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Not So Perfect

Chapter Thirteen: You know?

It's a funny thing, you know?

Waking up in a completely different bed than your own. Like seriously? As I attempt to open my heavy eyes, I hear loud snoring in my ears and feel a warm body pressed against my back. I become more awake by the minute, and I begin to realize where I am. I'm at Kevin's apartment, lying in Kevin's arms. We're spooning. Hmm... Speaking of spooning, I want some ice cream. Mmmm... Chocolate ice cream with hot fudge and jimmies. Doesn't that sound fantastic? OH, with pickles.

Yes, add pickles to everything. That sounds delisious. I have to pee. Geezes, seems like when you're pregnant you think of the weirdest things. Oh wait, that's normal. Haha.

"Gwen," Kevin grunts from behind me. He strokes my stomach gently.

"Yes Kevin?" I push against him. Oh, I feel something poking against me. Sex wouldn't be so bad now either. With that ice cream, we can lick it off each off. Oh yeah, having Kevin with his big manly body on top of my big, impregnate body... WHOA. Don't go there.


"Stop what? Why?"

"Because you keep squirming around, and it's freaking me out. Plus, it's rather uncomfortable." I get up on my elbows and turn over to face him.

"What did you say Kevin Ethan Levin?" I say in my scariest voice. He chuckles.

"Nothing." He kisses my forehad.

"Damn right nothing." He smiles at me. Oh my, what a handsome smile. He's so yummy. I could just fu- STOP WITH THE SEX.

"I love you." He whispers. I giggle like a school girl. Wait, I am a school girl. I giggle like myself then? Oh whatever. I giggled.

"Aw Kev, I love you too." He kisses both of my cheeks then softly kisses me on my lips. It was tender and loving. Wow, Kevin being tender. Well, when Devie was being concieved he was... OH MY GOSH GWEN, ENOUGH.

"I'm hungry, you want anything?" He kisses my forehead one more time before getting up. He's only wearing basketball shorts. He keeps talking, but I don't hear a work he's saying. I can't help to stare at his bulge. Dammit. I am pregnant. I want him in...




"Gwen?" I snap back in to reality.

"Yes? What?" I stare up into his face. He runs his hand through his bangs.

"You hungry? Want me to buy something?"

"Oh yes. I want ice cream with hot fudge topped with a pickle please." He laughs.


"What? Why not?" I protest.

"Because it's my house."

"But I'm pregnant!"

"Well you can't use that on me."

"Well, well," His eyebrow rose in amusement. "YOU CAN'T GET PREGNANT." I yelled at him. His eyes widen for a moment, before he turned around and fell over laughing. I stared at him. That was a legitimate claim! Why is he... Hahaha, that was pretty funny. But still, I'm going to win. It takes a few minutes before he stops laughing but when he does, he crawls over to me and bumps his forehead against mine.

"Fine, I'll let you win. I'll go to the store and buy some pickles." Oh my, his voice is so husky. "You want anything else?"

"Yes." I say timidly. I bite my lip.

"Yes?" He questions. I place one hand on his cheek, and the other on his heart.

"You." I close my eyes. I hear him chuckle again.

"What ever you want. After all, you are pregnant." He kisses me again.

After what seems like forever, Kevin leaves for the store. After a quick bathroom break, I make Kevin's bed and tidy up his room. Which honestly, it's not so bad. I walk out of the room when I'm finished and head over the the kitchen.

"Oh there you are honey." I look in shock to see both my mother and my father in the kitchen. My father's just casually sitting in the table reading the newspaper while my mother and Marly are huddled together. They were smiling. Oh God, it's one of those evil smiles. I'm scared.

"Ma, Da, what are you guys doing here?" I asked slightly backing up against the door.

"Oh well, Marly just told us the good news this morning, so we rushed over here as fast and we can to see you. But you and Kevin were still sleeping, so we decided to just wait here until you woke up." Looking closer at my mother, it looks like she had been crying, but she looks so happy at the same time.

"News?" I asked.

"Gwen, come here." My father spoke without looking up from his paper. He casually turned a page as I approached him. I stood in front of him. My mother and Marly remained silent as they watched me. Gawd, I'm nervous. What the hecko is going on?

"Sit." I take a seat across from him. He turns another page, not saying anything for a good five minutes. Beads of sweat of dipping down m face. Devie is kicking like crazy. She always knows when somethings up. Good baby.

"Gwen, have you thought this through?" What? The baby? Yes, I thought we established months ago that I'm keeping it. I thought he was on board with this. What the fuck? I'm so confused.

"Uh... yeah. I've been think about this for months now actually..?" I respond. He turns another page. Goodness, I wish he'd put that thing down.

