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Chapter 1: Reunion


I still feel your touch in my dreams...

I need you by my side tonight.


Clicking her tongue impatiently, twenty one year old Haruno Sakura rolled her eyes, taking in hand her precious pink pen and letting a long sigh of exasperation escape her thin pink lips before she grabbed the handle of the door with her free hand and twisted it open. The young pink haired medic walked in the room, smiling politely at her male patient, and she greeted the patient politely. "Hello, my name is Sakura Haruno and I'll be assisting you today." She said gently, smiling.

The blond haired man let his chocolate brown orbs wander all over her body, not bothering to make his 'inspection' subtle. "Hello to you too, beautiful." He purred, laughing lightly as what Sakura identified was an attempted seductive laugh. The pink pelted lady moaned exasperatedly in her mind, pleading to Kami-sama that this patient wasn't going to be too troublesome. Clicking on the end of her pink pen, Sakura began to scribble down the information she knew about the patient, ignoring the feeling of being observed intently by the said man. And it worked quite well until...

"Nice shirt." The male drawled, grinning slyly at her.

Sakura sharply turned her head towards the blond, glaring at him annoyingly before she fixed her shirt in a sharp and indignant movement. "Pervert." She muttered under her breath, thankfully low enough so the patient couldn't hear.

"Name?" She mumbled in the calmest tone she could muster.

"Hoshi, baby, and don't forget it!" He grinned, giving her the typical «I'm cool » movement.

Sakura suddenly.. wanted to call in another nurse to take care of this patient whom was obviously very lame at flirting. "Twenty three, right?" Sakura sighed, referring to his age and expecting him to understand.

"So many? My, I didn't know you were so sexually animalistic, honey." He chuckled, staring at her with an attempted hot stare.

'Ugh.' She thought in disgust. "I meant your age." She spat irritably.

He grinned. "Right on, babe."

She sighed quietly, closing her eyes momentarily to calm herself, before letting a fake smile graze her lips. "Sex: male. Of course." she mumbled to herself, scribbling that piece of information on the board.

"I prefer with woman, actually."

A vein popped out of her head. "Of course." She said in a shakily disturbing voice.

'This is going to take forever...' She thought exasperatedly, running a hand through her bubblegum pink locks.


"The weight of a perfect man, sweetie." He said innocently, attempting to secretly reach out for her sweet rump with his hand, which Sakura swat away easily.

"Height?" Sakura continued, sighing.

"You mean length?" He questioned, faking his confusion.

But Sakura was the one actually confused now. "What?" She asked, quirking a brow.

"Those things are personal, babe! But for you... you know... you could measure it yourself if you want..."

Oh snap.

This had to be the last straw.

"Shizune, someone else will have to take care of that patient or I'm going to explode that pretty little face of his." Sakura hissed into her walkie-talkie.

"I understand your situation, Sakura-san." Shizune sighed. "We'll send someone else right away."

"Good." The pinkette muttered, putting the electronic engine back in her nurse pocket.

"Awe, baby, why are you going?"


"Damn that felt good."

Sakura Haruno: A highly desirable female in Konoha with a temper like, or even worse, then the 5th Hokage's. Don't mess with her or she'll take extreme pleasure in beating you up.

"Awe teme come on! It's gonna be fun!" A whiskered blond pleaded, pouting at his best friend.

Mysterious obsidian flapped gracefully, but the boy merely uninterestingly grunted in return, returning his gaze to the beautiful scenery of the nature that he'd been gazing at for the past half an hour. He dragged his calloused hand across the arm of the couch up to his pulled up knee, resting it on top of it, and he breathed out an irritated sigh as Naruto tugged at his sleeve. "What?" He snapped, glancing coldly at the blond boy.

"Sakura's almost done her shift." Naruto stated, coking his head to the side a little, as if inspecting what his reaction would be like.

