How could you do it?
Oh, I, I never saw it coming
I need the ending
So why can't you stay just long enough to explain?

-Paramore, When it Rains

A young man kneels by the elderly woman's bed, anguish so clear on his face; it hurt to look at him. His father, his strong, powerful father, can't stand to look at him. There is far too much pain for both him and his son to bear.

"Please. Please, no!" his tone a mere breath, sobs escape his lips as he begs, but there are no tears for this pain.

"There's nothing you can do, son. This is how it is supposed to happen…" he trails off; he knows that there is nothing, nothing, he could say to heal this invisible wound.

"Where did I go wrong?" his son whispers in tormented agony as every heartbeat monitored grows fainter and slower with every excruciating second that passes.

"You did nothing worthy of retribution. It was what you thought was right. You let her live." Each heartbeat echoes in the room like a ticking clock. Time was running out, slipping through their fingers like grains of sand. Soon there would be no more fragments left to spare.

"I'm so sorry, Bella.. If I had the power to go back, I would do anything to make it happen. I would let you remember. Forgive me, please… I love you. And you never knew.." His words had gradually grown from being accompanied by the hollow beep of the heartbeat to his tortured voice being the only sound in the room.

The only sound in the room.


A young woman with pitch black hair and striking pale skin watched from the hospital window, unseen and unheard through the miserable loss going on only a few feet away from her. She slowly closed her eyes, trying with all of her might not to scream.

Because now she had seen this happen twice.

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