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Chapter Thirteen:


Cause' I love you, whether it's wrong or right.


The light is strong, almost blinding.

This is the first thing that Haruno Sakura became aware of as her eyes fluttered open slowly.

She groaned softly, shutting her eyes again, her displeased expression lifting delightfully as she felt arms tightening the grip they already had on her waist. Throwing a look over her shoulder, Sakura smiled softly as her thoughts were confirmed, her cheery gaze softening as she took in the sight of the blissfully exhausted raven haired man sleeping beside her. As carefully as she could, she shifted in his arms to look at him, giggling lightly when his grip tightened once more, as if afraid she was making a movement to get up. She cupped his cheek, stroking the skin with the pad of her thumb, the soft smile on her lips growing even softer as she watched his eyes flutter open to reveal sleepy obsidian pools.

The young pink haired medic and the remaining Uchiha gazed at each other for a while, silently, and neither really dared to speak up. Not because they couldn't, not because they were sleepy, not because they didn't want to—simply because words weren't needed now. They just want to hold each other on a beautiful morning, both sleepy and sore from their passionate activity of the night before. Neither could even tell how many rounds there had been—there were too many. They'd been making up for the time they had lost together.

It was a while before she felt a slight tug at her lower back, almost like an invitation or a request for her to bring herself closer to him, which she gladly took. She giggled, wiggling closer to him, a light hearted laugh falling out of her lips as he pulled her on top of him, her head pressed against his shoulder gently, his nose buried in the crook of her neck. She smiled at the feeling of his naked flesh against her own, and raised her head to look at him, her smile growing as radiant as ever when he met her eyes, the sleepy expression replaced by one of fondness.

Sasuke's hand trailed up and down her spine, slowly, slowly. It was a tender gesture that made Sakura smile even more, and had given her a reason to lean down and kiss him—not that she even needed one anyway. The hand on her spine stopped moving as he returned her gentle morning kiss, and instead it pressed a little, bringing her closer to him. His mouth moved stirringly on her own, and his arms wrapped themselves tightly around her once again, making her smile in the kiss. He started to move upwards in a sitting position, deepening the kiss in the same time, and before the girl could even realize, he had her back against the mattress, and his naked body loomed over hers.

"Mou, Sasuke-kun, maybe we should get up—" But her words were cut off by his lips slanting over hers in a searing kiss. Sakura, knowing fully where he was trying to lead this to, broke the kiss and shook her head, opening her mouth to speak and protest, only for his lips to cut her off again. But he had kissed her more softly, this time, like he was trying to convince her of something. "No—Sasuke-kun we just woke up—I—Sasuke-kun they could hear us—" She spoke between burning kisses, trying to get him to stop, yet still never denying his touches and kisses.

(She wanted it. Kami—she wanted it.)

"Don't care." He muttered against her lips, his hands that were caressing her sides gently sliding down to her hips, where he gripped her gently. He raised his eyes to meet her viridian ones, and stared quietly for a moment, waiting until she cupped his cheek and smiled before he smirked, leaned to kiss her and started—


Both Sasuke and Sakura froze completely, their lips still pressed together, but their eyes snapped wide open in pure horror of being interrupted in such a moment. He was halfway sheathed inside the girl, and although Naruto could not see it—Kami, bless whoever invented bed sheets—both were completely sure that Naruto was aware that…

Well, you know.

"I did not barge in on them having sex, I did not barge in on them having sex, I did not barge in on them having sex, I did not barge in on them having sex, I did not barge in on them having sex, I did not—"

"Shut up, already!" Sasuke barked, throwing the blonde a pillow, hard. Naruto yelped ("I'M SORRY!") and ducked the throw, slamming the door shut behind him while screaming words that made the pair blush, "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU GUYS THINKING, ANYWAY?! HAVING SEX IN THE MORNING?! WHEN WE ARE HERE!?"

Sasuke sighed as the screaming finally faded, and then returned his gaze to the pinkette under him—in whom he was still inside of, mind you—staring awkwardly for a while. She returned his embarrassed gaze, but after a while, her lips twitched up, and she started laughing. A light hearted laughter of pure joy and amusement that made Sasuke smile a bit, and then before he knew it, he had joined her in her laughter. Sakura's heart jumped at the sound of his deep, heartfelt and rich laughter, but she didn't stop laughing.

Rather, she locked her arms around his neck and pressed her face against the skin of his neck, making the man press his body down to hers, his arms slipping under her to return her embrace.

