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Everyone wants to feel like their worth something.

Especially during their birthday!

She couldn't believe her eyes.

A week ago she was sitting in her garden, tending to her plants, when she received a message to join the Hokage for a meeting.

And now she was sitting in a black cave with no food, water or way of getting out until her partner regained his chakra and could break the rocks out of their way.

Hinata didn't really mind being stuck in a cave with Naruto. The only problem was that she wished that once he was awake she could retain consciousness.

They had been stuck in the cave for nearly two days, not because they couldn't break through the rock avalanche that had imprisoned them there, but because Naruto didn't feel the need to leave the cave and head back home during the rain.

Hinata sighed wondering when Naruto hadn't been impatient to get home.

The fire they had built inside the cave had been dwindling a bit but had been well enough to keep the two of them warm, which was a blessing provided that it was near the end of December and there was snow surrounding all of outside.

When Hinata had found out that she was to be sent out just a week before her birthday, she was ecstatic. Normally her father would host a lavish ball on her birthday in junction with the holiday and New Year party.

And she was never invited or allowed inside the Main Houses dining room.

Her seventeenth birthday was beautiful though. She was stuck in a cave, far away from her family, and those who disliked her, with the man she loved and considered a friend!

Regardless if she was home, no one would have wished her.

Sakura didn't like her much anyone since Naruto had returned from training with Jiraiya.

Ino was nice to her but Hinata figured it was because Hinata had allowed her to come shopping with her. Tenten was the only person who was truly friendly to her. And that was because they had bonded over Neji.

Ironic how Hinata had found her one friend through the person who hated her the most.

"Hey Hinata-chan, what are you doing still awake?" Naruto's voice cracked Hinata out of her thoughts.

"Just thinking, Naruto-kun. Did you need something?"

"Nah, just come here. I have something for you."

Naruto reached into his pocket and pulled out a box.

"It isn't much, but this was all I could afford. I had asked for another mission to get you something bigger and better but I guess Baa-chan wanted to give me a present instead," he said coyly.

The box was long and thin but Hinata's eyes were already tearing. She hadn't received a gift from anyone in such a long time.

It contained a thin silver necklace with a circular pendent on it. Turning the pendent around, Hinata saw her name inscribed on it.

"Do you like it? If you put in some chakra it'll buzz my necklace, letting me know if you ever need me. That way you can always have me close to you," he said.

Hinata smiled. Yes it was the best birthday she had in a very long time.

I've been writing way too many one shots in the past few weeks.

This one is for Hinata! Happy birthday and lets hope you get more screen time and more of a character growth!! please!