oh yes! Dr. Swan! Let me just call Dr. Cullen quickly, to announce your arrival." She said picking up the phone receiver from her desk and pressing the number one. "Doctor Cullen, I have an Isabella Swan here for her interview, shall I send her up?" A few moments later she hung up the phone and smiled at me pointing towards the elevators, "Go up to the third floor, his office is the first one as you walk out of the elevators, straight ahead." She said smiling again.

"Thank you for your help!" I said waving as I walked towards the elevators, they opened just as I got to them and a man walked out, right into me, dropping all of the papers he had been carrying. I hurried to pick them up for him, but he already had them all in a neat pile again and as I straightened back up I looked up at his face, mistake number one. "Sorry." I said looking away.

"Oh, not at all, that was my fault. I wasn't watching where I was going." He said in a voice that made my heart melt, smiling as he shuffled his papers. "I usually don't have to…" he added under his breath.

"What was that?" I asked, slightly confused. He had a look of surprise on his face.

"Excuse me? What was what?" he said in his velvet voice, playing it cool.

"What did you say there at the end? I didn't catch it." I said, knowing what he said but still not understanding.

"I didn't say anything…" He paused holding out his hand, "I'm Dr. Cullen."

"Dr. Swan." I said reaching out and taking his hand, mistake number two. A shock ran through my body as our skin touched. He dropped my hand immediately.

"I'm sorry, I have to be going." He said, his voice slightly higher, as he walked away faster than I thought possible.

"Uh… Bye?" I said to thin air. After a few seconds I shook my head and stepped into the elevator and pressed the third floor button. Then it hit me. Dr. Cullen? As in the chief? No way. I thought, I'd talked to him many times and he didn't sound quite like that, though his voice was quite appealing too… The elevator's ding brought me out of my reverie. I stepped out of the elevator and walked briskly towards the large mahogany door with the gold colored placard that said 'Dr. Carlisle Cullen'. I took a couple deep breaths and then knocked on the door softly.

"Come in." I heard from inside, yep definitely someone else… I thought and opened the door and entered, closing the door behind me softly. "Hello," He said, rising from his large leather chair, he was a tall, gorgeous man who appeared to be about twenty five "Dr. Swan, I presume?" He asked smiling and holding out his hand, I took his hand hesitantly, no shock, good. I thought. He gestured to one of the leather chairs on the side of the desk I was on. I took a seat in one, instantly feeling at ease in its welcoming softness. "So, Dr. Swan, I'm glad to welcome you to the hospital. I see that you graduated from high school in Phoenix when you were fourteen and then flew right through your BS and your MD, and completed your internship two months ago. Wow, that's quite similar to Edward. He graduated early as well, that must mean that you are quite the genius… or very dedicated to your learning… You got quite a high score on your test too… hmmm… maybe I should introduce you to Edward, seeing as you two are so similar…" He seemed to talk to himself after a while, I wondered if he had some sort of senile dementia.

"Yes, I like to think of myself as a little of both, genius, maybe not, but smart and dedicated to my learning." I said, hoping that he would stop talking to himself.

"Yes, quite like Edward." He said, then he picked up his phone and dialed a number, "Hello, Edward. Would please come up to my office?" He asked, and then the other person spoke, "Well, I'm your boss here, not your father, now just come up here, there hasn't been a need for you down there in days, just come here!" He ordered, this time.

Father? I thought, how is that even possible? He barely looks like he's twenty five! And he was talking to an adult?

"Sorry, Edward will be right up." He said, and then he saw the confused look on my face and he smiled knowingly. "Oh, Edward isn't really my son, but I adopted him when he was younger, and though he is now… old enough to make his own decisions, we don't think of each other any differently than we used to."

"Oh, I see. How old are you then?" I asked, stupidly.

"Uh, I'm thirty four." He said and I gaped.

"Are you serious!? I thought you were in your twenties!" I said without thinking.

"No, I get that a lot though. I guess I'm just really lucky and got good features." He said smoothly, like it was well rehearsed, that made me suspicious, but I kept it off my face.

"Oh, I guess." Then I realized something. "Wait, Edward isn't Dr. Cullen also is he?" I asked turning bright red instantly.