As the laughter faded, they pulled back to look at each other, silent for a few seconds, before one finally leaned in to capture the other's lips in a light kiss. Sakura shut her eyes and smiled after they parted, her eyes fluttering open halfway to look at the man she loved so much. "I suggest you… pull out and we get up. Before any more embarrassing interruptions." She was grinning at the last sentence, and he chuckled a bit, nuzzling her neck. "Fine." He replied, his voice quiet but tender.

She giggled. "What a character change, Sasuke-kun. What's caused you to be so sweet and affectionate?" She remarked, poking the cheek of her lover.

But when she felt him smile against her shoulder, she couldn't hide her shock. Shouldn't he have returned to his monotone attitude?

And then he said two words that took her breath away.

"I'm happy."

They were on a mission.

They were on a freaking mission, and yet here he was, letting his hands wander over her body, pushing down her shorts.


His mouth slanted over hers as a silent order to shut her mouth and to simply enjoy this, but she protested against him. "Sasuke we can't do this—" She gasped when he pressed his groin against her crotch, making her feel how hard he was, "—we're on a mission for Kami's sake!" The sentence was finished in a small moan, since he was fondling with her breasts. "Kami—Sasuke stop—" She tore her mouth away from his and cupped his face, immobilizing his movements. "Can't you at least wait until we get back home?" She whispered.

He was quiet, for a while, but the shook his head, pressing his hot mouth on hers. "I want you. I need you now." He rasped, tugging his pants and boxers down before he cupped her face and kissed her hard, filling her completely with one hard thrust.

She threw her head back at the familiar sensation she had missed, her mouth parting open in silent screams as he pounded into her repeatedly, grunting, groaning as he kissed her neck and shoulders. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, almost having the urge to smile when he gripped her waist with one hand, while the other pressed itself against the tree trunk behind her for more support.

The climax was sudden. One moment she was meeting him thrust for thrust, and then the next waves of pleasure rocked through her uncontrollably, freezing her movements, making her scream out his name blissfully. He had followed closely, spilling inside of her, something that suddenly made her gasp.

"The protection—Oh god, Sasuke you didn't use freaking protection!?" She hissed, her voice raspy and breathy, seeing as she hadn't caught her breath yet.

She felt him tense slightly, and then he shook his head slowly, cursing under his breath. "I got carried away." He muttered, pulling out of her. His eyes met hers, after a moment, and he didn't fail to see the flicker of fear in her eyes. "What if I get pregnant?" She questioned softly, biting her lower lip. "I don't want to get pregnant with your child if we are not together."

He stayed silent, staring at her with an expression she could not seem to put a finger on.

"...I don't know, Sakura." He finally said.

A few weeks later, Sakura had taken the pregnancy test three times.

The results were negative.

"Boys! Lunch is ready!" Sakura called out, putting the final plate on the table.

She got a faint response from Naruto ("I'm coming!"), which was the only thing she needed to hear—because if Naruto could hear, than anyone else in the house did too. The blonde had the farthest room away from the kitchen, and did not have the finest hearing in the group, meaning the others heard if he heard.

She had only finished slicing a tomato—no doubt for her dear Sasuke-kun—as she saw two hands pressing on the counter, and felt a body press itself against her own from behind, trapping her. A pair of lips pressed itself against her neck, kissing and nibbling on her skin teasingly, making her shut her eyes. She tilted her head to the side to look at the man she loved, and Sasuke, upon sensing her movement, raised his head and pressed his mouth against her temple, his eyes meeting hers.

"Sasuke-kun." Sakura greeted gently, cupping his cheek.

But before he could even greet her back, a soft, amused voice interrupted them. "Ah, Sakura it smells good, what have you prepared—Oh? Am I… interrupting something?"

Although both had frozen at the sound of the voice, Sasuke hadn't moved away from Sakura. He simply turned his head to glare at his former sensei, his dark gaze becoming deathly upon noticing the sly look in the man's eyes (Sasuke swore he was smirking under his god forsaken mask). He grunted in annoyance, giving Sakura a quick peck on the lips before he moved away from her and grabbed one of the big pans of food. He walked over to the table and placed it in the middle, before he walked back over to Sakura and grabbed another one.