Sasuke stared at his best friend blankly and raised a brow at his weird attitude, but he shrugged it off nonetheless. "So?" He replied coolly, rubbing his nose lightly, as if uninterested. But the thing was that Sasuke was actually very interested by the fact she was almost done her shift. That meant he would get to see her, which he hadn't in about two weeks or so. Sakura had been so busy lately at the hospital that it took all her time already, and on top of that Sasuke had missions and training, which reduced the chances of seeing her.

But tomorrow, it was Sasuke's birthday. And being the wonderful sweet girl she was, she managed to pull her magic on the Hokage and the elders so she could obtain a few days off. And that, she did it all just for him. For little twenty year old Sasuke.

Soon to be twenty one, though.

And damnit was he ever so thrilled to see that pink haired blossom. They hadn't had any time together in two weeks and he was just craving to taste that sweet taste of hers again. He was just lusting for her body and her kisses, and he wanted so much to touch that soft skin of hers, once again. He wanted─no he needed her.

Often, when she didn't work too much, Sasuke would sneak into her room (or she would sneak into his) and they would spend a steamy night together. Sakura would often wake up sore and tired, but she would always be happy nonetheless. It wasn't too complicated for them to see each other, besides when they had to really sneak it and be subtle. After all, their relationship was merely intimate, and they promised each other that the others would never know.

The others being Kakashi, Naruto, Sai and Yamato. And a couple people of the rookie nine, like Lee and Kiba. They didn't really mind about the rest, since they knew anyway. But Sakura trusted them, knowing fully they wouldn't ramble about it to the others.

Naruto couldn't know, because he would obviously be devastated to learn about this kind of relationship between them. He knew they were good friends, but knowing they both went way past that and were in a relationship that merely involved sex, was surely something that would scar the poor boy. And Naruto loved to think Sakura was still as innocent as ever, but Sasuke knew way better. Sakura could be such a delinquent and such a bad girl sometimes, which turned the raven haired boy on at most of the times. She was so sexy when she acted naughty.

Kakashi would simply be crushed by the news of having such an innocent former student of his being so naughty and so addicted to sex. And he would be greatly disappointed in Sasuke for using Sakura to satisfy his sexual desires. It was only best he didn't know anything about it.

Sai, well, he simply couldn't know. Who knows what that boy could do. Also, Sasuke remarked he was kind of a bit protective of Sakura, and knowing about this would probably not please him. Not that it was a problem anyway. Sasuke could beat his ugly gay ass any time.

Yamato would never accept this, they both knew it. The reasons were pretty much the same as Kakashi's, seeing as the both of them had gotten pretty damn close to this ANBU in the past few years.

"She'll manage to convince you to come." Naruto snorted, huffing lightly and breaking Sasuke's train of thought. "Sakura always had her ways with you."

Sasuke could never deny that fact.

Oh yes, Sakura definitely had her way with him.

Sasuke Uchiha: Konoha's heartthrob ever since he was a genin. The most popular and most desired man in the village, and most definitely the man who has one of the biggest fanclubs out of anyone, besides Itachi. This human ice cube is known to be cold and distant from anyone, besides his best friend Naruto, his former teacher Kakashi, and his pink haired team mate Sakura. Especially Sakura.

Her heels clicked onto the floor as she strolled through the hallway, her nurse outfit plucked under her arm while she held her coat in the other. She stopped momentarily, letting the nurse outfit fall of the floor as she put on her coat, and then she bent down and picked up the outfit again, plucking it under her arm once more. She glanced in a couple rooms of the hospital, a little interested as to what was going on and if things were going well─which they were.

Shoving a hand in her pocket, she shuffled through the small hole for a while before pulling it out, having retrieved a piece of gum she'd been craving for ever since this morning. Unwrapping the small candy, she plopped it in her mouth, mewling in delight at the taste of it. 'Cherry is the goodie' she giggled in her mind.