"Yes, that's correct… Is there something wrong Miss Swan?" He asked, titles be damned.

"No sir, I just think I ran into him coming out of the elevator and made him drop all of his papers." I said blushing again.

"Oh… That's odd, he usually is paying more attention." He said, just as Edward opened the door and walked in quickly sitting down in the other leather chair.

Edward didn't even spare me a glance as he spoke to his father, "What did you call me up here for Carlisle?" I flinched at his almost furious tone.

"Oh, come Edward, a few dropped papers isn't really that bad!" Carlisle scolded.

Edward turned to look at me for the first time, I noticed his eyes then. They were pitch black and full of deep rooted hate. "Apparently not." He said and then he got up and left without another word.

"Oh my, I'm terribly sorry. Edward must be in a bad mood today. I'm sure it must have been something that happened on his way to work, he was fine at home and I haven't seen him since breakfast so that must be it." Carlisle said attempting to reassure me.

"So do I have the job?" I asked curtly, I usually wasn't this crude, but I was absolutely falling apart by this point.

"Oh, yes. I can show you to your office if you would like." He said and grabbed something out of his desk. Then he got up and motioned for me to follow him. He walked a little ways down the hallway to a door without a plaque on it. "Here we are, this will be your office, here are your keys and here is your placard. I had it made right after you called me the first time." He said with a wink, as he slid the plaque into its slot on the door and handed me two sets of keys, each with a Forks Hospital key chain on it. "They have the same keys on them. One for the doctors' entrance to the hospital, out back, the next is for your office door, and the last is for your desk. I hope you find everything to your liking. Oh! I almost forgot. Here is your parking pass. Just put it on the windshield or somewhere visible. Your parking spot will be number thirteen." He handed the parking pass to me as well. "I'll leave you alone to get settled." He said smiling and then heading off further down the hall to another office where he paused and then entered without knocking.

I unlocked my door and entered my office. Wow. I thought, now this is MY kind of office. It was a large office about half of the size of Carlisle's office, which was large enough to be the whole first floor of my dad's house. The walls, other than the far wall, were shrouded in bookshelves, full of medical journals and such, but there was one whole unit that was bare, I assumed that was for personal possessions and books. The far wall held a large window that overlooked a green forest, it was beautiful. There was a mini refrigerator behind the desk in the corner, a closet which was full of scrubs and white lab coats. The desk itself was a huge carved mahogany masterpiece, with a key lock in the middle to unlock the drawers.

I sat down in the large leather chair behind my desk and slouched down into my favorite relaxing position, to think. Why did it feel as if I had been electrocuted when I shook Edward's hand? Why did it seem that he disappeared into thin air? Why did he look so angry that he had to be in the same room as me earlier? Why did Carlisle play it off as nothing? Why do I have the suspicion that there is something else going on here? Why do I feel the sudden urge to go eat a burger? That's about where my thoughts ended before I got up and made my way back to Carlisle's office. I knocked on the open door, he smiled.

"Hello, Dr. Swan. Is there something I can help you with?" He asked smiling genuinely.

"Yes, Dr. Cullen. I was wondering if I might take the day off, I just got to Forks today, and I kind of feel jet lagged. Plus, I haven't seen my father yet, and I haven't seen him in quite a long time, sir" I asked trying to sound professional and pleading at the same time.

"Of course Dr. Swan, feel free to take the rest of the day off. I'm sure Charlie will be happy to see you. By the way, you can call me Carlisle." He said with a smile.

"Thank you... Um... Carlisle… You can call me Bella, if you'd like, I'm fine with anything." I said unsure of what I was trying to say.

"Okay Bella, I suppose I'll see you tomorrow then. Don't forget to lock your office." He reminded me.

"I won't, thank you." I said and waved a goodbye as I walked back to my office. I grabbed my keys and parking pass and headed out to my car. I got in my 'classic' truck, which was really nothing more than an old Junker, but I loved it anyways, the faded red paint and rustic look was just my style. I felt the odd sense that I was being watched, but I just shook my head and laughed at myself for being superstitious.


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