"Sasuke-teme is helping Sakura-chan! Awe, how cute!" Naruto snickered upon entering the room, his eyes glimmering with pure amusement as Sasuke threw him a death glare, scowling. "At least someone is." Sakura retorted back, huffing indignantly when the boy merely grinned more wickedly, instead of whining, like they had expected him to. "Me thinks the teme is whipped." Naruto commented innocently, laughing when Sasuke's head jerked to look at him, red eyes consuming coal. "I'm kidding, jeez!" He said, still laughing.

Sasuke growled thickly, his eyes traveling back and forth from Naruto to Kakashi, both who seemed to be highly amused and thrilled to witness a moment where Sasuke actually acted caring and did not remain a human ice cube. And there was also the fact Naruto walked in on them almost getting it on this morning that made his feeling of humiliation worsen. Oh and we can't forget how Kakashi walked in on them when he was actually acting very sweet towards the blossom.

"Is teme blushing, or is it just my eyes playing tricks on me? Kakashi-sensei, IS TEME ACTUALLY BLUSHING?!"

"I do believe so, Naruto."

Oh, he was so about to burst out of humiliation any second now.

"You guys! Leave him alone! It's not funny." Sakura protested, sighing. "Can't you see you're just embarrassing him?" She hugged him gently, kissing his cheek. "Thank you for helping, Sasuke-kun. I appreciate it. Unlike the other people here, you are kind enough to lend a hand." She murmured gently, flashing him a warm smile before she turned and went back to the kitchen to get the rest of the food.

It was quiet, for a moment, until Sasuke turned to look at the offended looking men, and smirked. "Hm."

At that last word, Naruto finally fumed. "HEY, I COULD TOO HELP! I'M KIND TOO, SAKURA-CHAAAAAAN!"

Sasuke huffed in amusement as he watched the boy run off to the kitchen, no doubt to prove he could be kind as well, but before Sasuke could even make a movement to turn, his former sensei put a hand on his shoulder. "Sasuke, I know it probably won't change anything, but I want you to know that I am sorry to have doubted you both. I only wanted to make sure Sakura didn't get hurt, but I ended up hurting the both of you by making you go through this. And for that, I apologize." Kakashi said, his voice soft and quiet, but filled with pure sincerity.

Sasuke stared quietly at the man, but then shook his head. "And you're expecting me to simply forgive you?" He finally said, his tone harsh and cold. He was a bit surprised to see they grey eyed man shake his head and smile behind his mask. "No, not really. At least, not at the moment." His eyes crinkled with joy and amusement. "But one day, I hope. After all, everybody makes mistakes, ne?"

Sasuke smirked lightly and huffed an amused breath. "As long as you don't get in the way again, the odds of you to be forgiven in the next few weeks are probable." He shrugged off the man's hand from his shoulder, his smirk growing. Kakashi chuckled and shook his head, giving the Uchiha one last amused glance before he took a seat at the table, soon joined by a quiet, happy Sai and an ecstatic, cheery Naruto. "So, Naruto, Sakura thinks you're kind now?" Kakashi questioned, his single visible eye crinkling with hilarity. Naruto beamed a wide grin, throwing a punch in the air, "Sakura-chan said I was always a kind boy, dattebayo!"

Kakashi chuckled, and the newly arrived Sakura laughed lightly, taking a seat beside her beloved, smiling. "Itadakimasu!" She chirped, giggling when everybody chanted the same, except Sasuke who simply muttered the word quietly.

They ate in complete comfortable and happy silence, some of them commenting a little on the delicious food she had cooked, which earned them a happy response from the girl. But most of the times, everyone was simply silent, but happily eating, like words weren't even needed tonight.

Sakura had finished eating first, and she excused herself from the table, grabbing her finished plate, and disappeared into the kitchen. A few seconds later, they saw her come out, and then disappear in the washing room, where she would no doubt take care of their dirty clothes. It was a routine to her: prepare dinner or lunch, eat, do the laundry, and then come back to wash the dishes.

She never complained, though. Instead, she seemed to rather enjoy doing all the housework.

"You know, I'm really glad the deal is off and all now." Naruto commented when Sasuke stood from the table and disappeared in the kitchen as well. "Everything seems fine now. There's no tension at the table, Sakura is beaming freaking happily, and the teme actually looks like he doesn't have a stick up his ass, for once!" He went on, nodding firmly. Kakashi chuckled, but nodded as well. "At least we know now." He confirmed, shaking his head at the blonde as he received a puzzled look. "They're in love, Naruto. Madly in love." He paused, and then his single visible eye crinkled with slyness again. "So in love that they can't stop going at it like rabbits." Sai then beamed, popping in a question that left the others laughing: "So will there be the clan restoration of the Uchiha's, soon?"

