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Gendo Ikari was having a terrible Monday morning. After his Instrumentality scenario had been crushed – along with the first Angel, Adam – by the Nephilim-esque super woman known as Spirit, he had been thrown into the Super Maximum Prison at The Hague. With Adam's destruction, he was now suffering a sort of bizarre withdraw after being exposed to Adam's energies for as long as he had. Add into the fact that some of Adam's DNA was still somehow prevalent in his system; his body was tearing itself apart just trying to rid itself of the no-longer-welcome genome.

He knew of a method for curing himself, but that back-stabbing bitch Ritsuko Akagi kept denying him access to his research. Add to his troubles, he had to contend with all the other super women that kept popping up, including his own creation Rei Ayanami who was turned into the Silver Surfer by the Second Angel Lillith and Misato Katsuragi a.k.a. She-Hulk, among many others who shall deserve extensive ass-raping by Satan himself when they finally drop dead, and never mind that winged wench named Spirit.

He kept thinking that those times couldn't possibly get worse, but every time he did, some new super-powered oestrogen farm would show up and derail his plans even more than the previous one did. 'I just couldn't win', Gendo thought dejectedly to himself as the latest convulsion fits began to twist his body in agony.

He braced himself for the pain, but instead of ripping agony, he felt a bizarre absence of it, and every other kind of physical discomfort for that matter. All that remained was blissful relief, a sense of renewed strength, and a feeling of vigour he hadn't felt since he was a teenager. He sat ramrod straight as he was shocked by the wondrous comfort he felt in his body, and was just about to ask aloud, "What's going on?" when a voice like the roaring sea came from everywhere all at once, chuckling at his astonishment and surprise.

"You know, I will never understand humans and their inability to grasp the obvious. To answer your question, child, I am undoing the damage that Adam's errant genetic material was causing, as well as psychically dampening your pain receptors. This is all for one single reason; I want you to work for me, and I wanted to make a good first impression as your new employer. How am I doing?"

Gendo Ikari was, quite literally, knocked flat to the floor by the sheer power of the voice, and even pressed down on like someone had sat on him. He at first thought that the voice was a figment of his minds imagination, or even the first signs of a complete mental break-down. He then realized that figments of your imagination don't make physical pain go way, no matter how real they may seem.

At first completely stunned, but after what seemed like several minutes had passed, he managed to collect himself, and with an uncomfortable amount of nervousness that even he couldn't mask, and wondering if he hadn't completely flown off the deep end, he ventured, "Uhm, you're doing………great?"

He wondered if the bizarre but overwhelmingly powerful presence would be offended, amused, or simply satisfied by his uncertain reply. He received his answer in the form of a rather emphatic 'whoop' of laughter that made Ikari hit the ceiling, literally. After rediscovering which end of himself was his head, he glared up at the ceiling, wondering if he should just start acting like a psycho and get moved to a different cell?

"Sorry about that; I keep forgetting about the whole 'power of my voice'. This is why I should have just sent a postcard"

"This whole psychic voice shtick would have been giving me a headache right now, but since you shut off my pain receptors, it's just getting plain annoying. Quit it already, you fruit cake, and you got yourself a deal", Gendo snarled as he stood to his feet. He instantly regretted it as he was floored again, shoved against the wall by the same invisible force, and then pushed up the wall and against the ceiling. The voice returned, and it did not sound the slightest bit amused.

"Do not ever try to talk smack with me, or you're the world's first all meat guacamole. I do not mind a bit of kidding around, but do not EVER address me that way again, clear?"

As Gendo struggled against the ghostly force, he managed to choke out, "I-I a-a-apologize f-for m-my disrespect". He was dropped like a bad habit and left gasping for air. As he gingerly rubbed his throat with his left hand, he noticed something odd: "Why is my skin turning white?" Even as he spoke, Gendo Ikari's skin was steadily losing pigmentation, going from a tanned complexion to a chalky white that would make an albino positively look African American by comparison. He also noticed that his nails had now turned perfectly black and were growing longer, not to mention sharpening into razor points.