Continuing her way down the hallways of the hospital while chewing her gum, she spaced out for a little while, thinking about random things and about random people. But as her mind finally set on Sasuke, she suddenly became giddy inside. 'Finally, I'm going to see him again!' She cheered in her mind, smiling cheerily. 'It's been so long...'

But then a familiar figure caught her eye, and she squinted her eyes lightly to see better. Emerald widen in recognition of the person. "Sasuke-kun!" She called, laughing lightly and trotting up to meet him. He turned his head towards the person who had called him, and his lips twisted upwards in a smirk. "Sakura." He, too, greeted, giving her one of his knowing stares.

The pink haired blossom fought back the urge to embrace him and kiss him senseless right on spot, something she knew he was trying not to do too, since they were in public. He looked about himself suspiciously, and with great risk, he leaned over to her ear. "Come on." He muttered quietly, gripping her wrist and tugging strongly at it, earning a childish giggle from Sakura.

She let herself be pulled along, knowing fully he'd take her somewhere where he could ravish her and get his way with her, like he'd done so many times before, and she was very pleased at the thought of it. She couldn't wait to feel him once again. They'd been deprived of each other for so long.

He pulled her in an elevator, standing at a fair distance from her as he pushed the button of the highest floor─which would be the roof. It wasn't until the door closed completely that he grabbed her and roughly slammed her against the wall, kissing her hard and greedily, ravishing her mouth while his hands already roamed over her skin. He groaned at the feeling of her soft flesh, softer then he remembered, on his fingertips, and he refrained himself from tearing her clothes, knowing fully she had to save them for when they would get out of this place. Sakura was eagerly responding to his rough kiss, running her hands through his hair and pulling lightly on his silky raven locks, knowing fully he enjoyed her roughness.

"Fuck, Sakura." He growled, kissing her harder and completely relishing her taste. "You've been driving me nuts." He whispered hoarsely, leaving her lips only to attack her smooth neck. "No other woman make me feel the way you do." He hissed, groaning as she skillfully massaged his muscles.

"Missed you too Sasuke-kun..." She giggled, moaning loudly in his mouth as he grabbed her breasts and massaged them the way he knew she loved. "Uhhn.... Sasuke..." She breathed, gasping as he ground against her. "Fuck." He hissed through gritted teeth, shutting his eyes tightly as she started grinding back onto him, hard and sensually.

And when the elevator door opened again, he picked her up by the buttocks, squeezing lightly before he carried her outside, looking around quickly to make sure they were alone, even though he knew they would be. The roof was always deserted.

He carried her over to the closest place possible, pushing her up against the cemented wall and hastily pulling down her jeans and undergarments, greedily sucking on her neck while she also quickly pulled down his pants and boxers.

He entered her without a warning, earning a full moan from her, and he let out a loud groan at the feeling of himself being buried so deeply within her tight core. "Sbhit you feel more amazing every time." He groaned, biting her neck lightly and marking her before he started to pull out slightly, only to ram back into her roughly. "Sasuke...!" She gasped, gripping to him for dear life as he repeated the same motion over and over, harder and harder after each thrust.

"Faster...!" She moaned, rubbing his muscles sensually as he obeyed and quickened his pace.

"Fuck!" he hissed, pounding into her over and over again.

He knew this had to be done quickly, which was the reason they didn't tease each other at all like they usually always did. Sasuke just wanted to be inside her as quickly as possible once again, and Sakura just wanted him inside her as soon a she could, which was the reason this was only a quickie. It would at least satisfy their needs for a bit.

One of his hands grabbed her buttocks, pulling her more tightly against him, while his other arms was wrapped around her waist, keeping her up against the wall. He continued to pound recklessly, loving the way she moaned in his ear and breathed his name, making small meowing sounds. It was like a sweet, addicting melody to his ears.

He crashed his lips onto hers, taking her off guard, but she kissed him back with as much force, moaning on his lips as he continued his powerful thrusts inside of her. "Aaahhhn.. Sasuke..." She moaned, throwing her head back as she felt the knot in her stomach ready to explode..