The males were too caught up in their conversation to notice Sasuke slipping in the laundry room, where his rosette lover was.

Sasuke had slipped into the room as quietly as he could, not wanting to be noticed by the pink haired girl who was suddenly bending over to pick up the dirty clothes on the floor, and throw them in the washing machine. She hummed pleasantly, purely distracted, which made Sasuke smirk a bit. He sneaked his way behind her, smirking a little more as he succeeded without being seen.

One of his hands grasped her hip while the other slipped around her waist, which made her gasp a bit. He bit down on her neck teasingly, pressing himself completely behind her, to make her feel him. "You know, I actually kind of like this position. It's been a while." He murmured huskily in her ear, dragging his mouth from her neck to her jaw, nibbling lightly on the skin. "What do you say, Sakura?" He whispered sexily, pressing his crotch more tightly against her sweet rump.

She gasped lightly, but made a small sound of negation."Sasuke-kun, I'm doing the laundry." She told him, tilting her head back as he started trailing butterfly kisses on her neck and throat. She bit her lip lightly as he dragged the hand on her stomach down to her pants. "We have unfinished business, Sakura." He went on, his dark eyes meeting her hazed ones. He smirked lightly and her needy look, grabbing her chin before he leaned in and kissed her greedily. She turned in his arms, moaning softly, snaking her arms around his neck as he gripped her by the hips and hoisted her up on the washing machine. "The unfinished business can wait until tonight, Sasuke-kun." She gasped between a kiss, a lovely moan following her words when he started slipping down her jeans.

"You know, we've never tried in the laundry room." Sasuke commented through a rough kiss, chuckling when she reached down to slip off his pants and boxers. She parted and nuzzled his neck, nodding lightly in response to his statement. "This can still wait, Sasuke-kun. And the others are in the next room, Christ!" She hissed, shutting her eyes when he slipped down her black lacy underwear and let them fall to the floor.

Her words had made him laugh a little, though. "You're telling me this has to wait, yet you're not doing anything to stop this." Sasuke remarked, gripping her hips and settling himself between her legs. She brought him in a rough, burning kiss, her tongue battling for dominance with his, moaning as slowly slipped his shaft inside her. He groaned in their kiss, putting a hand at the back of her head to press her mouth harder on his, deepening the kiss. "Shit, Sakura. You're so tight in this position." He breathed, gripping her hip tighter.

She moaned softly in response, pressing herself further down on him, her mouth parting open at the blissful sensation. "Sasuke-kun, please." She whimpered, slanting her mouth over his own in a scorching kiss. He grunted against her lips, gripping her tighter before he removed himself slightly, and then drove his hips upwards, hard. She panted loudly, moaning in their sloppy passionate kiss, biting down on his lower lip as he repeated the same motion, harder and faster.

"Ah… like… like that…!" She gasped, her loud moan muffled by his lips. He drove into her wildly time and time again, his lips never leaving hers for a single moment, muffling her moans. She met him thrust for thrust, trying hard not to moan too much because she knew they had to be quiet. The others were in the room beside theirs.


Oh, he was nearing his own limit, he knew. Sasuke paced faster, groaning at the wonderful feeling of her warmth tightly squeezing around his length, filling his every nerve with absolute pleasure. "Sakura," He rasped against her mouth, pushing deeper, harder, faster.

And then…

"Sakura-chan, I was—HOLY FREAKING SHIT!"

Sakura gasped at the sight of the blond haired man standing at the doorway, his jaw dropped wide open, his face flushed a deep red color—no doubt out of pure humiliation of having walked in on them again (it's his third time, no?). She breathed to Sasuke to stop, but he didn't, he just kept on pumping into her, not even caring if his best friend was watching because damnit, they were so close to releasing, he just couldn't stop.

"Dope, get the fuck out." Sasuke snapped venomously, burying his face in the crook of his lover's neck as he felt himself ready to let go.

The both of them had never seen Naruto disappear so fast, but both couldn't care any less because their climax had reached them, leaving their mind blanks. Sakura bit down on Sasuke's shoulder to hold back her sporadic moan, and the said man had groaned loudly against her shoulder, his eyes shut tight as he spilled inside her.

"I… can't believe he walked in on us. Again." Sakura breathed, nuzzling his neck.