When he stood up, he also noticed that he was taller than he was a moment ago, and getting bigger, but not in the way that the She-Hulk got bigger; it was much slower, more controlled and restrained. He soon stopped growing, but now came close to topping seven feet, and after checking the mirror above the sink in his cell, realized he had a Herculean physique to match the new height………and a tattoo.

"Fuck me!" Ikari swore in shock as he jumped back from his newly-ghoulish reflection

A blood red diamond centered his forehead, touching the widow's peak his hairline now sported. The only thing he actually found distasteful were his eyes; the sclera had turned completely red, the iris had changed to an eerie shade of blue, and he had elliptical pupils, giving him a piercing gaze. Another new feature was that all of Ikari's teeth ended in sharp points, his canines now long fangs.

Ikari fisted his hands and was about to punch the mirror when he noticed another surprising new feature: his hands were glowing. The light blue glow they gave off was rather harsh to Ikari's eyes. The presence spoke again.

"A new form, new identity, and some very useful talents. Partial shape-shifting, vast psychic power almost comparable to my own, regenerative powers these so-called 'Angels' would have been envious of, but without the glaring weak point of the S2 core, and of course, phased plasma burst discharge.

"From this point on, you will never age, never tire, and have an immune system that adapts to ever threat, no matter what contagions may attack you, whether virus, bacteria, prion, organic poison, or man-made pathogen. Finally, to you, I bequeath my experiences and the limitless scientific knowledge at my disposal, as well as the faculties to full maximize what I grant you without becoming overwhelmed by what I grant. Now you are no longer human, but something so much more, as well as being some rather………"

The presence paused for a moment as it considered its newest servant. Black claws and fangs, glowing pools of red horror for eyes, an imposing physique and stature, and a refreshingly cold demeanour that would make the most sinister villain envious………Of course.How obvious.

"From this point forward, I dub thee………"

The person formerly known as Gendo Ikari inhaled deeply as one last change took place. His prison uniform clothing disintegrated, but as it did, a comfortably warm glob of liquid metal seemed to slide out of thin air and cling to his skin, sliding over his skin and soon covering his whole body, save for his head. The texture suddenly changed to something like leather, but yet alien simultaneously, alive with a pulse and life all its own.

He could feel the material encase his feet and harden into complete boots; form fitting pants, complete with equally form fitting metal platting from knee to hip, connected to dark red belt with a silvery diamond shaped buckle. His torso was encased in an armoured jacket adorned with a high and wide, angular collar, his back draped in arching metals ribbons that twitched and flexed like an animal waiting to pounce. The whole ensemble shifted liberally through the entire spectrum of colors like it was trying to pick a favourite color, and finally settled on a shadowy royal blue.

Even his mind began to change, expand and evolve in a rush of images, memories, knowledge and experiences that would have made the old men at SEELE take many a step back away at the sheer scope and magnitude of it all. The Presence spoke his new name with a soft reverence.

"Mr. Sinister"

The newly dubbed Mr. Sinister roared like a lion, with just as much volume. He walked right up to the door and punched it for all he was worth; the heavy metal door was first caved in, almost falling right off its hinges, then vaporized as furious blue-green energy exploded from Sinister's hand. He calmly strode out off his former room and walked toward his former subordinates cell, and mischievously thought about the righteous scare his was going to give that far-too-nice senile old goat. He felt the presence one last time before beginning his escape.

"Well, 'Mr. Sinister', what say you?"

"I'm in………my Master. If I may be so bold, My Master, what is your name?" Sinister spoke aloud as the first wave of guards tried to gang up on him.

"My name, My servant, reflects my goals of ending one world, so to make way for a better one to follow. My name is………Apocalypse".

Mr. Sinister smiled a smile full of glistening white, razor sharp teeth, even as he snapped bones like twigs and boiled flesh from bone. As Sinister thought about the future, he began to think about two particular women with remarkable abilities who were going to suffer quite terribly when he got back to Japan. He already had Akagi's fate set in stone, which included a meeting with several very big hooks, acids of many a variety, and some flammable liquids. For Spirit, well, by the time he was done, there'd be a new fast-food sensation; tempura battered Nephilum wings, because that would be the only thing left of that little bitch when he finished with her.