He smirked. "Scream, Sakura. Scream my name so they know I'm the one doing this to you." He murmured in her ear, giving her one last rough thrust as she came with a scream of his name. "SASUKE-KUN!"

A breathy groan escaped his lips as she tightened so blissfully around him, so tightly that he came too, spilling into her. She slumped against him, weakened by her orgasm, and he brought her down, his limbs shaking lightly from the force of his own orgasm.

And as usual, they didn't speak much after their activity, both stuck in their own train of thought, neither wanting to bother the other. But Sasuke, as always, helped her gather her clothes and would get dressed after he'd helped her, and then he would wait until she was finished dressing up before both departed once again. Sometimes, they'd go separate ways, and sometimes they'd leave together... and today was one of those times they left together, but in silence.

Sakura had always wondered why he always waited for her before leaving, or why he turned down offers of much prettier girls for a night of passion─only to spend it with her. She knew their relationship was only on the intimate part, bu she couldn't help but to wonder if he cared about her in some way. But her inner self strongly denied that fact, recalling for her the times he'd told her this was only intimate and no feelings were involved in their shared activities. She also recalled him telling her that their relationship would never evolve into something else.

It broke her heart, in a way. She still had those feelings for Sasuke, although they were somewhere deep inside her being, locked away and almost lost. She had taught herself not to love him.

But there were still those times...

...those times her heart broke as she realized that they would never do anything else then fuck. That she was just a sex toy to him. That she was just his favorite woman to fuck.

"You're tight, you're responsive and you're rough. No other woman can touch me like you do, and no other woman has the passion you put in this. I like that."

"So that's why you keep me around?"


She yelped in surprise, breaking out of her thoughts as she was pulled strongly somewhere, pulled up backwards agaisnt someone's chest, a warm hand on her mouth. Glancing backwards, she was surprised to see Sasuke staring at her. "Sasu─" but he cut her off, pressing his hand more firmly on her mouth. "I'll meet you tonight. In your room. The others are out for the night." He smoothly stated, looking at her quietly for a second. "Any problems?" He asked, his tone a little harsh. Sakura shook her head, making a sound of negation against his hand. "Good." He answered, smashing his lips against her in a short but rough kiss which promised much more for later.

And when he pulled away, she was a little dazed and confused, but she quickly got over it when he grunted, calling her back to reality. And then together, they walked to their home that they also shared with Kakashi, Sai and Naruto.

They made sure to keep a fair distance between the both of them so if the other saw them coming they wouldn't have suspicions.

"You were great earlier, hope you can be as great tonight." Sasuke casually stated, smirking lightly at her startled gasp.

"Sasuke-kun!" She squealed, blushing lightly.

His smirk only grew wider.

"Sakura-chan! The teme actually went to get you!" A voice cried in glee, meeting her with a big bear hug. " I didn't actually think he would! Being the cold hearted bastard he is, you know?" he laughed lightly, pulling back from his hug and grinning sheepishly at the pink haired woman whom was like a sister to him.

"Of course I did, dobe. She could get raped if she walks alone. Someone has to accompany her." Sasuke flatly replied in an matter-of-fact tone.

"I can perfectly take care of myself, thank you very much." Sakura retorted indignantly, huffing in distaste before she stomped away. "I'm not weak anymore, Uchiha!" She called angrily from another room.

Naruto snickered. "Oi, teme! You like being on Sakura's hate list don't you?" He slyly said, laughing heartedly right after. "You're such an idiot sometimes..."

"Hn." Sasuke grunted, smirking lightly as he turned his head towards the room he knew she was in.

Oh, he did very much like being on her hate list.

She was so much more feistier in action when she was worked up.


I will follow you wherever you lead me

Heaven or Hell, it makes no difference

I just want to be with you forever...


End Of Chapter One

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