Sasuke chuckled, pulling out of her and bringing her shaking body down from the washing appliance. He kissed her softly, brushing his nose tenderly against her own. "Whatever. It was bound to happen sometime anyway." He smiled lightly as she giggled and hugged him, humming pleasantly.

And he oh so accidentally (coughnotcough) let those few words slip out of his mouth. Words that made her blush furiously, but giggle in the same time.

"I say we should do this again sometime. Laundry room is a remarkable place to have sex."

Later on that night…

"So the deal is off?!"

Sakura giggled, but nodded cheerily. "Yes, the deal is off. Has been ever since last night."

Ino gaped, and squealed, hugging Sakura tightly. "That is so great! You guys must've had a lot of lustful rumps to make up for the lost time, ne?" The blue eyed girl suggested, grinning slyly as she nudged the girl.

Sakura blushed furiously, yelping in embarrassment, "INO!"

But to make the matters worse, Sasuke came up from behind her, handing her the drink she had asked for, and he started nibbling on her neck, making it hard for her not to moan. She was blushing furiously, because she knew that Ino was watching with that sly look in her eyes, but also because it was damn freaking hard not to turn around and kiss him senseless.

"Sa…Sasuke… Sasuke-kun… stop it…" She whispered, squealing in embarrassment as his hand slipped under her shirt.

He didn't.


"Yeah, Sasuke. Jeez, save it for tonight."

Smirking, he huffed, and then gave Sakura quick kiss before he sat at the stool beside hers, sipping his drink. Sakura was still blushing lightly, but she had gone back to chatting with her best friend Ino, trying to get her mind off her lustful feelings that had almost exploded and no doubt would have if he had not stopped kissing her neck and touching her. But Sasuke would wait, because it had been a while she had not seen her friends and it had been a while she had not been to the bar to enjoy herself. He wanted to let her have her fun in her social life.

"I'm really glad, though. It wasn't pleasant watching you guys so hurt." Ino sighed, frowning. "It was actually pretty heartbreaking." She mumbled, sipping her drink. Her best friend smiled, "Well, it's over now. We're together again, and for good. Nothing will come between us ever again." she turned to look at him. "Ne, Sasuke-kun?"

He nodded, wrapping his arms around her waist, his head pressed on her shoulder.

Let's have some fun, this beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick
Let's have some fun, this beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick

Sakura and Ino looked at each other and squealed, stumbling out of their stool. "Damn fucking straight! I love this song!"

He was stunned, but he shrugged lightly, watching his girlfriend walk away towards the dance floor with her blond best friend, laughing and swinging her hands in the air. He smirked when they reached the center of the floor and started dancing at their heart's content. Both of them swung their hips sexily, and both of them were evidently experts at dancing, but Sasuke's eyes were only latched on Sakura.


Hold me and love me
Just want touch you for a minute
Baby three seconds is in it for my heart to quit it

Without really knowing, he stood from his chair, and started making his way to his lover, his eyes flashing with passionate lust, but he had not realized what he was doing before he was behind the girl, his arms around her waist, his own body swaying with hers. He was a bit surprised, but he didn't do anything to stop what he was doing—he enjoyed it.

Dirty dancing with Sakura.

At least, it was better than sitting at the bar, watching her dance like a wild cat, while other males hungrily stared. At least, it was better to dance with her, feel her, smell her, love her—and to watch others stare at him in pure jealousy and envy.

Because holy shit, who wouldn't want to be in his place?

He was dancing with this beautiful girl, involved with her. He was allowed to touch her, kiss her, hug her, make love to her. He was allowed to whisper things to her, to sleep in the same bed as hers, to spend time with her.

And tonight, he would be able to do one more thing with her, if she wanted to.

But he had to wait until she wanted to leave before he got to ask her.

Slim arms wrapped themselves around her neck, and a pair of lips met his for a moment. She looked radiant, beautiful, and happy. She was glowing with evident happiness that Sasuke would do anything to protect.

"Sasuke-kun, let's go home."



It was time.



"Sas…Sasuke…-kun… the condom…"

He shook his head, and she threw him a perplexed look, opened her mouth to speak again.


"Let's make a child."


She was stunned. Shocked out of her damn mind. Had he really said what she thought she had heard?

"You heard me." He leaned down and kissed her softly, hugging her naked body to his own tightly.


"Let's have a family."



Before you came into my life the sun was never there.

You showed me what was happiness, you taught me what was true,

and now that you are by my side, I'll always hang on you.



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