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Not So Perfect

Chapter One: Sweet Sixteen

Oh, shit.




I check that pee stick again.


Hi, I'm Gwendolyn Tennyson. And you may be wondering why you're standing in a prep school bathroom with a girl slightly freaking out. Strike that. Freaking out! Well you see, I happen to be a senior here at Bellewood Academy. A month ago, our school had a summer dance to kick off the beginning of the summer semster of school. I forced my friend Kevin to take me. We ended up not going to the dance and witnessed my cousin Ben, umm... give birth, I guess who be a a reasonable term. Anyways, the night was almost ruined, but then Kevin started playing music and we danced. He kiss me, I kissed him. One thing lead to another...

And I woke up naked with my best friend in his apartment.

I've been getting sick and I'm late. I decided to take my off-role period and snuck off campus and brought a test. It looks as if it's positive.


A pink happy face. :)

Why the fuck is it so happy? Does that little stick realize it may just ruin my freakin' life? I might as well say 'Hahaha... you screwed and now you're screwed.'

Shit, I'm pregnant.

I can se my parents disowning me. Ben laughing at me; his parents putting him on a pedestal(spelling?) for being 'such a good boy'. Grandpa Max and Grandma Verdona looking at me with disappointment. Ken beating up... FUCK!


My baby father is Kevin. How am I going to tell him? We're... he... oh man. Talk about awkward. 'Hey I know you like me and I like you too, so... I'm having your child. Love you!'


I got grab my cell phone. Speak off the devil, it's Kevin.

'Gonna pick u up after skool. dw, not getting ben.'

Great, I sighed. I have the perfect orppunity(spelling?).

I close my locker silently when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turn to see Kyle Montag. He's senior class president and the quarterback. I gazed at his short blonde hair and his crysal blue eyes. I remember turning him down for the summer dance because I wanted to go with Kevin (and he reminded me of Morningstar). Damn, I should've said yes. Then I would have a problem.

"Hey Gwen." He smiled showing his perfect white teeth. Why did I say no? Oh right, so I can get pregnant with Kevin's baby.

"Hi Kyle." He suddenly grabs my books and hands me a present.

"Happy Birthday." I smile take the present. "Open it." I nod and carefully take apart the wrapping paper. I see a copy of Jane Eyre.

"Oh Kyle. How'd you know?" I embrace the book. He guides me to walk towards the exit of the school placing his hand on the small of my back.

"I see you borrowing it from the library all the time, thought you should've gotten your own copy." He smiles at me again and I can feel a blush creeping up my cheek.

BUZZ! My phone again. I look at the text. It's from Kevin.

'Hrry up, gettin annoyed by 2 freshmen.'

"So Gwen do you need a ride?"

"Actually, Kevin's picking me up."

"Oh." He looks disappointed.

"I'm sorry." He opens the door for me and we see Kevin sitting on the hood on his car talking to two freshmen girls who are obviously flirting. It's just as obvious that he's not interested. He sees me and gestures me to hurry up. The two girls glare at me.

"Hey Gwen," Kyle looks nervous. "In case things don't work out between you and Kevin, I'd like to take you out sometime."

My eyes widen.


HONK! I turn to see Kevin already inside his car. The two freshmen are walking away and one of them is crying. The other one glares at me. I hold up my index finger towards Kevin indicating one more minute and turn to Kyle.

"Thanks, but me and Kevin aren't dating and I don't think I'd be dating for a while..." Because I'm pregnant.

I grab my stuff from Kyle and walk towards Kevin. He leans over the passenger seat to open my door.

"Look in the glove compartment."


"You're gift is in there."

"You got me a gift?"

"Duh, now go look." I did as he said, digging through the pile of yellow tickets. 'Honestly,' I mumbled. I keep searching until I found a little jewelry box.

"I'm sorry Kev, but I can't marry you." Even though, I might have to.

"Shut up," He blushes. "Just open it." I smirk at him and do so. It was a diamond neckless.

"Is this real?"

"Duh, I wouldn't buy you anything fake."


"I have my ways." I raise an eyebrow. "Cash and JT totaled a car and paid me a pretty penny to fix it."

"This is really nice," I sigh, "but I can't accept it."

"I had a feeling about this. I knew it." My heart skips a beat.

"You're dating that guy." I stare at him.

"What? Kyle? NO!" I yell at him.

"See, you said his name. It means you're hiding it."

"No, he reminds me of Michael to be honest... and you know how I feel about..." I trail my sentence off.

"Then what is it? Why won't you accept my present?"

"Kevin, it's just that you and I... aren't..."

"But you know why."

"No, Kevin, I understand. YOU don't undertstand."

"What do you mean I don't understand!" We're not going anywhere with this conversation.

"Remember that night you almost took me to the dance."

"Oh, I get it." He grips the wheel so hard he's absorbing it.

"No, I don't think so." He made a sharp turn. "HEY! Be careful."

"I understand. Gwen."

"No, just listen to me."

"Damn it. I made a mistake."


"I just thought you'd wait for me." I'm so confused.

"What are you talking about?"

"You know that I--"

"I'M PREGNANT! GOD DAMNMIT!" His eyes widen and he lets go of the wheel. Of course I don't notice his hands as I'm just watching his reaction. As soon as I realize his hands were at least two inches away from the wheel, I hastily try to grab it. Too late. The car is headin straight for a tree. Damn wheel won't move.

"KEVIN!" I yell as the car jumps the curb. He pounces on the brake just missing the tree by a milimeter.

"WHAT THE FUCK!! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US!!" He's silent. My voice lowers.

"Kevin..." He doesn't look at me.

"Talk to me." I touch his shoulder but he flinches. I quickly retreat my hand. I sratch my head and lean back into the seat. Great, this is perfect.

"Uhmm... so... it's... me... you..." He fumbles for words.

"Is it mine?" I stare at him.

"No, it's Ben's." I asked amazed at his stupidity at the moment.

"Gwen, don't joke around this is serious." I pause.

"Of it's your's... you're the only guy." He still avoids me.

"Doyouneedmetodriveyouthefreeclinic?" He says in one breath; I can't understand what he's saying.


"Do you, umm... need me to drive you... to the, umm... free clinic?" He asks slowly. My jaw drops. I could slap him.


"Abortion seems like the--"


"I think--"


"Gwen, it's probably--"

"NO!" I open my door and slam it. I check my surrounding and realize I'm not far from home. I start power walking. I would run, but I was being smart and instead of wearing my Mary-Janes, I wore heels. This was going to be a long walk home.

HONK! I turn to the road and see that Kevin has gotten his car off the curb and back on the street.

"Gwen, get in the car."

"No way, I'm not getting in the car with someone who wants to kill his own child." I glare at him and keep walking. Unforutunely, he's following me in his car.

"Oh come on, don't say it like that."

"It is like that."

"Gwen I'm sorry." For the first time he looks into my eyes. I pause. We just stare at each other. For the first time again, he breaks the silence.

"Get in the car." I continue walking, but he doesn't stop me, but instead follows me home.

Tears run down my face. I'm crying. I'm crying for the first time today.

Happy Birthday to me.

Wow. I started this about a month ago and wrote it in my notebook. This is completely different from who I orginally wrote, but it's better. Sigh. I guess I have to change chapter two, but other than that. I think that this will not majorly change the story I had in mind. Why am I writing this... HOPE YOU ENJOYED!