"I wonder, My Master, if the Four Horsemen are with you, or do I have to go fetch them?" Sinister inquired, referring to the embodiments of disease, famine, war and death spoken of in the book of Revelation. He already knew the answer, even without a response from Apocalypse. He would have to create them, and he already had a fair idea of who be each Horseman. But first he needed to practice creating super beings from ordinary humans; that was, and still is one of Apocalypse's many talents, as he demonstrated when he altered Sinister into his current form.

When he reached Fuyutsuki's cell, he melted it open, and looked inside. He was happily surprised when he realized that apocalypse had made a similar offer to the former Sub-commander and he accepted. Sinister snorted as he figured out what would make the old man agree to serve Apocalypse. The being that used to be Kozo Fuyutsuki now stood even taller than Sinister himself, had huge ebony raven wings with spiky looking feathers, and was wearing a glistening white suit of medievally styled armour decorated with images of death, but oddly enough, he also wore a rather modern leather trench coat over the armour.

He wore an open faced helmet that was quite ornate, but the face it revealed was not beautiful in any sense of the word, not even slightly attractive; in fact, it was quite ghoulish. He had no nose to speak of, simple a triangular hole where his nose should have been, sunken cheeks with pronounced cheek bones, a complete absence of pigments, and glowing ice-blue eyes laid in sunken sockets, plus no hair of any kind that Sinister could see. The voice that came from the being that had once been Sinister's old human mentor could only be described as other worldly.

"One word about the face, and your six feet under, Skippy".

Sinister only nodded, an easy smile gracing his own vampirish face. He replied only, "No wisecracks, Sensei. So, do you have a new name to fit the new face?"

"My name is now Soul Taker, and I loathe it".

"Well I rather like it. So, what can you do, anyway?"

Soul Taker answered simply by placing his hand on Sinister's shoulder, and with a whisp of a thought, they disappeared from the Hague, and were instantly teleported back to Japan, within Nerv headquarters itself. In particular, they appeared within terminal Dogma, within Lilith's camber. Sinister looked at his former mentor, and smiled warmly; well, as warmly as someone named 'Mr. Sinister' could, and happily swore, "Hot Damn. Now, Lets make us the first Horseman".

As he said these words, huge pieces of alien looking equipment appeared as though sliding out of shadows and thin air, and began melding themselves to the walls like they were made of liquid metal, as well as connecting with the bases power systems and physically hacking into the computer systems hidden in the walls. Some pieces of equipment looked like they belonged in an automobile manufacturing plant; some pieces of equipment looked like twisted versions of devices you'd see in various biological and medical science labs, and some of the equipment were both alien and wicked looking in equal parts. Some merged with the walls, some sank into the vast pool of LCL beneath the Second Angel and melded into the bottom of the LCL pool, and some seemed to arrange themselves hither and dither.

The equipment roared to life, and as screens glowed to life, what appeared to be start-up menus scrolled rapidly through to application screens. The language displayed on the screens was not of this world, but Sinister understood it as though he were reading his native Japanese. Large panels opened up in the equipment that had situated themselves near the door and slid outward, revealing work stations from which to control the equipment.

A massive machine centered on the ceiling glided over to the door on a track and stopped above Lilith, and with numerous and wicked looking tool arms, began cutting her down from her cross and inserting painful looking implements into her body. He and Soul Taker each manned their own individual stations at the machines and began to collect what would be the first Horseman, Pestilence.

As they began their work, the Second Angel felt a swell of dread in the pit of her heart as she realized who would become Pestilence, even as the devilish contraptions began to connect to her central nervous system and vital organs. Even as she began to thrash in agony, the robotic arms holding her with cold vice-like grips.

"Please, Not him. Not THAT one. Let him rest, I beg of you!!"

As Lilith watched in horror as Sinister and Soul taker worked, and a swirling whirl-pool of glowing LCL begin to form beneath her, she heard a powerful voice in her mind that she had not heard in many, many millennia, and had hoped to never hear again. She felt an icy aura of anger fall on her that seemed to wash away her physical pain, but instilled in her an emotional agony that left her as though broken hearted, and knew who it was immediately.

"Hello again, My disobedient child".



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