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Shattered. That was the only word I could think of as I ran through the forest with Edward, Carlisle, and Esme. I was completely demolished. Why would anyone want to take Jasper away from me? Why was it so easy for him to forget me? Before I completed my thought, I halted at the sight of a cloaked figure. It was Jane.

Edward, Carlisle, and Esme caught up with my in a matter of nanoseconds. Was she the one behind this? It was so frustrating to not be able to see ahead. Living without my visions was like living without an arm-awkward and difficult.

"Hello Jane, what brings you to Forks?" Carlisle said in a neutral voice that belonged in a U.N. World Peace speech. Carlisle had an amazing ability to stay calm and neutral except for absolutely desperate or nearly violent situations. Even then, he tried to find a way out for everyone.

"I was just waltzing about. I needed a change of scenery." Jane said, her cherubic face aglow with devilish mischief. "I was actually wondering if you have changed your pet."

"You knew we changed her. Don't be coy." Edward said icily. Even without my visions, I knew the Volturi-specifically Jane-was up to something.

"she's not a pet, either" I chimed. Jane glared at us, ready to send us to mental torment. Carlisle carefully ushered all of us back to the house. I wasn't scared to face off Jane. Without Jasper's devotion, I didn't really have anything worthwhile in this realm of existence. Yes, my family mattered to me…but Jasper wasn't just family-he was my reason. I didn't let the situation get ugly for Carlisle's sake.

We entered the glass and Jane stood close to the door, waiting for evidence of the change. Jasper came down the stairs and Edward came up. They exchanged looks-Edward scowled and Jasper smirked-before going their ways. He maintained that smirk until his eyes met mine; it dissolved into a look of guilt and hopelessness. I whipped myself around to avoid looking at him. It hurt too much. Jane observed this behavior coolly.

"Jane, this is Jasper. He is the one who changed Bella." Carlisle said as Jasper came to my side and coiled his long arm around me. Jane averted her eyes to the staircase, leading to the newborn as she replied; " Interesting. I thought Edward was going to change her. It is an intimate moment when one changes another. Almost like a moment reserved for lovers".

Jane knew Jasper was mine and that her words would burn me. They didn't, oddly enough. Instead the anger fell onto the floor, along with all the other shards that used to be Alice Cullen-the shards that used to make Jasper's lover.

"I do not think I can guarantee your safety if you saw her." Carlisle said. "She could repel your powers as a human and is remarkably strong, even for a newborn. Maybe in a week or so you can."

Jane flared her nostrils-a sign of her swollen ego being slightly hurt. Good. She nodded in agreement and after a few more words exchanged Jane made her leave abrupt and hasty. Even Better.

"None of us have sensed any Volturi recently. How would they have known Bella changed?" Jasper asked. I slightly twitched at the sound of him saying her name.

"Whoever is responsible for blocking Alice's powers and those thoughts that Edward heard is apparently in league with the Volturi. They are functioning as more than

a spy. The real question is…what are they really after?"

I felt badly for neglecting Alice, so I did a little P.O.V. in her perspective. Unforunatley, I could only reveal a few things through her. I hope you aren't too dissapointed...