"How could you never told us about it?" Is he serious?

"Daddy, you known this was going to happen for months now!" I felt my voice rising but I couldn't control it. "Kevin and I were stupid! But we're going to make up for it! Daddy what is your problem?" He slams the paper on the table and stands up.

"My problem? First, you become stupid enough to get pregnant by a delinquent ("Hey!" Marly cries from the background.). Now I have to hear from Marly that you are engaged?" I'M WHAT? "How do you think that makes me feel? After all we..." I stop listening.

I'm engaged.

I'm engaged!

Oh wow. That makes me so happy.




No, no, no. I would know if I was engaged.

"Wait, daddy." I stop his tirade. "Daddy, I'm not engaged. I would know if I am, but I'm not." He cools down.

"What do you mean your not engaged?" Marly asks from my left. I turn to her.

"I mean, we're not engaged..." Daddy sits back down. Momma stepped beside me and placed a hand on my shoulder. I look up at her.

"Gwen, are you sure? Marly said Kevin asked you last night and you said yes." I scanned my brain, recalling all of last night's events. Angela, Cooper,

"Yes Mama, I'd think I'd remember..." 'Will you marry me?' 'Only if you let me sleep.'

"Oh fuck."

I sat against the rock. Oh my gosh. I'm engaged. I didn't mean for this to happen. What the hell did i get into? There's no way we can survive a marriage.

"Hey Kiddo." I look up. It's grandma Verona.

"Hello grandma."

"How you doing?" She sat beside me.

"I'm good."

"Don't lie to me child." I sigh as she wrapped her arm around me. I stared into the water.

"I'm pregnant right?" Silence, so I assume she nodded.

"Well, I'm confused. I know I'm keeping the child. I already love him or her. She's mine. You know? And then there's Kevin. I love him. When I first met him, he was gross and dirty. He kept trying to kill Ben and I hated him. I really did! But five years later, he comes back. A totally different person. He's changed Grandma Verona. He's amazing. I love him. I'm in love with him. I'm so in love with him it drives me crazy. He drives me crazy. You know?"

"Before I got pregnant, he didn't want anything from me! He didn't want to be my boyfriend, but he took my virginity. And even afterwards, he didn't want to be my boyfriend. Then I tell him I'm pregnant, he almost kills us. Then he gets into a fight with my father, and abandons me while I'm pregnant with his child. Then he comes back and tells me he wants me."

"Stupidly, I just take him. Despite all the pain he caused me. I just take him to be my boyfriend. Then it's amazing. I'm happy. I'm happier because he's with me. I'm just happy. When I'm with him, I just forget that I'm pregnant. All of it blows it away, all the problems and complications, they're all gone. It scares me. I'm scared because our love is just so amazing."

I cover my face with my hands. Grandma wraps her arm around me and strokes my back gently.

"Lovely story honey, but I'm afraid you haven't told me everything just yet." I lick my lips.

"He asked me to marry him yesterday."

"Oh really? Did you reject him?"

"Well, I kinda said yes."

"So what's the problem?"

"I don't want to marry him."

"Why not? You love him, don't you? And you're having his child."

"Well, marriage doesn't appeal to me."

"Marriage is wonderful." I turned to her.

"How would you know? You left Grandpa Max." Her face remained calm.

"I may have left, but I never left him. He's still my husband. The love of my life. Gwen, honey, I don't expect you to understand. But I've been in love with your Grandfather since the day I met him. My love for him never diminished, if anything it grew. The time we spent apart only proved that we were meant to be together."

"We were off doing our own thing, but that didn't stop us from loving each other. We sent each other long, meaningful letters every single day for 20 years. The only time we lost contact was when he disappeared a few years ago."

"Grandma," She cut me off.

"I know I wasn't there for you, but you need to know. I love your grandfather. Now, and until the end of time. Kevin is just like how Max was at that age. He's the Max to your Verona, the Romeo to your Juliet, the Johnny to your June. You love him. I'm not telling you to marry him. Just make your choice wisely." She got up and kissed my forehead before disappearing.

"I'm sorry."

Kevin was sleeping on his kitchen table when I arrived. I've been sitting in the fish spot for nearly twelve hours, but now here I am, about to my my decision. In front of him was a melt ice cream sundae with a pickle sticking out of it. I wonder how long he's been waiting for me. I sigh and stroke his hair off her cheek.

"Kevin." He stirs a bit. His eyes gently flutter open.


"Don't talk." He rises his head up to look at me.

"Kevin, I'm sorry..." He sighs.

"Gwen, you don't have to-"

"...I'm probably going to be the craziest wife imaginable."

"What?" He stands up to tower over me. I smile up at him.

"I'll marry you."

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