Hello :)

Long time, no see! I know I haven't updated any of my stories in years, and most of y'all probably don't even remember what this story is about, and half the people that have this story on their alert email thing probably don't even read Fanfiction anymore, but I have good news for the few of you that do. I'm in the process of continuing this story! Wooo!

But I have some bad-ish news… This story is about time travel. And time travel is flipping CONFUSING. Like I-want-to-pull-my-hair-out confusing. And on top of that, while I was recently working on the plot for this story, I realized that there are some things that I've already posted in the last chapter (it was chapter three) of this story that interfere with what I have planned later on! Gahh! So I'm taking out the last chapter so that I can rewrite it to make more sense for the future.

Also, since the plot is kind of confusing I need to be able to write a chapter and then go back and change minor things as I go. Which means that I won't be writing a chapter and then posting it as I go for you guys like people normally do. I'm going to have to write the WHOLE STORY and upload the chapters all together at once when I know that they all make sense and that they're finally complete. So while I hope y'all get excited that I'm continuing this story, don't get TOO excited because it's gonna take a WHILE.

But on the bright side, I'm pretty sure I have the whole plot worked out really well, and to tell you guys the truth, IT'S AWESOME. I'm really excited to write it and eventually have y'all read it. :) But with school and me needing to take my time writing and not updating chapter by chapter it's gonna be a few months.

But I wanted y'all to know what's happening and why I'm taking out chapter 3, and I wanted y'all to know that I'm completing this!

And also know that I'm aware there are probably only like three people actually reading this right now, but that's ok. Thank you!