Days of Mourning

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Yoshimori travels the path he wasn't allowed to take before. It is raining, which seems fitting somehow and his sneakers splash on the tiny puddles that form on the ground. He must look strange, wearing his Kekkaishi uniform, carrying his tenketsu and holding a box wrapped in cloth. But there's no one around for miles and Yoshimori is using a kekkai to keep himself dry.

When Tokine had asked where he's going, Yoshimori had simply said, "Someplace." He wonders if she knows but if she does, then Tokine would have insisted on going with him.

Finally, he comes upon the cemetery. There are no ghosts lurking about. Somehow all the dead here have passed on.

He stops in front of a simple grave. A grim smile, so unlike him, appears on his face.

"Baka, I've brought you cake," Yoshimori says and he unfurls two fingers around his tenketsu and a kekkai appears to sit on. "I know you hate sweets but you're not gonna eat it anyway. I will. It's the thought that counts, though."

Yoshimori props his staff by his side and places the package on his legs, which he unwraps. The cake is simple, a chocolate one and it is the same kind of cake he'd given Gen a long time ago. Yoshimori produces a fork from somewhere and picks up one of the already-sliced pieces. "Ya know, you really could have refused to eat it back then. You could have told me. You really are…were an idiot. Hmmm, this is good. I'm so awesome at baking."

As Yoshimori slowly eats, he regards the grave in front of him. "Heh, seems like even with you dead, you can still make me have this 'man to man' talk. If Tokine were here, she'd think this was…uhhh…what's the word? Morbid. Yeah. Then she'd hit me with a kekkai. She's getting too used to that. You called her scary, right? Heh heh, I think I have to agree but shh don't tell her."

When the silence stretches, a shadow falls over Yoshimori's face and he drops the fork into the box. "…Ya know, I hate to say this, but I think you've permanently damaged me in some way. I mean, I still stay on my side of the rooftop. I still get…dunno…weird sometimes. Grandpa told me that it was useless to regret what happened the night before. Well, it didn't happen last night, huh? It's been exactly a year…"

Yoshimori's eyes sting and he wipes them away furiously. He isn't a child anymore. He's even grown a couple of inches. "Hey, I'm taller now. I'd probably even be taller than you! Midgets like you just don't grow up anymore."

Yoshimori finishes up the cake and cleans up. He places the box in front of the grave and immediately it gets soaked. "I did say it's for you. But hey, friends are supposed to help each other out so I ate all of it since, you know, you hate sweets." Yoshimori hesitates and his grip on his tenketsu tightens. "Ne, Shishio…"

The rain falls around Yoshimori without his protective barrier. He's a man now, that's why it's more acceptable to cry with the rain.

"Just…just…I miss you, is all."



A/N: Did I make Yoshi too serious? He does have his moments and well, death of a friend always makes one serious, right? I had to write something depressing for my first Kekkaishi fic, too. Next time, there will be fluff!